Top Ten Songs from Sunrise Avenue's "On the Way to Wonderland"

“On the Way to Wonderland” is the 2006 debut album by Finnish alternative rock band Sunrise Avenue.

The album was successful in Finland, German speaking Europe, Sweden and Greece. In the latter two countries, it was the band’s only success, while in the others they made a big career afterwards with increasing success and fame. The album was certified platinum in Finland and Germany, and gold in Greece, Austria and Switzerland. In Germany, Sunrise Avenue became of the biggest, if not the single most popular alternative rock band, and lead singer Samu Haber became a well known personality who also took part in German TV shows. The group still is hugely successful, in fact they are more beloved than ever, just having topped the album charts with “Heartbreak Century” in 2017.

The album’s initial critical reception was mixed, many complemented the catchiness of the melodies, Samu Haber's characteristic vocals and the angsty mood, while also commenting the album always stays within the boundaries of its genre and delivers little unique and outstanding.

The song “Fairytale Gone Bad” was a Europe-wide hit single, reaching the top ten in 13 countries, and topping the charts in 4 of them. It remains the group’s signature song, next to 2011’s “Hollywood Hills” from the album “Out of Style”.

The Top Ten

1 Wonderland

This closing song completely stands out of the album. It is probably the only track not suitable as a radio single, having a slow but steady build up rather than a conventional pop structure, creating a tension resulting in a climax. - Martin_Canine

2 Forever Yours
3 Diamonds
4 Fairytale Gone Bad

This song is the album's biggest hit and the band's signature song. It's the biggest earworm and has the most awesome chorus and verse melody. But to me, the minimalistic intro section lasts a bit too long. If you listen to the song sample, you will only hear an electronic drum kit, some electronic bass and Samu's vocals. After the first chorus, the band starts playing and a rock tone kicks in. I think this should have been done right after the first verse. But it still is a cool song. - Martin_Canine

5 Romeo
6 Heal Me
7 All Because of You
8 It Ain't the Way
9 Make It Go Away
10 Choose to Be Me

The Contenders

11 Into the Blue
12 Destiny
13 Sunny Day
14 Only
15 Fight'til Dying
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