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1 5mister

Pacman eats Sploder people series creator and very famous for his Titanic movies! - ElMajestico

He makes fun games that do not require a lot of time to be beaten. Still, they're challenging enough

The friendliest Sploderian of them all!

Best sploder ever

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2 Sceptile Sceptile Sceptile, known in Japan as Jukain, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

The sole grower of the site. Geoff may have made it, but Sploder would be dead today if it wasn't for this guy. Hats off to you man

Awesomely awesome and awesome of the awesomeness! Plus his name reminds me of my own Sceptile in Pokemon Emerald.

I hate him please - Adron

3 Geoff

Ain't hard to understand. If Geoff didn't exist neither would Sploder, and neither would anyone else on this list.

The owner and the dude who does everything for sploder

He's the creator of Sploder!

Kingofdanerds should be up here

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4 Vaxen2

Vaxen is a views rocketeer

His games are awesome.

Your games are electrifying~!

5 Maxliam
6 Futuremillionare

Indeed it is, but where's the future if there is no million bucks?

The Millionaire Life is Real

7 woohoo32
8 Religious2
9 Boytucker

I'm boytucker :D

Have you forgot Acetile? - Adron

Wow! Before Acetile!


10 Bobbler

Bobbler is a professional super star no one can match


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11 Maiphantomhive

This guy never deserves to be here. There are better members

- extremely friendly +5
- witty, intelligent +5
- one of the only female members in a sea of hormonal teenage boys +1,000,000

She's cute

He's a fool - Adron

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12 Spaceface2

One of the best moderators on sploder.

I'm spaceface2.

He's awesome

he's cool

13 Mat7772
14 Quavo Quavo
15 Blurry

I guess you can say this was 'blurry-fying'.

He's a boss.

16 Konnichiwa

He's good but its konnichiha not konnichiwa

Arigato for making awesome games.


Konnichiha is not Konnichiwa but Konnichiha is not but is Konnichiha he is Konnichiha not Konnichiha oh Konnichiwa he's Konnichiha

17 HeavyTruth

Is it me or the truth is too heavy for me..?

18 JJS (jackjoshseb)

Vote for him he's really massive - Adron


19 Opengangs
20 Princehades

Amazing member and person

Daddy Level: 100 (+1)
Upgrade Cost: "Fresh Cummies"

21 Donarudo2

Gummy worms.

22 pepperedSteak

:sunglasses: - pepperedSteak

23 Acetile

Two words; Greatest user.

He makes good games

24 Greendino11

I've never seen Green Dinosaurs, even if it exists, No one could see a 11 printed one

He 2 cool

25 Anew20034
26 r0llerc0aster

But where's the rollercoaster?

27 TheUndead101

Would the undead play Sploder games.. *looks it up*.. THEY DO?!

He's not dead

28 Mariogame3333 (Darth Mario)

You sons of some bitches, why am I not on here!? (Meh, jk :P)

29 Geoffsgrandpa

Hands down the GOAT

30 FGT
31 Spookie
32 Death

Because yea

33 Goldensaur
34 Makever

Probably the best PPG maker ever.

35 Wormwerk

I was actually the beast behind wormwerk lol. I quit and made the account drdevilfx

36 Drdevilfx
37 Giovanny
38 TheDerpOfTime

"Love and grief my heart dividing,
With my tears His feet I'll lave-
Constant still in heart abiding,
Weep for Him who died to save."
-Tracy, A Good Friend of Mine

39 Spzattack


40 Strikerhawk

Cool dude who makes great games and is a nice person.

41 Pewdiekids1

Spreads fire everywhere. "BURN YOU SCUM! "

42 Beachball

Worst member on here

43 Lavender123

Exactly what he said below me.

Cool marble race and algicosathlon creator and participates in Sploder Multiplayer.

44 Abcilikepie

Why the hell is he on there? -_- - CyanSkyBlue

45 Head3000
46 Normalnickname

He's my best friend in sploder.What can I say.
- Donarudo2

47 Rockyroad797

Its me me me - Adron

48 Troyio

Please make him no.3 - Adron

49 12stasia
50 Pandak
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