Weezer - Pacific Daydream Album Review

And good day to you Toptenners! I'm cjWriter1997 and this is my latest album review for the new Weezer album, Pacific Daydream. Now I've probably loved Weezer's music for at least 3 or so years now. Ever since I got my hands on their debut record. The band has since been one of my absolute favorites to listen to. I've heard all the albums, both good and bad, and overall am a big fan. I'm known for having the most Weezer lists on TheTopTens as well. So when the new album was announced, I definitely kept notice of any new songs. If you were on BAND, you would see that I was keeping track of each newly released song.

That being said, now that I have finally heard the record in full, let's move on to the review!

The Analysis:
The album opens up with the second single, Mexican Fender. The song thrives in it's fun, catchy choruses and guitar hooks but lacks the Weezer charm in some of the lyrics. It's not really a bad song, but nothing great for their standards. Honestly, I would say this song is rather close to fitting in Make Believe, which honestly isn't saying much. The album continues to the next track, Beach Boys. This song has a great use of it's spacious production, making the song flow by you in a chill and almost sarcastic manner. The song remarks on the styles of music of today and how the band just used to chill out listening to the Beach Boys.

So far the first two songs have been alright. Nothing outstanding but nothing awful either. It is then we get to the lead single to the record, Feels Like Summer. There was a lot of backlash towards this song and even I was unsure whether I liked it or not. After listening to it along with the full album, it's definitely one of the weaker songs on the record. Honestly, I admire the production in this track. Lot's of various sounds and cool moments, plus an insanely catchy chorus that I can't help but sing along with now. However it falls on it's face being a Weezer song. It just doesn't fit at all with the band. If this song was from a different band, it would be absolutely fine, but this is Weezer, we're dealing with. The same guys who charmed millions with some of the best tunes in Alternative music. Their previous record had some instant hits, proving that they still got it. It's just that this song was, I don't know for the most part, just underwhelming.

The next two tracks, Happy Hour and Weekend Woman are both solid fun tracks but really aren't the highlight of the album in my opinion. Just some more songs to keep the album going. Although I will say Weekend Woman has probably one of the most upbeat and heart-warming choruses in Weezer history. The song is just a happy song to listen to.
QB Blitz is a pretty good track that starts with a soft acoustic guitar with some of that spacious production surrounding it. I've seen some say it's reminiscent of Pinkerton's Butterfly and I can see it. It's like a more modernize version of it. It definitely is one of the better tracks on the record and it has a remarkable bridge section that I really wish was longer truthfully.

Then we get to probably my favorite song on the record, Sweet Mary. It opens up with instant Pinkerton vibes. Rivers sound exceptionally sincere in this track and the overall instrumentation is fantastic. The chorus is really nice to hear, and when we get to the bridge part it goes from great to amazing. Then the guitars hit as the band builds it up to a final chorus that honestly is very classic Weezer. I can definitely see this becoming one of my favorite songs in recent years by the band. It's such an amazing song that I wish the rest of the album had such quality as this.

Get Right is another great song, not on the level of the previous track but still a standout song. One thing I forgot to mention is that there is a noticable amout of good bassines throughout. Get Out probably has the most recognizable (next to Happy Hour). Scott's bass work is actually a real highlight of the album. The next song, La Mancha Screwjob, is probably one of the most forgettable tracks on the record. Nothing to exceptional here.

The final track is called Any Friend of Diane's which is another good song. Initially, I was a little underwhelmed by it because Weezer are known for having some amazing closing tracks. In fact their past two records had some of their best closing tracks (The Futurescope Trilogy from EWBAITE and Endless Bummer from the White album). This track didn't have that epic closing feel that was in most of their other closing tracks. In fact I would say Sweet Mary would be the better closing track. However, what the track lacks in texture, carries a lot in substance. Looking deeper into this song I found the lyics to be telling of something interesting. This is the third verse:
"Diane would help me pass out all the fliers
I became a big shot
And she got sick one day
I still have the map she drew for me
I'd be lost without it
That's as much I wanna say"
It seems that Diane is about a childhood friend of Rivers who recently passed away. Knowing that, the song now feels bittersweet. Which is why my opinion on it has changed a bit and now I think it fits well as the closing track.

Overall, Pacific Daydream is probably one of Weezer's most laidback and chill albums. It really isn't all that bad, considering my expectations for it. There are some definite high points and great moments throughout. I personally find the second half of the record to be better than the first half. The album ranges from being just ok to being really good. It isn't no Pinkerton or Blue Album, honestly it's not even as good as the White album or EWBAITE. I'd say this shares similarities to their album Hurley. It's pretty fine as an album and I do know this was a bunch of outtakes and experiments from the already announced, Black Album (which hopefully is really good).

I give Weezer's Pacific Daydream a 6/10 (I would recommend listening to songs like QB Blitz and Sweet Mary at least)

Well that's it for this review, I hope you enjoyed my critique of this album. Let me know what you're thoughts were on my review, the album or just Weezer in general. Did you enjoyed the album like I did, for the most part? I'd love to hear your feedback. Until then I'll see you next time whenever I do another review. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day! :D


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