Top 10 Songs on Insomnium's Winter's Gate

Winter's Gate is a full-length album of 2016 (melodic death metal).

It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö.
This album is one of the best in Melodeath.
Length - 40:02

Insomnium are a Melodic Death Metal band from Finland, formed in 1997.

They are one of the bands in this subgenre that got right the "melodic" part of melodic death metal (yeah, some bands got it wrong and their "melodic" parts sound bad).

Lyrical themes: Darkness, Mourning, Loss, Pain, Nature, Mysticism, Individualism

The album contains only one title track - Winter's Gate, divided into 7 numbered parts.
Other formats:
Disc 1 (Vinyl)
Side A 1. Winter's Gate, Pt. I, 18:44
Side B 2. Winter's Gate, Pt. II, 21:18

Niilo Sevänen Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Markus Hirvonen Drums
Ville Friman Guitars, Vocals (clean), Songwriting
Markus Vanhala Guitars, Songwriting

The Top Ten

1 Winter's Gate, Pt. 7

The album closer is #1 for me - Metal_Treasure

2 Winter's Gate, Pt. 1

A great opener. - Metal_Treasure

3 Winter's Gate, Pt. 5
4 Winter's Gate, Pt. 2
5 Winter's Gate, Pt. 4
6 Winter's Gate, Pt. 3

This is a softer song with more clean vox and a jazzy/folky intro - Metal_Treasure

7 Winter's Gate, Pt. 6

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