Top Ten Best Tech Decks

Yes, there IS a difference of quality in tech decks, and here's a list of them.
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1 Plan B

The graphics are ok I feel like elements tech decks have better graphics. And just so you know they all have the same pop and weight so it all about the graphics

I love the graphics and the pop for pop shuvits kick flips and heel flips.
I used them through my stage of an Ollie if you lick tech decking then this is for you

The best designs and has a sturdy board recommended for pros who like to tech deck a lot! Can do great tricks easier kickflips.

It is good because you get lots of pop and a good landing. A good grinding a sick graphics.

2 Element

Elements are just good tech decks because they are easy to do tricks with great grip tape wheels trucks and graphics this is why I think element is the best by far.

This brand is very light and the designs are also very nice. It is also easy to do those tricks and I really like this brand very much.

I think its true! Executing the tricks are a "child's Play" for element Tech Decks.

Really strong and great quality. Great, smooth wheels and easy pop.

3 Birdhouse

I think bird house are the best tech deck brand because they are easy to do tricks on and they have really nice boards so personally I think they are Awesome and it has really nice grip tape too...

I personally think birdhouse tech decks are the best, why? Well, they simply have the best graphics, and the best griptape. I have compared my darkstar, plan b, and birdhouse, and the outer shape. the concave, and the pop is exactly the same. So Birdouse takes the win for me.

Wicked boards and home to the stupendous gob machine, yes man!

Good graphics designs and very easy to work with tricks
My first board to!

4 Darkstar

I use a Darkstar fingerboard when I fingerboard and I'm able to do tricks I never thought I would be able to learn with ease.

Darkstars are insane! I have one and I love the graphics and it has a good pop and feel. I like darkstar so much it will be my next tech deck and real board

Pops the highest by far! Best Tech Deck Brand for me. Awesome graphics as well.

Darkstar is pretty cool

5 Black Label

Yah man I've got a black label I think its awesome!
Its graphics are very cool know war I mean my graphics are black red and white and it's the best black label so far that what people say

My ones got wicked grip tape red wheels and gold trucks and thths how I bought it. It's one of the best tech decks to do tricks on

This is one tech deck that you want to buy. Really feel it on your fingers when you're doing tricks

I like this tech deck... It easy to do trick.

6 Flip

Flip is epic brilliant graphics and especialy the wheels and trunks the cruisers are epic and not once have I lost control or not landed a trick on a cruiser please vote they rock!

I have a flip mark appleyard. It's so cool! The wheels, trucks, board etc. Are very resistant. And it has 10 stickers so in the pack are many stickers.
Flip rocks!

Sick concave mad trick definitely good tech deck but not good for real life laugh out loud but sickest tech deck brand overall get one!

Flip is simply the best because they are really god to make tricks and the tracks are good and wheels etc.


Nice feel and easy to get some air into tricks! My personal favourite not based on the best is Darkstar for many reasons!

DGK is the best to do a flip on! All the tricks you can do are easy. It feels good the two ca do lot of stuff an th it s the

Good grip and it's light

What this is so raw

8 Alien Workshop

1st, alien workshop ar amazing I've got loads and they have really good pop and really light and when you grind the graphics don't scratch off!

I have rare alien workshop grip tape (blue & black) and I think it's the best grip tape ever! So I think alien workshop should be at the top!

Well I did my first ollie and kickflip on this deck, they got high trucks and sticky griptape, I say WoW just awesome.

This is not where an alien workshop should be. The only Tech deck above it is Element. Plan B is not the number one skateboard.

Rob Dyrdek Is the owner of this brand and I for one think this is really good. It is the best.

9 World Industries

World Industries rocks because it does awesome flips and tricks, and has sick graphics.

NO World Industries is where its at NUMBER 1 not 11 not 12 number 1!

World industrie is all you need in a teck deck:
Cool graphics,
Easy to do tricks like olie and flip,
Wheels are rilly smooth, Its perfect!

World industries had good graphics and a great display price to

10 Toy Machine

Toy machines are very valuable boards and they are colorful. Toy machines rock.
Best board.

TOY MACHINE is a great board they have great graphics and great weight for doing hardcore tricks.

I have a Toy Machine and I love it. They are the best.

Vote for this brand guys

The Contenders
11 Blind

Blind is definitely the best Tech Deck at landing. Yo show them how a proper Tech-decker does it, and land the best tricks; you will be a master in no time!

Blinds are sick boards. once I was at a show and I tore someone up with a blind. I can't beileve plan be won blind should be in first place. come on give us a break and put blind in first I mean youve got to do it. show people blinds are the best. blinds are the best boards I will ever have thank you

I love Blind Tech Decks I got a pack with 4 and I got a really awesome longboard and some other awesome ones.

I can't believe blind isn't first place it has good grip, graphics and its sick come on!

12 Finesse

Finesse is the best board because it has the best pop. Like doing a pop shove it the board makes it very easy. Or doing a three sixty pop shove it as I said a finesse board gives it the best pop. I am only writing this much because it says my writing is poor. Vote for finesse and keep finger boarding.

I don't know why.. This is needed but.. The only thing here is the design on the board itself.. And finesse is what I vote for.. Because it has a cool designs.

Bad trucks but really easy to do tricks! Good for beginners.

Just got one wanted to know if it is most common I like th graphics though

13 Zero

Easy to make a ollie for the noob! And also nice graphics and easy to bring any where. Can make a skill any where!

Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole are skateboarding royalty. Period.

Too easy to make tricks

They have the best looking graphics
Good to pop
There my favourite boards by far

14 Think

I have a think board which I have had since I was about four years old and I have never seen one like it. It doesn't make that rattling sound when you pop it and land a trick. I love it

They don't make many think boards, but when they do, they are really good designs

15 Girl

They rock! They have goo graphics and great grip tape! Girl should be 6 place. You should get girl

Cool graphics
:P to world industries!

I'm just a beginner but I can already Ollie over my leg because it has great pop

16 Habitat

Good pop, nice graphics just an overall good board that many beginners and pros would like to have one. I have one and I think there really good, so as I'm saying it's a great style.

This Tech deck is the best!

17 Organika

Yes a really good brand

18 Baker
19 Zoo York

Really good, reliable, good grip tape, designs, especially my zooyork westgate, very good.

A really good board

Awesome tech deck great for flips, grinds and any trick had a darkstar and it sucks

Zoo york is sick

20 5boro
21 Almost

Great boards nice deigns end of
Good pop and quite good to use on ramps

22 Santa Cruz

Great decks and easy to do beginner tricks like kickflips, and I honestly like the series two Santa Cruz more than Series Two Toy Machine.

Nice Simpsons pics. Great board and griptape

Nathan says he has it

Great graphics and the boards look really cool but not very good for tricks

23 Real Skateboards

It works well with any jump. I had a lot of fun with it but sometime its bad. Mabey you will like it if you get one. I loved it a lot mostly becasus it work like magic.

Are nice and a good pop

24 Bridhouse
25 DC

It's a unique board and slim & HAS A GREAT Designs
Cool graphics and a cool & smooth board :)
Trick master and can do back flip, kickflip, oli, impossible, spin and
Much more.

DC is the best board I've used.

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