Top 10 Best Star Wars Songs

These are the top 10 best songs from the 6 film series Star Wars in my opinion too. I hope you like all of these songs! Thanks to John Williams for being a pure genius!

The Top Ten Best Star Wars Songs

1 Duel of the Fates

Awesome fast music to go along with the best lightsaber fight.

Even those who dislike the prequels can admit that this is a true masterpiece

This just feels like the song for an epic sabre duel. Not even just for the one in this film, but any duel in the saga. This is Star Wars to me. Orchestral genius.

Brilliant- the fast paced fight matches with the song perfectly

2 The Hologram / Binary Sunset

John Williams is the master of film music. So sad and hopeful yet so good

The most beautiful/epic moment in star Wars is also the simplest. This song captures longing and the call to adventure, as well as the love of life so we'll.

My god. This one just hits yo with all of Luke's longing and the desire to be more than what you are. It really reminds you of how you felt when you were a kid, and just reminds you of your dreams.

I love this song! It is so emotional and sad and shows you that there is more to Star Wars than blasters and fighting and war. It reminds us that we all have dreams, and if we believe in them, they will come true.

3 The Imperial March

One of the most recognisable songs from Star Wars, and a component of many later pieces

I always picture star destroyers and TIE fighters whenever I hear it

From Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. No doubt this music and song is fantastic for the Galactic Empire. Especially Darth Vader song. It's so classic and is always gonna be loved by me

This should be top 2 before Duel of the Fates. I don’t know why it is 3rd

4 Battle of the Heroes

Wow. John Williams put everything he could into this. Brilliance, it's like this is the true battle of the ages, the one that shifted the galaxy into turmoil. Anakin became Vader, Obi-Wan became Ben. Nothing was the same after this and it truly feels like it with this score, only Imperial March and Duel of the Fates beats this for me.

This theme is so intense and captures the exact moments that Anakin and Obi-Wan were feeling

This song was a great way to close out the Star Wars prequels and really helped to set the atmosphere during Anakin and Obi-Wan's duel on Mustafar. It's very effective at making the scene feel emotional and gives viewers the sense that there truly is no turning back for Anakin. I really don't know why this song gets so overlooked. - rapaddict97

From Star Wars Episode I: Revenge Of The Sith. With the best lightsaber battle in the whole saga this music delivers great! It's sad, catchy, exiting, and entertaining

5 Across the Stars

Literally the most beautiful and haunting song I have ever heard. It perfectly captures their love for each other yet so heavily foreshadows the tragedies yet to come for both of them.

Beautiful. Classic
What do you expect from a genius like Williams

great music. love how it shows the deep love yet horrible longing that anakin and padme have for each other.

John Williams is genius. Imperial March, Binary Sunset, Duel of Fates, Main Theme and many others are masterpieces but Across the Stars is so good that I want this played at my wedding. This song suffer from Anakin and Padme mediocre romance, should be higher on the list.

6 Victory Celebration

The one good change Lucas ever made to the original trilogy. An absolutely gorgeous song: triumphant, emotional, and mournful all at once, and absolutely the perfect way to end the greatest trilogy ever put to film. - SventheCrusader

I could not agree more with the earlier comments. How can a song sound both happy and sad at the same time?! John Williams definitely knows what he's doing!

It really brings a new hope!

From Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. This theme was created in 2004, with the appearance of the great Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker! So much better than yup nup laugh out loud. It's mourning and also victory sounding too!

7 Main Titles

From Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This music is the best classic thing in the Star Wars saga. This theme represents all Star Wars more than any other theme you know it's Star Wars no matter what. It's so nice to hear, lovely, gorgeous, and so creative!

This is the obvious choice, It is the first thing you hear in the entire Star Wars franchise. I always get chills when this song plays.

Iconic Star Wars, so good and a great start to it all

This is Star Wars

8 Cantina Band

Great little tune, and it always reminds me of the who shot first scene

Iconic. Maybe not the most regal piece, but a good laugh and memorable nonetheless.

Cantina band is always the best song.

Classic song from A New Hope

9 The Throne Room

From Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This song of music is so classic oh my god! It's so happy sounding it gets you interested and it is so Star Wars sounding. ! It feels like you're supported laugh out loud.

The best of the best!

It is awesome

What retards, this is number 1 ffs!

10 Anakin's Betrayal

From Star Wars Episode I: Revenge Of The Sith. This is such a great sounding tune. It gave emotional effects and also had a great tune relating to the scene of declaring Order 66. It is really great!

It's a lovely song, one of the best John William's work

Pure depression with not too few epicness

amazing song. great work williams!

The Contenders

11 Anakin vs. Obi-Wan

Amazing- the emotion of the fights is perfectly portrayed by this- it has the action and emotion of any Star Wars themes- well done John Williams

Very Epic For a Final Showdown

I absolutely love this piece.


12 Rey's Theme

Amazing- the hints that( spoilers) she’s genetically a palpatine with the first few notes is amazing but it plays so well with the force theme that it shows that she is a skywalker at heart

Just made me love Star Wars The Force Awakens even more! It totally represents Rey's character. Definitely the best song from Star Wars 7

The character and theme sold the new trilogy for me.

It adds variety and emotion all the other Brass Wars songs don't

13 Jedi Temple March

Wanna feel strong?

An excellent theme with a foreboding tone that exudes sheer power. The perfect theme for the 501st legion and much of the clone army.

Obviously the most epic track ever made

This tune was actually from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, however, most of it was taken out for some reason. It can be heard when Anakin finally tames the Reek, and is more recognisable during the Intro to Kashyyyk, and is at its most recognisable at the March on the Jedi temple and the Battle of Utapau. It works perfectly in any shot of a big army, and is a worthy successor to "The Imperial March".

