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1 Sceptile Sceptile

The sole grower of the site. Geoff may have made it, but Sploder would be dead today if it wasn't for this guy. Hats off to you man

Awesomely awesome and awesome of the awesomeness! Plus his name reminds me of my own Sceptile in Pokemon Emerald.

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2 Geoff

Ain't hard to understand. If Geoff didn't exist neither would Sploder, and neither would anyone else on this list.

He's really nice and mostly cool and awesome, he creates the best gamez and he's the creator of Sploder!

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3 Vaxen2

Vaxen is a views rocketeer

His games are awesome.

Your games are electrifying~!

4 Boytucker V 4 Comments
5 Maxliam
6 Bobbler

Bobbler is a professional super star no one can match

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7 Futuremillionare

Indeed it is, but where's the future if there is no million bucks?

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8 Maiphantomhive

This guy never deserves to be here. There are better members

- extremely friendly +5
- witty, intelligent +5
- one of the only female members in a sea of hormonal teenage boys +1,000,000

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9 Spaceface2

One of the best moderators on sploder.

I'm spaceface2.

He's awesome

he's cool

10 Mat7772

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11 Blurry V 2 Comments
12 Konnichiwa V 4 Comments
13 HeavyTruth

Is it me or the truth is too heavy for me..?

14 JJS (jackjoshseb)

Vote for him he's really massive - Adron

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15 Donarudo2 V 1 Comment
16 pepperedSteak

:sunglasses: - pepperedSteak

17 Acetile

Two words; Greatest user.

He makes good games

18 Greendino11

I've never seen Green Dinosaurs, even if it exists, No one could see a 11 printed one

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19 Anew20034
20 r0llerc0aster

But where's the rollercoaster?

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