Top 10 Best Sonic the Hedgehog YouTubers

There's an entire universe of content dedicated to the spiky blue speedster on YouTube. Whether you're looking for gameplay videos, fan theories, or just some good old-fashioned nostalgia, there's a Sonic YouTuber out there who has exactly what you're looking for. And that's what this list is all about - people who play Sonic or make videos on Sonic.

Now, you might be wondering why we're putting together a list of the best Sonic YouTubers. After all, isn't YouTube just a place where people upload videos and hope they go viral? Well, sure, but the Sonic fandom on YouTube is a little different. These creators have put in countless hours of work to create content that not only entertains but also informs and connects the Sonic community.

From speedrunners who can beat Sonic Adventure in under an hour to lore experts who can explain the intricate backstory of the Sonic universe, these YouTubers have left an undeniable mark on the Sonic fandom. They've brought fans together, inspired countless memes, and even influenced the official Sonic games themselves.

So, whether you're a die-hard Sonic fan or just someone who's curious about what all the fuss is about, we highly recommend checking out some of the creators on this list. They're passionate, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, they love Sonic just as much as you do.
The Top Ten
1 Shadow759

They've put a lot of time and effort into their channel and to be honest, they deserve a lot more support despite the fact that Sonic doesn't care about his friends.

Like it or not, every Sonic fan has to admit they like this channel. The animations are good, they're funny, and just plain good overall.

I find his videos very entertaining, especially his shadow and silver watch series!

2 SonicSong182

This is where characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are at their best and it's got cool series such as Ask the Sonic Heroes, Sonic Chefs, Sonic and Tails play, Sonic goes to…, the Sonic Plush movies, and many more.

Third place, I'm actually impressed SonicSong182 you lot are amazing to make it this far, you deserve are lot more support than Tails and Sonic Pals who literally posts nothing but cringe.

Seriously, Team UwU's channels are like watching a loved one decay right before your eyes their so bad, but not this channel.

I've seen people literally adoring this channel while Tails and Sonic Pals gives us nothing but cringe alongside Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee.

There seriously has to be some voodoo or some kind of deal with the devil going on there because their videos truly do suck.

- Adam C. Evers

This channel truly deserves to be this high up on this list, but I still await the day where it truly gains 182M subscribers, a fitting number for a great channel to reach.


First person to dub a Sonic Colors cutscene, makes lots of Sonic parodies.

4 Peter Knetter

Peter Knetter is another YouTuber that understands Tails as well as Silver, his YTP videos are amazing as well.
There were moments that were really funny and dare I say it, they bring Sonic's jokes and gags to shame.
Truly a masterpiece...

Better than nothing.

Good as always...

5 Cabanermani456

This guy knows his stuff when it comes to Sonic. He is very passionate about these games and is willing to defend them from all the hate it gets. He has a very friendly personality in his videos which makes them enjoyable to watch. by the way his channel name is spelt 'Cobanermani456'

He is awesome and he makes really entertaining videos.

He is the best

6 Sonic Paradox

I'm not too sure about this one myself but, its still good enough.

You guys should try his sega generations video.

Sonic Shorts are funny

7 Mardic

He is the creator of Silver Eats A Banana and he makes lots of dubs which he names Evan Dubs.

8 TailsChannel

If your a true fan of Tails or SEGA/Sonic Team for that matter, give them a watch and make sure to like and subscribe to them if you can because I can't seeing that I don't have my own YouTube channel.
If I did however I'd be complaining about how stupid Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee are and how wrong they clearly are about everything, there they suck Tails-Channel is the way to truly go while those other channels just feel as if their mocking SEGA through their own creations.
The fans truly don't understand Tails as a character besides me, SEGA, Sonic Team and of course, Emu-Emi and Tails-Channel - everybody else is wrong, dead wrong...

This channel is number one in my books if your a fan of the two tailed genius like myself and if you want to catch up on the latest news on the blue blur himself, Tails is awesome.

Tails truly is awesome, a news channel with him in mind sounds like a great idea.

9 Tails and Sonic Pals

I'm trying to like this channel as a Tails fan but I can't, its way too cringey to handle.
Not to mention the fact that Charmy Bee has given us one of the worst ships ever to exist through Zooey and Big.
Seriously people, Zooey is eight and Big is pretty close to being an adult.
This should make anybody regret the loss of the dislike button.

Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee have a ton of bad videos on their crappy YouTube channels, but Tails and Sonic Pals have still made it to a million subscribers despite posting the most cringiest videos ever while getting everything about the characters completely wrong from Tails to Charmy.
Seriously, Charmy Bee should have been used for Deviant-Art instead of Tails since his supposed to be a genius and we already have a troublemaker in the form of Charmy.
I would say dodge the bullet, but these channels walk right in front of the firing squad without getting hit once.
Well Tails and Sonic Pals are, but the other channels, not so much.
Besides, Tails and Sonic Pals are literally on the same level as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
A silly performance with a crappy script, just like Tails and Sonic Pals.
However, Cursed Child is still the best...

10 TailsGuy7

Miles-Guy7; hell yeah, this guy is amazing, but my own issue with it follows the character of Cream since she's literally a serial killer which might explain why there's no Vanilla, she killed her.

One of the more new YouTubers who makes a main series about Sonic, Tails, Cream, Silver and Amy.

Does this channel really exist?

The Contenders
11 Jigglymaster
12 RadicalSoda

This guy makes me laugh a lot and he shares same opinions as me. Sonic colors is just a mediocre game. Sonic unleaded is great. Sonic hero's is extremely good. Sonic adventure 2 is overrated. Shadow the hedge hog is a good game. And that nostalgia should be ear eased from existence

This guy has the right idea when it comes to Sonic, I'm talking about Radical-Soda not the creator of this list.

Gawd, where to begin. A genius of comedy with impeccable timing. Gotta say, Radical Soda... 10/10.

13 The Sonic Show

Great information to make sure I can keep up with SEGA anouncements.

A whole channel dedicated to Sonic, the number one source of PINGAS.

14 Shadow The Hedgehog

I actually like Tail Twister more, but he's better than nothing, I guess. I just don't like it when the characters are written out of character, you know? "Tails and Sonic Pals" is bad enough, but this... this is just awful. Shadow was written off as being a simp, and of course, I didn't like it because that isn't who he is as a character. This YouTuber just took Shadow's character and turned him into a bloody simp for no reason whatsoever. Despite the fact that he's supposed to be the ultimate life form, he was never meant to be a simp. Face palm

He's just SO funny and the way he reacts to things and his personality makes me laugh! Who could say that they don't at least LIKE him?

Tail Twister is way better.

15 Balenaproductions

Their animations are so good and they take so much time and effort to do! I love how great the animations are!

I think he's most known for his 'Sonic Zombie' series.
Shrek best boi.

16 EmuEmi

Sonic and Tails R is amazing, watch them for that series alone.

Besides, they were actually able to get the actual voice for Egg-man to voice the villain for them which is awesome.

I still wish that I could chose Tail Twister low, they aren't here and I hate the fact that their not because to tell the truth I actually love the ship between Tails and Cream.

Also Tails and Sonic Pals are not Tail Twister, stop confusing them as such I've had enough.

Besides, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee have all dropped to having a downward trend on PLAYBOARD while Tails and Sonic Pals still has a upward trend despite having one of the worst channels on YouTube which I really hate saying because Tails is my number one favorite character, Team UwU just sucks at writing the characters that they use on their cringe channels which truly are the worst channels cringe wise.

Watch more Emu-Emi, Tails and Sonic Pals is way too cringey to accept.

17 SammyClassicSonicFan Samuel "Sammy" Thomas (born October 31, 1998), known online as SammyClassicSonicFan or TheSammyClassicSonicFan, and formerly The Imperishable Sammy Zenith!, is an American YouTuber, best known for his past rants on video games and their associated communities.

I wish he made more of his well thought out videos instead of making one and then leaving.

18 Cybershell
19 Sasso Studios

I admit that the animations are pretty good but, I'm not really a big fan of Knuckles and Rouge low, Knuckles often talks as if his mouth is full of pop rocks or popping candy.
I don't get it...

Their animations are great! The voices are decent.

Mike Darklighter was better but still, these videos were pretty good...

20 TheRealSonicFan

RealSonicFan I love your videos especially the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games 2016 dance video those dances made me laugh.

21 TheBlueBlur

The thing with this youtuber is, he's very determined funny despite the overwhelming odds of other sonic channels that are larger. He puts allot of time and effort into his videos in hope to be the very best, and he has an amazing community that I've actually made friends with. He's really funny and in my opinion has the most energy the best ideas out of all the character channels. I find him very entertaining and his friends, He deserves more recognition.

22 SnapCube
23 Pokemanaphy
24 StephenKnux
25 piplupfan77

Great stop motion series, very well done!

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