Top 10 Prettiest Sonic the Hedgehog Girls

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1 Amy Rose Amy Rose is a fictional character in SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality, and is infatuated with the series' main character, Sonic. She serves as the first playable female character in the series.

Amy Rose is definitely my favorite Sonic character ever! She has an adorable outfit, and her Piko Piko hammer wields as an awesome weapon! Her pink rose colored skin really matches her energetic and zestful behavior! Especially in Sonic Boom, her unique character is dynamically brought out!

She hot and I kinda like her I've always been into sonic games and well amy was the first female and so once I saw her current look I wanted to be sonic.

She is my favorite character ever since I discovered sonic. She's loud, proud and wields her ultra- powerful piko- piko hammer! I love her dress, Bracelets and boots. But most of all I love her short pink hair. The quills sticking pit make her look like a kind of bad, not- afraid- to- get - her - hands Drity type of girl that takes down all the bad guys.

Amy rose is the best...and as a girl, she's been my favorite character since day one

! She is my fave sonic character! She is so awesome! I love her pink hair and her dress. I love her voice! I also like her piko- piko hammer! I love classic Amy also she is cute. I also like her style in the show sonic riders. I have a plush Amy Rose a jumbo one! Thank you for putting her on the best! I love how tuff she is in sonic x! P.s sorry I said love to much

2 Rouge the Bat

Now Rouge is just absolutely so hot and sexy, she is the reason why I am into furries in the first place. I'd do anything for this bat. One of the hottest furries in my opinion.

How is Amy above her? Amy is VERY pretty, but rouge is by far prettier. She so stylish and sassy, who doesn't like rouge?!

I would definitely have sex with her, she is so damn sexy with her hot ass body and beautiful face.

She's the definition of a sexy spy. Is that not hot enough for anyone?

3 Blaze the Cat

Blaze The Cat is by far the hottest Sonic character out there, but she still has the same hot looks and sex appeal status as Fiona The Fox since both are in good condition, they're around the same age, their personalities are cold, and they're under less stress as the other counterparts that are in the female side of the progress scale and sex pool.

Wow. The fact that Cream the Rabbit, Modern Sally Acorn and especially Amy Rose are the highest characters on this list instead of Blaze the Cat shows that people are picky and have no taste. Also, let's put the female echidnas higher not his list, ESPECIALLY Shade since she is way lower than Tikal on this list and as badass as Blaze.

Blaze is definitely the most gorgeous sonic girl. Rouge, I feel, is not as hawt as people make her out to be, and Amy's really young (she's 12). Blaze's eyes are so beautiful and I love her long lashes and figure. Plus, her persoanlity is amazing.

Blaze is pretty and cute and hot. I wouldn't say sexy or anything. But I feel like not much people like her. I mean I would make out with Blaze if I could.

4 Honey the Cat

I love her character. She is so pretty.

5 Bunnie Rabbot

She looks like a cow gal

6 Sally Acorn

In SatAM at least, Sally was a tough and down-to-earth kind of girl whose appearance reflected that aspect of her character, sporting an athletic form along with a pair of boots and the occasional matching vest to suit her needs, which really helped set her apart from other characters.

Sally's strong and pretty, with her wild hair and cute figure. Blaze is definitely the msot gorgeous sonic girl but she is still beautiful!

Not only is she pretty but she is a great character too!

She should have been in the games in my opinion.

7 Cream the Rabbit

Better than Amy Rose because she actually cares for people, and is adorable. Amy tries to be all that, but she's not cute at all. Cream is sweet and lovable, but still, she's kind of useless

Amy Rose may be the head female character in the series, but Cream is far more feminine than her

She is very very hot

She's the sweetest and most gentle character in the whole series

8 Tikal the Echidna

Tikal was in sonic x and she is in the game Sonic Forces, she is the best. She is a achidna and comes from the past. Her powers are controlling the sun

I wish Tikal was in more Sonic games. She's so hot I like her.

I heard she wears bikini

I think Tikal is pretty

9 Princess Elise III Princess Elise the Third (ソレアナ公女エリス3世, Soreana Kōjo Erisu 3-sei, literally "Soleanna Princess Elise the Third") is one of the main characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Amy: Saw Sonic get kissed by another girl. Dead.
Sonic: Got kissed by a human. Dead.
Elise: Got kisses by a dead hedgehog. Rabies.

