Top Ten Songs from the Three Days Grace Album Outsider


The Top Ten

1 The Mountain The Mountain
2 Infra-Red Infra-Red

My favorite song on the album!

Great song, great album!

3 Right Left Wrong Right Left Wrong
4 The Abyss

Amazing in every way, Matt's scream at the end makes it even better - A7X3DGBB

5 I Am an Outsider
6 Nothing to Lose but You
7 Strange Days
8 Villain I'm Not
9 Love Me or Leave Me
10 Chasing the First Time

The Contenders

11 Me Against You
12 The New Real
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1. The Mountain
2. Infra-Red
3. The New Real
1. The Abyss
2. Nothing to Lose but You
3. Right Left Wrong
1. Infra-Red
2. The Abyss
3. Right Left Wrong

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