Best Songs on Panic! at the Disco’s Pray for the Wicked


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1 King of the Clouds

Currently my favorite Panic! song period. Though Vices and Virtues is still my favorite album, this song feels like a refined brain rant set to music, and the result is amazing

This should have been the title of the album... We have a "Queen of the Clouds" already (Tove Lo), and we need a King ;)
What a great song! - mood333

2 Say Amen (Saturday Night)

Oh ItS sAtUrDaY NiGhT!

This song is one of the best on the album! There are just so many catchy parts that make it absolutely impossible to not sing along to it!

It has the amazing beat and the range of notes! AMAZING

This just feels the most panic at the disco? after the band kind of split I think we just needed something with the running theme, I feel that the happier ones like hey look ma I made it just don't fit with the other albums, this is looking up to be my least favourite album, but this song I actually really enjoyed.

3 Roaring 20s

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with this album. Every song was good, but nothing has great or excellent like on Fever or Death of a Bachelor. However, I feel Roaring 20s was really a stand-out song. It's catchy, fun, and exciting. Right from the beginning, the blaring high brass and piano gets your attention, and part towards the end where it slows down is just epic and amazing. Overall, I think Roaring 20s is just amazing, and definitely the best on the album. King of the Clouds and the Overpass come second and third. - leelily

This is Brendon turning to his theatrical side again (after Impossible Year and DOAB). The brass and the last chorus slow down make it feel like Panic! should think about writing a musical. This song certainly qualifies them to. Not to mention Brendon's voice in this song is fantastic.

4 High Hopes

I think this the best of this album absolutely love this song so catchy

This one is by far the best in the album, in my opinion. Brendon has really outdone himself with this album, I love it!

The best song ever I listen to it everyday

I'm so addicted to High Hopes at the moment. It's inspirational and got the best beat. My favourite.

5 Dying in LA

This is the heart & soul of the album. Period.


I struggle to choose a favourite song between 'Dying in LA' and 'Hey look ma, I made it'. Although the beat and message in HLMIMI is super powerful, nothing will ever beat the emotion and strength put into Dying in LA. Such a beautiful song that needs more love

It’s just so soft and touching

6 One of the Drunks

Not sure how to explain my love for this song, it's just amazing. I've been listening to it on repeat. - galaxydust

In my humble opinion, this is the best song on this cool album :) The melody is UNREAL and makes me feel so nostalgic. - mood333

I feel like this song is so under appreciated and obviously very one has different tastes and their own opinions but I just love it so much. Part of it is I definitely relate to the fantastically crafted line, “Searching for a new high / High as the sun, uncomfortably numb”. It’s tied for my favorite on this album, along with Dying in LA and Roaring 20s.

7 Hey Look Ma, I Made It

Hey Look Ma, I Made It...

Great song, production is ass

8 (F**K A) Silver Lining
9 The Overpass


10 Old Fashioned

I think this should be higher. I has a niceness sound to it. It makes me think of One Of The Drunks but I little bit different. It's catchy and fun. This album is personally not my favourite though.

Should be way higher. It's one of my favorite songs on the album. I mean, have you heard the intro? It's amazing.

Makes me incredibly nostalgic, and makes me miss Jon and Ryan. Can you imagine it's almost been ten years since the split? How time flies...

It's extremely catchy, and it makes me happy to listen to; best song on the album.

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11 Dancing’s Not a Crime



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