Best Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars

Soon it's December, and all lego fans usually have a lego advent calendar for December, City, Star Wars or Friends, I personally the lego star wars ones are usually a fan favourite so Iwill definitly be doing this one today, other than being way to expensive they are quite good for the most part. Most people just buy the newest ones, however, I'd advise not to just buy the newest, they may not be as good as some of their predecessors, and that is the point of this list, don't buy the newest yet, look at this list first and then decide, without further ado, let's start!
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1 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056 (2014)

Remember how in the list of best lego city advent calendars of the 2010s, I mentioned how the city advent calendar of 2014 was quite underwhelming and a bit dissapointing? I mean it was pretty good or maybe even great, but for a lego city calendar it was a bit dissapointing. The exact opposite thing can be said with its Star Wars counterpart, oh man is this one heck of a good advent calendar! Even the best Star Wars advent calendar! I mean the minifigures and builds are stellar! Especially minifigures! I mean there's Santa Darth Vader and a christmas tree droid and Luke Skywalker and a stormtrooper with a santa hat on it! I just love this one so much

2 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75023 (2013)

This is one calendar my brother owns, and I love this calendar as well, I mean sure it's based on everyones least favourite Star Wars movie in the main series (Attack of the Clones), but as a fan of that movie I really like this calendar, it referances that movie so much and the mini-modes are so good! Especially the obi-wan's starfighter and Zam Wessel's ship. Santa Jango Fett is quite a cool santa exclusive as well

3 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509 (2012)

The only calendar on the list that I actually own and the first one I got so it's kinda of a biased choice, but anyway, this one's based on The Phantom Menace and parts of The Empire Strikes Back, and it shows how there's tons of winter gadgets, and Darth Maul as a santa exclusive this time. I loved the mini-models and the overall minifigures were cool

4 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75213 (2018)

The one of 2018, the latest one as I'm making this list, and I think it looks better than it's predecessors, I mean 2015-2017 was quite a dissapointing year for Star Wars advent calendars, but this one looks better. While it's based on my least favourite Star Wars movie (The Last Jedi), it looks a bit good though, it has some rare minifigures and the builds are quite cool, however this one suffers from one, major, MAJOR flaw that kind ruins it! I won't spoil it but just look up the box art and you'll see what I mean. Other than that it's quite cool

5 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75097 (2015)

Of the dissapointing 2015-2017 era of lego star wars advent calendars, I can assure you that this one is still quite decently cool. I mean sure, it has some boring builds, but overall the stuff that were good, were VERY good! I mean santa C-3PO and reindeer R2-D2 is just great! Decently good is this calendar

6 Star Wars Advent Calendar 7958 (2011)

Now this was the first Star Wars calendar that was released so a few flaws is definitely expected. However compared to the first lego city calendar released (the 2005 one), this one is great. It's based on the prequel trilogy (The Phantom Menace to be more specific), and it has some cool stuff, I mean Nute Gunray is quite rare, and so is Santa Yoda!

7 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75146 (2016)

My brother had this one, but I'm glad I didn't buy it because I will always stick to the city calendars, this one's kinda below decent. Most of the mini-models are underwhelming or do not look good. Even some of the minifigures are some you don't really care about, like a Bespin officer, or some sort of pilot, now I will admit, I loved Luke Skywalker in his ROTJ appearence, and Snow Chewie was a very cool, but overall this calendar didn't do too much for me.

8 Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 (2017)

Now this one's a dissapointing one! This is one that my brother had, and I seriously do not like this one, not only is it based on The Force Awakens which is one of the worse Star Wars movies, the setting is bad. I mean Jakku is a desert planet and you have it as the main setting of the calendar? Wow. It might also have the worst exclusiv ever: BB-8 with a santa hat, like serously there's nothing unique about this one, it's just a normal BB-8 with a santa hat, why not Kyl oRen who is someone in need of a santa suit? *sigh*, the worst one in my opinion

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