Best Songs from "Revolution Radio" by Green Day

Revolution Radio is the twelfth studio album by American punk rock band Green Day.

Some of the best songs .

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1 Still Breathing

This song is really set apart from the rest of the album, and I enjoy it.

Such a simple song, yet bille Joe's powerful vocals made it such a meaningful song.

A definite pop rock song, but it still sounds incredible. One of the most motivational song I know and so relatable to almost anyone. It kind of sums up this album, simple but effective.

This is amazing. A song about Billie Joe's personal life, even referencing his mother and how he was left with just her and his siblings after his father passed away. A little like Wake Me Up When September Ends but with a different vibe. Love this song and Green Day

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2 Bang Bang

This song is miles ahead of the rest of the album.

By far my favourite off of Rev Rad. All respect to Still Breathing (which is a great song) and Forever Now (another great song). This song gets you tapping your foot like a bass pedal. And the hardcore punk sound is just so catchy. Remides me a lot of American Idiot.

The verse "I am a semi-automatic lonely boy" knocks me out.

Most energetic song on the album, with an amazing main riff. Contains an explosive chorus, great guitar work, a nice bridge, and an amazing drum solo. It gets a level deeper with the lyrical content when you realize that the song is meant to be from inside the mind o fa school shooter.

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3 Forever Now Forever Now

Great song, a bit nostalgic because in a certain part of it it reminds me of "Deadbeat Holiday" and then there's the refrain of "Somewhere Now" plus additional parts like "A better way to die" and the part when Billie says "I want to start a revolution, I wanna hear it on my radio, Ill put it off another day" its like a combination of homecoming and american eulogy!

The Homecoming to "Dirty Rotten Bastards"'s Jesus of Suburbia

Best song on the whole album

THE best song off this album. Should've been a single. The best part is the second section called 'A Better Way To Die'

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4 Revolution Radio

With this... GREEN DAY IS BACK!

"We will be seen but not been heard"

Trilogy Who? This album kicks ass!

Easily the best

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5 Say Goodbye Say Goodbye

My favorite one next to still breathing - Boi

Great song with Pantera-like riffs!

The new "East Jesus Nowhere"

It has a Holiday-vibe to it. Simply love it...

6 Somewhere Now Somewhere Now
7 Too Dumb to Die Too Dumb to Die

Looking for a cause, but all I got was Santa Claus. Period.

I love this track. It pays homage to the music that made Green Day famous in the first place. It's energetic, fun and catchy.

This song didn't stand out to me at first but it has become one of my favourites on revolution radio

Y don't people like this track :[[[[[ - imabigpotato

8 Troubled Times Troubled Times


In my opinion the best song out of the whole album. It's the first one I went re-listening. Strong and direct lyrics and, on the top of that, the instrumental itself is stunning. It gets me every time.

Gives me goosebumps every single line is so meaningful and makes sense to the political atmosphere.. The guitar riff with backing vocals after "we live in troubled times" is epic

This one should be at least number 3 or 4 - Boi

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9 Ordinary World Ordinary World



Another melancholic similar to Good Riddance but still distinct.
Amazing - DERPDERP

This deserves to be classic... Easily the best!
Ranking of songs
1. Ordinary World 2. Somewhere Now 3. Revolution Radio 4. Still Breathing 5. Bang Bang 6. Forever Now 7. Outlaws 8. Youngblood 9. Too Dumb Too Die 10. Trouble Times 11. Say Goodbye 12. Bouncing Off The Walls

10 Outlaws Outlaws

Similar to Before the Lobotomy, but so much more passionate and poetic. I'm addicted to the minor 4th chord! Billie's vocals are fantastic. Last few lines are kind of cheesy and nondescriptive, but as a track definitely a winner! If not the best definitely my favorite.

So beautiful...

The best of the actually brings a tear when Billie says we destroyed Suburbia...reminiscent of Boulevard to be honest...the way Billie raises his voice when he says Outlaws just gets to's 2016 and still Green Day is the best.

Really catchy, with an epic pop punk chorus. A Very green day like song.

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11 Bouncing Off the Wall Bouncing Off the Wall

This songs sounds exactly like Know Your Enemy - Th3Zm0nst3r

12 Youngblood Youngblood


Worst on the album - imabigpotato

By far the best song on this sick album...1. Youngblood 2. Bang Bang 3. Forever Now 4. Troubled Times 5. Still Breathing

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