Top Ten Songs from a Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

This list is based on the top songs form Radiohead's 9th studio album "A Moon Shaped Pool"

The Top Ten

1 Present Tense

These five minutes of music are not only the most memorable in A Moon Shaped Pool, but possibly some of the most emotionally involving throughout the whole Radiohead discography. Simply lovable.

This so in rainbows

2 Daydreaming

1- Daydreaming
2- Burn The Witch
3- Ful Stop
4- Identikit
5- True Love Waits
6- Decks Dark
7- Present Tense
8- Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
9- The Numbers
10- Glass Eyes
11- Desert Island Disk

3 Ful Stop

My favourite, such a nice song. You can get in to trance by listen it

Such a beautiful trip

4 Decks Dark

What an underrated song

This is easily the best song off this album hands down! Daydreaming is so overrated, it’s kinda just one note the whole way. Decks Dark is just flawless in every part, best off their entire discography!

This is a no-brainer for me

Exactly how the hell isn't this #1? Daydreaming sucks and this is by far their best song to date! Yes, better than all those timeless classics before it.

5 Burn the Witch

I'd say this song needs more credit.

6 Identikit

Underrated... This song is probably the most aggressive song on the album, besides maybe Burn The Witch, but nonetheless still quite captivating. From the very King Of Limbs-esque rhythms (It was actually written during that time as well), to the really pretty vocal melodies, and also the great guitar parts in this song (some of the best that Radiohead has written in my opinion), it strikes me as very strange that this song isn't higher on the list. - Blackzelot101

7 True Love Waits

Deserves some love for being the saddest radiohead song ever. - 4our2wen0ty

This song should definitely be higher, the heavy piano keys and Thom's vocals are just so heart wrenchingly sad and captivating.

8 Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
9 Glass Eyes

Should be at 3. Behind Daydreaming & True Love Waits.

10 The Numbers

Criminally underrated radiohead song - VaticanCameos

The Contenders

11 Desert Island Disk

Easily the best for me after repeated listens. Fascinating that it is apparently the lowest rated. Sign of a good album I suppose.

Am I like the only one who actually really enjoys this song? It's quite relaxing and has a really soothing guitar melody. Not the best on the album, but not the worst either. - Blackzelot101

12 Spectre
13 Ill Wind
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