Top Ten Best Sonic Youtubers

This is about people who play Sonic or make videos on Sonic.
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1 Shadow759

Mike Darklighter is better, Sonic was a bit of a idiot while Shadow was just Shadow.
Cream on the other hand was better than UwU Cream but, she lacked the glimmer the canon character brought to the table.

Like it or not, every Sonic fan has to admit they like this channel. The animations are good, they're funny, and just plain good overall.

I find his videos very entertaining, especially his shadow and silver watch series!

He made the Shadow and Silver watch series and is hilarious


First person to dub a Sonic Colors cutscene, makes lots of Sonic parodies.

3 SonicSong182

These guys get almost everything about Sonic right while fixing the stuff SEGA and Sonic Team screwed up, also Tails and Sonic Pals is the voice of Wave the swallow.
I hate Cream, Tails and Sonic Pals's version anyways - Amy can join her in hell as far as I care but, both are from Tails and Sonic Pals while the Amy and Cream here are alright.
They actually got Tails right, Tails and Sonic Pals couldn't even do that while Tail Twister at least tried.
Number one Tails - SonicSong182
Number two Tails - Tail Twister
Number three Tails - Tails and Sonic Pals

I'm so proud of them for being above Tails and Sonic Pals but, I'm still given the award to these guys and gals - they truly deserve it, Tails and Sonic Pals does not.

At least they get their characters right, unlike Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee who couldn't write or come up with anything that is cringe if it bit them on the butt which is a word they use a lot alongside simp, playa, poopy and chocolate, I didn't like the way the words were used and as a result I'll have to say that SonicSong182 is better than them in more ways than one.

Hell yeah, this is the best Sonic role play series ever.
Tails is more dangerous than big low, we really need a plot twist there...
(Plot twist...?)

4 Mardic

He is the creator of Silver Eats A Banana and he makes lots of dubs which he names Evan Dubs.

Him and his friend Jesse are hilarious. -Espeon9891

Sonic Shadow Silver and Knuckles series has a ton of views, and he does a Let's Plays show called Bounce Bracelet

Best YouTube Sonic voice in my opinion


5 Jigglymaster
6 Shadow The Hedgehog

He's just SO funny and the way he reacts to things and his personality makes me laugh! Who could say that they don't at least LIKE him?

To be honest My Favorite sonic youtuber he is hilarious...also he's my idol go check Julz out

A whole channel dedicated to Shadow

7 TailsGuy7

One of the more new YouTubers who makes a main series about Sonic, Tails, Cream, Silver and Amy.

8 The Sonic Show

Great information to make sure I can keep up with SEGA anouncements.

A whole channel dedicated to Sonic, the number one source of PINGAS.

9 TailsChannel

If your a true fan of Tails or SEGA/Sonic Team for that matter, give them a watch and make sure to like and subscribe to them if you can because I can't seeing that I don't have my own YouTube channel.
If I did however I'd be complaining about how stupid Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee are and how wrong they clearly are about everything, there they suck Tails-Channel is the way to truly go while those other channels just feel as if their mocking SEGA through their own creations.
The fans truly don't understand Tails as a character besides me, SEGA, Sonic Team and of course, Emu-Emi and Tails-Channel - everybody else is wrong, dead wrong...

This channel is number one in my books if your a fan of the two tailed genius like myself and if you want to catch up on the latest news on the blue blur himself, Tails is awesome.

This news channel is better than nothing, Tails is awesome.

Tails is awesome and we have a news canon that proves it.

10 Balenaproductions

Their animations are so good and they take so much time and effort to do! I love how great the animations are!

I think he's most known for his 'Sonic Zombie' series.
Shrek best boi.

Responsible for the Sonic zombie series

The Contenders
11 TheRealSonicFan

RealSonicFan I love your videos especially the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games 2016 dance video those dances made me laugh.

Posts news updates and movies made out of cutscenes.

12 Pokemanaphy

A mixture of 2D and 3D Sonic animations. Also a friendly guy. :P

13 Cabanermani456

This guy knows his stuff when it comes to Sonic. He is very passionate about these games and is willing to defend them from all the hate it gets. He has a very friendly personality in his videos which makes them enjoyable to watch. by the way his channel name is spelt 'Cobanermani456'

He is awesome and he makes really entertaining videos.

He is the best

14 Peter Knetter

Peter Knetter is another YouTuber that understands Tails as well as Silver, his YTP videos are amazing as well.
There were moments that were really funny and dare I say it, they bring Sonic's jokes and gags to shame.
Truly a masterpiece...

I love this guy (no homo). He's a meme master.

The printer is de sonic master

He's funny and a good channel

15 Tails and Sonic Pals

Tails is awesome, Tails will always be awesome - I'm pretty much his number one fan by this point, I kinda bully this channels a lot myself but still... I like Tails as a character, he has a dangerously high IQ that allows him to outfox Egg-man/Robotnik daily despite despising this version of Tails for being dumber than the guy I know and love with all of my heart.
SonicSong182 and Tail Twister are way better but, UwU Tails is alright despite Cream and Amy being complete psychopaths.
I hate what they've done to the characters that's why I bully them to begin with.
However, I haven't bullied them in person because I don't have a YouTube channel - but, that hasn't stopped me from saying how I view their series.
If you couldn't tell I didn't like it.
I still liked the Tails videos low, favorite character after all.
#Tails needs to say a genius...