She looks shamless some other characters need to stop being hated but, she needs hate first she is the worst couple for any one, she looks boring, she looks ugly, she looks like the starbucks logo with redish hair and a weird looking dress

Thorn from the book series bone!

WHAT! well, I think good couples for sonic would be sally or amy but not her

10 Sticks the Badger

Sticks is hot and pretty I guess but I would have liked her more if I didn't find out what her age is...yeah...look she's 8 years old. She's still hot but I've kinda lost my appeal to her.

Sticks is so tough and really cool I am glad she is on this list. she is so funny and pretty. Her voice people my not like but I think her voice is funny in my opinon. every one on this list likes sticks

Oh my gosh! I love sticks well she is funny and tough. I agree every one on this list loves sticks but sherklover456. the best sonic females alike are: sticks, marnie, sally,sara Lauren, blaze,amy, fiona, wave, perci, tikal, rouge, honey, maria, Rosie, rosy, sonar and lady goat

Sticks she is so cute and pretty. sticks is new and sticks and marnie look a like. sticks has awesome powers, she is tom boyish, she is so funny and YAY! sorry I just really like her I have the plush sticks

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11 Maria Robotnik
12 Sonia the Hedgehog

Sonia sound like boy she voice by jaleel white and Keiko Toda Sonia is bit a tomboy she hate dirty she help sonic and manic she is more tomboy than girly.

13 Fiona Fox

Darn! I hate that all the prettiest girls are either evil or taken. I love her and I am glad she is on the list

14 Vanilla the Rabbit
15 Shade the Echidna
16 Wave the Swallow
17 Perci the Bandicoot

! I love her style and she looks a little cool, and she is the 1st bandicoot character, also those are rare animals! she is my top list sonic boom character, But I also love zooey, sticks, and amy. She dos not ware lots of colthes. And nobody makes fun of her, I think sticks is not stupid nor creepy, she may be mean and sound like a chipmunk but she is wacky and sporty and not girly in lots of ways, zooey is cute I think her and perci are rare, zooey is a fox and I love foxes they are cute and zooey is my top fox in sonic, amy is my all times best character even with her new style she still is smart and she is the bravest. But perci is the most rare she rules

Perci is very underrated, I wish she was in more Sonic games other than just Sonic Boom. Other than that, she was in the Sonic Boom show. I wish she was a part of Team Sonic is Sonic Boom. Perci is pretty and hot. I love her. I see why Sonic and Knuckles were attracted to her.

She would be more likeable along with Zooey if they gave them bigger roles.

Very hot and cute and never even knew she existed.

18 Cosmo the Seedrian

Cosmo is so much better than overrated Cream.

Perfect girlfriend for Tails!

She was in Sonic x

She is pretty.

19 Zeena

Zeena is pretty and sexy. The way she acts towards Sonic at first tho...she was so nice and calm until Sonic roasted her, I wouldn't have. I'd do anything for Zeena. I'd join the deadly six just for her.

The hottest girl in the history of sonic!

20 Marina the Raccoon
21 Nicole the Computer Lynx
22 Zooey the Fox
23 Sara

If only everyone (no matter where) put down Sara, Fiona Fox, Amy Rose (before Sonic Boom), Princess Elise III and other rude, Mary-Sue Sonic characters as worthless and useless, NOT put down Blaze the Cat, Cream the Rabbit, Shade the Echidna, Wave the Swallow or et cetera et cetera.

She is from the movie she is the best. it's so cool that sara is a person half anmail

24 Julie-Su the Echidna
25 Tails Doll

Huh... why is Tails Doll on this list?
I mean, why is he here on a list about Sonic girls?
Now I do love this guy as much as I love Tails, not as much as Tails, but still, I love him anyway - he so should have been the boss of the ghost level in Sonic Heroes while also appearing in the background instead of the skeleton you find roaming around like a creeper which disappears and reappears at will while we could have gotten the same thing from Tails Doll... but creepier.

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