Best Splatoon 2 Maps

There are enough original maps in this game so making a list about the sequel is worth making.

The Top Ten

1 Arowana Mall

Quickly became my #1 favorite - thunderstar1124

Nostalgia for the Win

2 Snapper Canal

I don’t know why I put this at #1. I do like it though. It’s a very balanced and underrated map. - thunderstar1124

3 Wahoo World

It’s now my favorite map along with Arowana Mall. The design, atmosphere, and setting is just so much fun. Perfect for the start of summer - thunderstar1124

4 Walleye Warehouse

This list was made before this stage was released in the game. It’s now my 2nd favorite in this game. - thunderstar1124

5 Mako Mart

I’ve always wanted to battle it out in a supermarket. - thunderstar1124

6 Port Mackerel

This map is good. It’s got many routes for shorter ranged weapons to take advantage of and many narrow hallways for longer ranged weapons to take advantage of. Oh, and it’s EXCELLENT for Tenta Missiles! It’s also kind of special to me because it was the first stage I played when I got the full version of Splatoon 2. - thunderstar1124

7 Camp Triggerfish

This map has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s just so fun to play on. - FirelordZuko

8 Blackbelly Skatepark
9 Kelp Dome
10 Humpback Pump Track

The Contenders

11 Manta Maria
12 Inkblot Art Academy
13 Musselforge Fitness
14 Starfish Mainstage

Actually one of the worst maps in my opinion. It has literally the easiest spawn trapping in the entire game. - FirelordZuko

15 Shellendorf Institute

I don’t know why this is on the list. It’s awful - FirelordZuko

16 Goby Arena
17 Sturgeon Shipyard
18 Piranha Pit

Such a terrible map yet so fun to play on

19 Moray Towers
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