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1 Captain Rex Captain Rex Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Not only was he a proven leader on the front lines and a great friend to his comrades, but he was also a loyal soldier and friend who would not betray the Jedi. For those who don't know. Captain Rex was one of three known clones to not partake in order 66. He along with Commander Wolffe, and Commando Gregor were the only KNOWN clones that did not partake in order 66. They had their inhibitor chips taken out. ARC Trooper Fives was the only other clone to have his chip extracted, because he uncovered the truth of order 66. Sadly, he was killed under Palpatines orders to stop him from foiling the siths plans. All in all Rex was brave, loyal and strong.

I think Rex is a narcissistic Mary Sue of a clone trooper who thinks and acts like war is a game, and he can get away with it because he has plot armor. Shot in the chest BY A SNIPER, but guess what: can't die. Literally every other clone in Star Wars is his own character! Rex is a conjoined rip-off ARC Troopers Alpha-77 (Frodo) and Alpha-17 (Alpha), the original Jango Fett-trained ARC Troopers who taught every Clone Trooper Commander we know and love. And frankly, I hate how Rex teams up with EVERY SINGLE original Clone Commander; honestly, I think Rex panders to the original.

He's the best! I hate rebels
1. Rex looks so weird
2. He's one of the most amazing clones of all time, and all of a sudden he retires for the time period between the clone wars and rebellion and all he does is hunt joopa with his friends? I mean, he deserves a retirement but that's definitely wouldn't just DO something like that. That's ridiculous. I hate rebels for that, and their animation sucks compared to clone wars. Sry rebels fans but I hate it.

He's Captain Rex, 'enough said. And that final scene where he's the last clone with Ahsoka who has to bury all his fallen brothers who died not even for the Republic but with, just wow...

2 Commander Cody Commander Cody

My first favorite. First appeared in the now non-canon 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars but was 2nd notable clone commander shown first only behind Fordo. With Obi-Wan so enough is said about that. Plus epic armor. Everyone thinks Rex is better but he is only a captain.

I really like commander Cody, but sadly I can't look at him the same after he blasted obi wan off a cliff. I know that's not his fault but
I guess that's the way it is.

Best hand to hand combatant and martial artist in all of Star Wars. Which is saying something because Rex and Fives are also Clone Troopers with great hand to hand combat skills. One of the best shots I've ever seen and a genius level intellect, plus he's a nice, kind, and empathic guy. I totally believe he missed Obi Wan on purpose, just my opinion.

Cody's my personal Favorite, and I think he's the best, and always will. Rex is a close second, and Fives an even closer third. Great list as a whole. I love everyone on it! Glad to see Waxer and Boil got significant love as their 2 of my favorites as well along with all these guys on the list.

3 Arc Trooper Fives Arc Trooper Fives

Excellent shot and hand to hand combatant! One of the best soldiers in the history of Star Wars and an even better person. He is truly good person, Fives, which is saying something because almost all Clones are and yet Fives stands. 3rd favorite, narrowly behind Rex and Cody. He's a terrific character and deserves his spot on this list.

Fives always does what is right, not always following orders. He is the first to question Krell and one of the bravest and most loyal fighters. He even pays the ultimate price, being killed after trying to reveal the Order 66 plan.

I really like rex (surprise surprise) but Fives is my #1. He was such an original character with personality and also was badass. His death was the reason that rex, wolfe, and gregor didn't execute order 66 so at least I can be happy that they're still alive

He cared so much for his clone brothers, risking his life to save them and do what was right, in the face of everything. He was a combat bad-ass and his heart was for all clones. Life to fight another day Fives...

4 Wolffe Wolffe

He and Rex are the top two. Strong will. Loyal. Fighters.

He plays an important parted in liberating lothal in Star Wars rebels.

He.s the best looking one however fox Rex Cody and wolffe would make a great team

He is the best he's been my favorite TROOPER sense I was 5 he rocks. He has cool costume.Blue Wight and Red

5 Waxer

He's a fantastic example of how empathetic and kind the vast majority of Clones are! He was also an insanely skilled combatant! I wish he and Boil had had more screentime! Still though, they're easily two of the best!

