Best Songs from Poets of the Fall's Revolution Roulette Album

The 3rd album by Poets of the Fall took a slightly different direction to the last 2, and focused much more heavily on the rock elements of their sound, rather than the pop ones, leading to the creation of an album that separated itself from the others while still maintaining the sound of the band.

The Top Ten

1 The Ultimate Fling

The lullaby-like beginning is really nice, the vocals are great, and the solo at the end is great. - kempokid

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2 Diamonds for Tears

A really catchy song that sounds absolutely beautiful. - kempokid

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3 More More

The 2 different sides of this song are great. The first few minutes are a great rock piece, and the second half is much stranger and sounds really cool. - kempokid

4 Where do we Draw the Line Where do we Draw the Line

This band has a knack for really great, slow closing songs. This one is no exception, as it's absolutely beautiful. - kempokid

5 Clevermind

Just a really nice song with a great riff and decent chorus. - kempokid

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6 Psychosis

This song surprised me just because of how much heavier it was compared to anything else they had done at this point. I love the riff. - kempokid

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7 Revolution Roulette

I don't know this band and I've never listened to a song of theirs in my entire life but I thought this had a cool title so I voted it.

A good, mid-paced song. - kempokid

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8 Miss Impossible

Another super catchy, fast song. - kempokid

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9 Passion Colors Everything

Really underrated song - Swen

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10 Save Me Save Me

The Contenders

11 Fragile

While it's not a bad song, but compared to the others on the album, it's fairly average - kempokid

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