I actually don't like this channel and all of the other channels are bad beside SonicSong182 since it was the only channel listed under "Team UwU" that wasn't the dumbest thing ever made due to cringe.
Heck, Bulma Bunny sucks at voicing smart characters.

I can't stand these channels.
Tails and Sonic Pals was alright but, the other channels aren't as good.
The fact that they call Tails an idiot angers me alongside the fact that they refuse to do their research into the characters and the series their parodying which is stupid because their stupid, no really they are.

Lame, these channels are lame.
Tails and Sonic Pals is nothing much anime trash, Emerald Master annoys me, Gotta Go Fast has a lot of terrible moments acting wise and Charmy Bee just pisses me off...

16 TheDragonSuperman

Amazing guy who cares about his sonic fans!

Your videos suk

17 Sasso Studios

I admit that the animations are pretty good but, I'm not really a big fan of Knuckles and Rouge low, Knuckles often talks as if his mouth is full of pop rocks or popping candy.
I don't get it...

Their animations are great! The voices are decent.

Mike Darklighter was better but still, these videos were pretty good...

Tails was awesome in these videos but, Knuckles was a complete dick.

18 EmuEmi

Well this was a hard choice to make, I had to reset five or more times before I could make up my mind and no that isn't because the channels listed are all good, there are actually some good ones that weren't mentioned or even listed for that matter despite a few of these being good enough from my point of view.
However, I did find my choice points to be good enough with this one being a 100% number one in my books.
Emu-Emi was that 100% pick and was actually good enough to get the voice of Egg-man himself in their videos, I'm not sure if this is because they know each other or otherwise but, I'm still impressed with their story telling in Sonic and Tails R which I am really impressed with so far.
The characters were perfect and Egg-man was just as amazing as ever.
Tails maybe my favorite character but, Egg-man is the better Sonic character acting wise.
Tails in my own words could pass off as a Resident Evil scientist/villain by how smart he is in the main canon.
He ...more

Emu-Emi is one of the better channels on this list, I also like Sonic and Tails R - that series was 100% amazing, she deserves way more subscribers and likes.
Too bad I can't help with that low, I'd love to see her gain more likes and subscribers than Tails and Sonic Pals - please, make that happen...

I'm shocked that this You-Tuber has gotten the 21 spot on this list instead of number one spot but still, I'm willing to accept SonicSong182 being above Tails and Sonic Pals seeing that they get everything wrong while Emu-Emi gets everything about the characters right.
Come on guys and gals, Sonic and Tails R exists and that was the greatest fan story ever written - heck, that first story was amazing.
There'll also be a sequel that has Cream in it and as long as she's nothing like UwU Cream from Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee's channels I'm alright with her, otherwise I'm not going to enjoy her existence in the series.
I'll bring up Tails and Sonic Pals when I get to them but, this channel is better end of story - this should have been number one or at least number three, SonicSong182 deserves the number four spot but... it could have been a bit higher at number number three or number two which would have been fitting if this YouTube ...more

Why is Emu-Emi lower than Tails and Sonic Pals...? (Number 21...?)
She deserves the number 15 spot not Tails and Sonic Pals, Bulma Bunny made Tails look like an idiot.
Heck, if Tails and Charmy were to fight my money would clearly be on Miles Prower hands down because Tails would pretty much murder Charmy on the battlefield but, knowing how stupid Bulma Bunny is alongside Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee they'll pretty much have Charmy or even Cream win which is clearly 100% wrong because Tails would destroy them both on the battlefield, he also be able to go head to head with Team Rose and The Chaotix with the only members being able to defeat him being Big and Espio.
Amy Rose would be able to get the better of him, if she can hit him that is.
Cream on the other hand only has her power of flight and Cheese so... Tails wins hands down, also if Tails is as strong as The Sonic Twitter Takeover implies then Vector won't be any trouble against him which means Big ...more

19 Sonic Paradox

I'm not too sure about this one myself but, its still good enough.

There are no words other than hilarious for them

Responsible for the Sonic Shorts

Sonic Shorts are funny

20 SammyClassicSonicFan

I wish he made more of his well thought out videos instead of making one and then leaving.

21 RadicalSoda

This guy makes me laugh a lot and he shares same opinions as me. Sonic colors is just a mediocre game. Sonic unleaded is great. Sonic hero’s is extremely good. Sonic adventure 2 is overrated. Shadow the hedge hog is a good game. And that nostalgia should be ear eased from existence

This guy has the right idea when it comes to Sonic, I'm talking about Radical-Soda not the creator of this list.

Gawd, where to begin. A genius of comedy with impeccable timing. Gotta say, Radical Soda... 10/10.

One of the greatest You-Tubers of all times.

22 Sonicpox

Cus he oesnt steal content like pokemanaphy, like he took sonicpoxs dark sonic video, complexity ripped it off, like what

23 StormRedDesert

She makes loads of music videos for Sonic

25 Sam's Procrastination Station

He is a genuine, true Sonic Fan and his content is great. He definitely deserves more attention.

Seriously deserves WAY more attention than he gets!

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