Oh my god my 2nd favorite. Cried when he died. Deserved better than to be killed by a brother. Loved Numa. "Nara, Nara!"

Can you imagine what Boil thought when he heard Waxer was killed?

I love him. I liked it when he and Boil found Luma. It was sad when he died on Umbara.

6 Boil

Boil was a great guy, and had a great one episode arc during the Innocents of Ryloth episode. He's gruff and not as opengy warm as Waxer, but underneath it, he's still a really kind and empathetic man. He was an insanely skilled and elite soldier. I wish we'd gotten to see his reaction to Waxer's death since the two were best friends. I hope we get to see the rest of his story in the upcoming Bad Batch Series or some other piece of Star Wars Content.

Boil starts off wanting to leave Numa and continue the mission, but he grew to appreciate her. He has really cool armor, and his Arf armor has a picture of Numa on it. I also like his mustache and combat abilities

A unique clone. I like his mustache.

I really like him

7 Captain Gregor Captain Gregor

Gregor is the coolest Clone, and definitely one of the best.

It was sad when he died by a separatist explosion.

Gregor should be number 1.He died for the republic

By the far the best clone combat wise.

8 Commander Gree Commander Gree

Coolest armor design and personality.

Only the best can serve with yoda.

9 Commander Fox Commander Fox

Still alive that's interesting because of all the clones that died he's still alive! He clearly deserves to be in the top ten.

I love this clone but I can never look at him the same. I can never forgive him for what he did to fives. even though he's my favorite

Too bad he was the one who killed Fives, and if you think thorn did, look it up.

Fox is awesome! His armor is so much cooler than all the rest! and he should killed anikans apprentice she had such an annoying voice

10 Arc Trooper Echo Arc Trooper Echo

Another very underrated clone who many disregard. He made some of the best battle strategies in the republic. He was the last survivor of domino squad and one of the most unique characters to exist.

ARC trooper Echo was a great clone trooper
P.S. He is still alive the director of clone wars was sad and well he is alive

Why like him he did nothing special. He is just another clone made to die.

Echo is the best no question asked.He sacrificed him self for other and tried to get the rest of the clones and jedi of world

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11 Captain Fordo Captain Fordo

He should be #1, honestly. He made grievous hesitate, saving Ki-Adi Mundi, destroyed droid cannon preventing republic forces from advancing, casually electrocuted Durge when the ARC troopers with him were to afraid to even fire after the initial attacks, if you watched origanal animated series (way better than new one). He even disarmed a Mandolorian warrior and almost took the life of
a kaminoan who was threatening to terminate him along with his fellow brothers (future Null ARCs, 35% more intelligent than most ARC troopers, great for fighting, not so much for following orders. If they had followed up on him, then he, along with Mereel, Jiang, and the other Null ARCs would have disobeyed order 66). Most boss clone trooper ever. But sure, Rex is cool too.

He was always overpowered and could take down hordes of droids at a time. It was very disappointing that he wasn't in canon, not even the clone wars.

Fordo makes Rex look like an overrated cowardly noob.

Think of Fordo like those Chuck Norris memes. Like he is crazy powerful, cause he is

12 99 99

I'm glad he was gotten rid off but why is he rated as a better fighter than the other clones. This list is about the best combatants not who had the best deaths

He deserved more than that. His courage and dedication to his brothers are inspiring.

"One of the best clone troopers. Was sad to see him die, but he went out with honor.

This guy is an old cleaning clone. I loved it when he died.

13 Hevy

Heavy sacrificed himself to protect Kamino he was better than most clones... NOT all just most... I wish the had given his character more time to develop

I wish we new more about Hevy. He had one of the best deaths on the Clone Wars T.V. show.

Ever ready to pay the ultimate price for his brothers.

Hevy thinks he is the best. He deserved to die.

14 Commander Bly Commander Bly

1. Sick ass armor
2. Has to deal with surviving backwater planets infested with disease and he's still alive
3. Up there in skill level with Rex and cody.
Too bad we didn't see more if him
327th star corps rules

Yay he shot Aayla!
Jedi and the Republic bought a slave army to serving them and this guy shot her without being cut like Gree.
He's a good man.

