Top 10 Songs Kids Listen to When They Were Under the Age of 5

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1 Hot Dog! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Mickey and his friends love hot dogs a bit too much. They should leave Disneyland and go to nearby Dodger Stadium for all you can eat Dodger dogs.

This song is inside the beloved kids show called Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
It futures all main characters of the show dancing and pretty much singing and dancing the song Mickey Mouse clubhouse.Its Super good for kids! But horrible for adults but this list is for kids only.Come sing with me hot dog,hot dog... - speed

2 SpongeBob SquarePants (Theme Song of SpongeBob Square Pants)

This Show is loved my many including adults.but only the kids under 5 love the song of Spongebob.Witch they play in the first 2minutes of the show.Kids love the creativity
and art of the song in the intro of Spongebob.Well Spongebob does deserve a spot on this list no doubt about it. - speed

3 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This list should be renamed (Top 10 most annoying childrens' songs ever")

This song is super good but only kids under 5 love this song.some people hate it due to people saying if you play it backwards it's bad and an evil song saying to worship Satan.
That's not true and the kids who listen to this are smart enough to know that is silly.
This song has survived many years even through the bad things teens and adults said about it this song found its way in young children's hearts. - speed

4 You Love Me I Love You (Barney the Dinasour)

The cringe song!

This song is the worst song in history it's hated the most by adults and teens
actually bye all people over the age of 5.Well excepts for this grown ass man who is older than 18 (Barneythedinasourrocks) but is still loved by kids.This song was created by a purple dragon who says you love me I love you.Some people say that song is giving sexual messages to kids I agree with that this song pretty much says if a random stranger or creature walks up to you and says I love you you can go to him and love him back(don't do that you will get kidnapped) Besides the I safety of this song it still is adored by kids. - speed

5 Rock a Bye Baby

This song was loved by babies who can't even walk.They love this song since it puts them a sleep and parents love that too.This song allows parents to pick up there baby and move them back and forth witch the kids love this song is amazing for young ones
Especially the fact that parents have to be babies slaves on this song lol.If there are any babies reading this list make you're parents sing rock a bye baby and they will have to pick you up and rock you. - speed

I always cry 😭 tears 😭 of sadness at this song because the lyrics are so silly 🙃 and nobody would rock their baby 👶 in a tree 🌳

6 The Christmas Song

I didn't listen to this song until I was older than 5 9exact age unknown). The best covers are by Luther Vandross and Nat King Cole.

YAY! I still love chistmas as well as the songS - leafstar

This item includes all Christmas songs.Witch families love to sing together who doesn't like Christmas songs.Kids love to spend time with there family and open up presents while listening to Christmas music while they have fun.Go Christmas! - speed

7 Marry Had a Little Lamb

This song is loved by many kids I don't know a lot about the song but it futures marry and her lamb witch is obvious but the song is pretty good.This song was popular due to kids and became even more popular once marry was inside toy story.(Note sure if she was but the character that woody likes resembles her so that's why she became more popular after toy story) Marry had a little lamb. - speed

8 The Wheels on the Bus

LOL on bus trips with my class everyone sing this :D - leafstar

This song talks about how the bus moves.Sounds boring right but nope kids just love hearing the song it gets super annoying but kids can sing it 24/7 Yean I know that's a lot.
the song shows a yellow bus with kids on it witch it really doesn't focus on it just focus on the wheels going round and round.Kids love it. - speed

9 Clean Up Everyone Clean Up

I call this song parents success this song was created to make kids love cleaning and it worked this song got kids to clean up for parents and enjoy it this sneaky song parents made worked this song shows you how to clean up and work together.This song is a sneaky song parents but you're kids love it job well done! - speed

I sang this not listen - ProPanda

10 Alphabet Song

This is a song of the letters A-Z this is an educating song witch is a song teachers created it is the first song Kids well ever here in school and would be the first song to teach them kids love it especially when they compete against others kids if you are watching I am challenging you to see who could sing it faster.
A...l...Z 10 seconds later now I know my abc next time come sing with me.
Finished in 15 seconds beat my record this song is amazing. - speed

The Contenders

11 Nutshack Theme Song
12 Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco - Sesame Street
13 If You Happy and You Now It
14 Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
15 Happy Birthday
16 Rub-A-dub-Dub
17 Rubber Duckie, You're the One
18 The Sesame Street Theme Song
19 C is for Cookie
20 Elmo's World - Elmo
21 Barney Theme Song
22 Baby Shark - Pinkfong
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