Top 10 Songs that Should Be Memes

The Top Ten

1 You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi

*girlfriend slaps boyfriend*
*turns to black and white filter*


that’s my idea... - KingSlayer93316

2 Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
3 Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

Have you actually listened to it? If you can't perceive this, you've no business making lists about music.

Yeah I have, and who are you to tell people that they have business making lists or not, visitor? - TwilightKitsune

4 Feet Don't Fail Me - Queens of the Stone Age
5 Invoke - T.M. Revolution
6 The Lost One's Weeping - Kagamine Rin
7 Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides

No. Black Veil Brides are horrible. - DarkBoi-X

DarkBoi-X they’re better than what you could do

8 Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
9 King of the Cats - Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale
10 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Uhh, yeah, number one for best Green Day songs, in top ten songs that are now memes, yeah it is guys.

I can see this. Lol! - Misfire

Oh yeah - DarkBoi-X

The Newcomers

? The White People Song - Z-Flo

The Contenders

11 Potatoes and Molasses - Over the Garden Wall
12 Smile - Vitamin C
13 Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
14 Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
15 Bratz TV Theme - Lauren Evans
16 Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song - Bambi

The title... - 7357

17 Jimmy Neutron Theme - Bowling for Soup

Ay yay gay shoutout to simpleflips

18 Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America
19 Reincarnation by Lumen - Azure Striker Gunvolt
20 Can You Keep a Secret - Barbie a Fairy Secret
21 Richard Rheem Theme - Dean & Britta
22 Walkin' on the Sun - Smash Mouth
23 Hypnotize - The Notorious B.I.G.
24 Connected - Katharine McPhee
25 The Smile Song - Pinkie Pie
26 Bury It - Chvrches
27 A Girl Like You - Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper
28 Here on My Island - Barbie as the Island Princess
29 What Made the Red Man Red? - Peter Pan

This song is seriously racist to Indians. - TwilightKitsune

30 Believe - Cher
31 Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
32 Trumpets - Jason Derulo
33 Turn Off the Light - Nelly Furtado
34 Time to Pretend - MGMT
35 Tati - 6ix9ine
36 Forever Diamondz - Bratz
37 Beat It - Michael Jackson
38 Seaside Hill - Sonic the Hedgehog
39 We are Number One - Robbie Rotten

I thought this was a meme already? - Userguy44

40 PoPiPo - Hatsune Miku

It's already a meme - YeezySeasonApproaching

41 Teen Titans Theme - Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi
42 Fright Flight - Milkcan

"Did I eat my DRINK?! I thought milk was PINK?! "

"My knee's in is my BRAIN?! "

"Now do you like munchies? I wonder where LUNCH is?! "

"I thought I just made some coffee for me? I want some apples and berries to eat? "

"I'll miss my brain! (May I HELP you? )"

"In the old days I was a hero but, look at me, I'm pearning, just how to FLY! I'm still wondering, when we get to rest, I'm hungry, I'm sleepy, don't wanna DIEEE! " - xandermartin98

43 Adaptation - Animal Trax
44 Every Country Has a Monster - Mystery Science Theater 3000

You can't claim to be a true rap fan if you don't know who these guys are - SpectralOwl

45 One of a Kind - Bratz
46 Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
47 7 Rings - Ariana Grande

Horrible song. - DarkBoi-X

48 The Power Rangers Theme - Powerglove

Go go power rangers. - DarkBoi-X

Any theme song will do. They are all Meme worthy. - TwilightKitsune

49 Doy Song - Angelo Rules
50 Misery Business - Paramore
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