14 Princess Leia's Theme

perfect for our princess.

15 Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious

This piece truly sets the stage for the character General Grievous, it makes him more of a threat and he hunts down more jedi.

This theme fits the character and sounds the best This dude needs a star wars story

"Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection"

From Star Wars Episode I: Revenge Of The Sith. Wow the music is fit along so well the moment General Grievous steps out of the escape space shuttle. And millions of Grievous's Bodyguards, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and Destroyer Droids looking at him as he walks by. The scene is great! My favorite song in the movie!


16 The Droid Invasion
17 Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
18 The Force Theme

Seriously? This song IS Star Wars. It's possibly the most recognizable song in cinematic history. I get chills every time I hear it. This song represents everything and anything Star Wars has stood for, and perfectly captures the triumph, beauty, loss, and tragedy of the Skywalker Saga. It plays during some of the most important scenes and honestly just holds some of the most significance in Star Wars.

Come on guys! This theme is probably the most common theme throughout the entire Star Wars Series. I'm pretty sure it appears at least 20 times in each of the movies in the trilogy.

Literally the best are you kidding?

This is Star Wars- one of the most iconic songs in my opinion

19 The Imperial Suite

Such an underrated song! Very powerful!

20 The Emperor's Theme

The way this is so sinister conveys all of palpatine in my opinion

Turns your rabbit into a lightsaber-wielding force-choking with-lord

A good villan song

My Fave

21 Enter Lord Vader

Enter Lord Vader always intensified the scene when Anakin arrives at Mustafar; this piece just showed me that Anakin really couldn't go back to the Good Side, and how different his mind had become. It's still my favorite song.

This song brings the awesomeness to darth vader

Is this the theme of Mustafar?


22 A Jedi's Fury

How is this lower in the list than something like Rey's theme? Maybe the best and most iconic scene in the Movie universe, and the theme is maybe the best compose of all there is in Star Wars. The scene and the music made me in tears first time I heard it, and it made me do so again again many years later. This is pure art at its finest.

I remember being awestruck by the emotion and intensity of this piece and scene when I first watched Return of the Jedi. Even as a child, it made me realize how essential the music is in movies. The other soundtracks by John Williams are truly phenomenal, but in my humble opinion, A Jedi’s Fury is by far the most astounding (and underrated) composition in the Star Wars franchise.

So underrated, the pure emotion in this masterpiece is capable of bringing me to tears; you can really hear the light and the dark side in this piece and just how much it pains Luke and Anakin to fight one another.

In Episode VI, this theme plays in the final scene of the duel between Vader and Luke. One of the most underrated duel themes in the saga, this theme really brings out the emotion in the final duel between father and son.

23 The Asteroid Field

This is my favorite track from The Empire Strikes Back and it is also one of my favorites out of the entire franchise. The song itself is like a roller-coaster ride with the theme of traveling through an asteroid field with asteroids flying everywhere where the Millenium Falcon is trying to find a way out and trying to evade the Empire's fighter ships.

This the best song in the whole saga how fast it is going and all the instruments in there

This gets bonus points for having the imperial march and han and leia in it.

The most underrated track from the entire Star Wars saga

24 Yoda's Theme

The way it conveys that Yoda is the wise mentor is amazing

Why so low?

25 The Immolation Scene

I want this to be played at my burial

Such a sad and powerful song, it's under appreciated and it's in my personal top 5

Girl I'm so horny I can't even keep a straight face

26 Endor II

From 4:55 to 5:35, we are finally rewarded for watching the original saga. It's the scene we've all been waiting for, the climax of the series. It's the final duel between father and son, and Luke uses his pure emotion to win the fight. That is why this is the best song in all of Star Wars.

27 Jyn Erso & Hope Suite
28 Han Solo and the Princess

This theme is perfection. Period

29 Order 66
30 The Battle of Yavin
31 Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett

Get this higher! Do a favor and ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THIS! - RevolverOcelot

32 March of the Resistance
33 Your Father Would Be Proud

How is this so low?!

34 Anakin's Dark Deeds

So underrated. Shows perfectly the emotions of a akin combined with the senate

Most underrated score. The second part to it chilling.

35 Cantina Band #2
36 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle

The power begins this is epic and it has similarities to imperial march which is great

The best star wars song it is underrated

37 Palpatine's Teachings

From Star Wars Episode I: Revenge Of The Sith. This is amazing laugh out loud. I love the 2nd part of the song the most and the first part is good too! It's a good song laugh out loud

38 Last Jedi Trailer Theme
39 Return to Tatooine

I first heard this song on the Star Wars Episode III Videogame and it blew me away.

40 The Jedi Steps and Finale

So powerful..

41 Padme's Ruminations


Padme's Ruminations from Revenge of the Sith is such a powerful piece, and it fits perfectly in this emotional film.

42 Qui-Gon's Noble Death
43 Qi'ra's Theme
44 Anakin's Theme

Lovely soundtrack which represents young Anakin's innocence and the prospect of exciting adventures to come. I also hear a hint of tragedy from this score, which Anakin's life was cursed with. The dark transition at the end is a lovely foreshadowing, it's just musical genius!

Love the foreshadowing!

45 Rogue One
46 Parade of the Ewoks
47 Kamino Theme

From Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. This one is really not talked about as much laugh out loud. It is said to be good, but honestly I think it's really great the theme fits a rainy day like a rain planet of Kamino

48 Yub Nub

Hell no

49 A Sanctuary Moon

The bonus track for Episode VI. I dunno, I just really like it. It shows the urgency of the final battle between the Empire and the Rebels. Probably my second favourite Star Wars track, next to Battle of the Heroes.

50 Attack On Jakku

this cool

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