We don't see much of Bly, but he's pretty great.

He might look cool but he deserves to die.

15 Hardcase

This is the glue eating marine of the group, but that's what makes him so lovable. Man goes in balls to the wall every time, but the dopey personality is amazing

Come on, this guy rocks. With no fear of battle, he just runs in blazing, and the droids should be scared!

Hardcase is so cool

Hard case is lame

16 Republic Commando Boss Republic Commando Boss

He is the best clone trooper. Throughout the Clone Wars, Boss lead the team through hard missions like Geonosis, the assault craft, and Kashyyyk. These were all the hardest missions in the CW and they did it with only 4.

He's the GOAT. There's no mission he can't do.

Delta Squad all deserve to be here, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch. But Boss is the best out of all of them. He deserves 1st place,

Delta squad is the BOMB Boss is so cool.

17 Jesse

Jesse is one of the most insanely skilled warriors and soldiers in the galaxy. He had excellent hand to hand combat skills, and was a fantastic shot. But beyond that the reason, I love him is because of how free-thinking and smart he was, and how caring, sweet, empathetic, and kind. He was well-written and had a great sense of humor which surprisingly really helps lighten the mood on Umbara on a number of occasions. He was so kind to Rex and Ahsoka, and ultimately, I think Jesse, along with Fives, are the 2 most tragic Clone Troopers. Jesse illustrates how much the Clones were also victims of Order 66. He will always be a hero in truth! As will all Clones that were good and kind men! He'll always be one of my favorites easily!

I love Jesse, he was such a good person and along with Fives may be the most tragic Clone ever. He is a fantastic character, and has a lot of personality-his humor, his kindness, and humble and highly empathetic personality. He was one of the most insanely skilled warriors and combatants in the galaxy and a smart and and free-thinking person. Poor guy deserved so much better than to become a mindless slave. All Clones deserved better. But he'll always be a hero in truth! All Clones will!

One of the most underrated clones. People sleep on him even though he saved rex and was loyal to him until order 66. He was also one of the first clones to question krell.

Jesse is truly a good and kind guy. He deserved so much better than to be turned into a mindless slave by Palpatine. He was so skilled and smart too. I'll always love him!

18 Commander Thorn

One of the most heroic last stands to his name and an appropriate name at that. He was one tough sob

Best/Coolest death in Clone Wars. My man was NOT going down without a fight.

Dude this guy takes down I don't know 20 droids and then three just by whacking them! this guys a baller and should be in the top ten

Went out like badass

19 Tup

I love him. He should have stayed alive.

Good soldiers follow orders...

No he is creepy : (

20 Kix

Kix is a badass clone. He is a clone Medic in the grand army of the rebulic. he saves millions of lives in wars. And he was alive during the force awakens. And he is the Rebulics 1 medic.

The painting on his armor looks the best and he is one of the most intelligent clones.

He's awesome! Such an insanely skilled combatant and an even kinder sole!

He's the last surviving clone trooper!

21 Fives

Sorry but he is all ready on the list.

Fives is the most admirable clone ever. His death made me cry and I actually stopped liking Star Wars for months. (I like it now, again.)

He was a really nice guy and we knew a lot about him. His friends all died, he was the only one left. At the end, [SPOILER ALERT] nobody believed his theory of order 66 and he was executed.

22 Boba Fett Boba Fett Boba Fett is a fictional character in the Star Wars series. In The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, he is a bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader and also employed by Jabba the Hutt.

Who wouldn't love the badass bounty hunter?

23 Republic Commando Sev

Nobody actually knows what became of him. Wasn't his fate left ambigous? The last thing I remember is that Vau scanned Kashyyk for him and never found him...did that cement Sev's end? I dunno...

He was over run and killed.

24 Captain Keeli

Very underrated on this list. He appeared in one episode and died. That one episode got him universal praise. He definitely belongs higher on this list.

He's like a mirror of Rex (I know they're are clones but more so than other clones) but in red.

The episode with him and Jedi Ima-Gun Di is one of my favorite episodes of all time!

25 Cutup

Had so much potential, all the domino squad did.

Nice moustache Cutup has.

It was sad when he died.

He is the best

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