Top Ten Best New York City Sports Teams of All-Time

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1 1927 New York Yankees (MLB)

No ands, ifs, or buts. This was the golden standard for all New York great sports teams to follow. The '27 Yankees blew away the competition with 110 victories. Seven Yankees were later inducted into the Hall of Fame: Herb Pennock, Waite Hoyt, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri, Earle Combs, Miller Huggins, and the greatest of them all, Babe Ruth.

The home run chase of Ruth and Gehrig was legendary. By August, the New York World Telegram predicted that Gehrig would reach 60, but in the end, it was the Sultan of Swat who blasted 60. The Yankees became part of baseball lore.

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2 1961 New York Yankees (MLB)

The 1961 team was one of the best, but did you know that the Yankees didn't run away with the pennant that easily? The Tigers also played well with Norm Cash and Al Kaline on the team. The Yankees won the pennant by only eight games because the Tigers won 101 games.

In 1961, there were no divisions and no wild card teams. If there were today, the Tigers would have given the Yankees a run for their money. The World Series belonged to the Yankees, and for Whitey Ford, his record-breaking streak of shutout innings made sports headlines because he broke the record that Babe Ruth once owned.

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3 1998 New York Yankees (MLB)
4 1941 New York Yankees (MLB)

The Yankees returned to the mountaintop as baseball's world champions. The pitching itself carried the load with Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing, two future Hall of Fame pitchers who each won 15 games, while unsung hero Marius Russo struck out 105 batters and had a 3.09 ERA.

But it was Joe DiMaggio who really made the team go with his MVP performance: a .357 batting average, 30 home runs, 125 RBIs, and a 56-game hitting streak that lifted the Yankees to the World Series and another world championship for the pinstripes.

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5 1994 New York Rangers (NHL)
6 1996 New York Mets (MLB)
7 1986 New York Giants (NFL)
8 1930 New York Giants (NFL)

Today, the NFL is an established sports league, but 90 years ago, it was different. There was no TV, no divisions, and no championship games. The 1930 season saw 11 teams in the league, a fall from the previous year because of the Great Depression.

The Giants, though, had a great season with a 13-4 regular season record, just .004 behind the NFL Champion Green Bay Packers. In Game 16, there was a coaching change that would later be important for the Giants' future. Replacing LeRoy Andrews were Benny Friedman and Steve Owen as head coach.

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9 1939 New York Yankees (MLB)

After three straight World Championships, the 1939 team was primed and ready for four in a row. During the season, though, they were hit with tragedy when team captain Lou Gehrig was forced to retire due to ALS, which would later bear his name.

But instead of falling apart, the team came together, thanks to Joe DiMaggio, who at that time had his best year ever. He batted .381, hit 30 home runs, and drove in 126 runs, earning the American League Most Valuable Player award. The Yankees went on to sweep the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series and became the first team to win four straight World Championships.

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10 1932 New York Yankees (MLB)

The only World Championship team that didn't get shut out the whole regular season. This team had Lou Gehrig, who made history on June 3 when he hit four home runs, the first time in baseball history that happened. This team had nine Hall of Famers: Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Earle Combs, Bill Dickey, Lefty Gomez, Tony Lazzeri, Herb Pennock, Red Ruffing, and Joe Sewell.

This team ended the run of the Philadelphia Athletics' pennants. The World Series was a foregone conclusion as the Yankees swept the Cubs, and Babe Ruth's called shot only added to Yankee greatness.

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11 1956 New York Giants (NFL)

Before the famous championship drought that lasted 30 years, the Giants were very good. That season, the team had a new home at Yankee Stadium, a perfect fit for a team primed for a championship. Led by NFL MVP Frank Gifford, the Giants' offense had all the fuel needed as they went 8-3-1 and won the Eastern Title.

But it was the defense that really put them into the title game, with help from first-year Giants Andy Robustelli and Sam Huff. The Giants played against the Bears in the title game and it was no contest as the Giants beat the Bears 47-7 to become world champions.

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12 1923 New York Yankees (MLB)
13 1928 New York Rangers (NHL)
14 2007 New York Giants (NFL)
15 1990 New York Giants (NFL)
16 1943 New York Yankees (MLB)

The Yankees had a great team and were great when they won the World Series by beating the Cardinals in a revenge series because the Cardinals beat those Yanks one year earlier. However, for those Yankees, they changed uniforms to serve our country, but in 1943 it was so proud to see those men win another world championship.

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17 1905 New York Giants (MLB)

It was the first championship team of any kind in New York sports. This team had three great Hall of Famers: Roger Bresnahan, Joe McGinnity, and Christy Mathewson. Manager John McGraw, who one year earlier declined to compete in the now-canceled World Series, led the team to an easy National League pennant.

This team had only six pitchers, a far cry from today's pitching staff. The World Series was transformed into the Christy Mathewson show, as he pitched three complete game shutouts in six games, and the Giants brought home a World Championship.

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18 1968 New York Jets (AFL)
19 1977 New York Yankees (MLB)
20 1921 New York Giants (MLB)
21 2011 New York Giants (NFL)
22 1953 New York Yankees (MLB)
23 1964 New York Yankees (MLB)
24 1969 New York Mets (MLB)
25 2009 New York Yankees (MLB)
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