Top Ten Step Up Three Characters

Its about the best and most loved characters of the Step Up movie series

The Top Ten

1 Moose(Robert Alexandra The 3rd)

Moose is potrayed by Adam Sevani. He is kind and his dance move wins people hearts

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2 Camille Gage

Camille Gage is potrayed by Alyson Stoner. She is kind hearted and she was Moose's Best Friend but later in the film she was his girlfriend.

3 The Santiago Twins

The Santiago Twins are potrayed by Martín Lombard and Focundo Lombard are the funniest Step Up Characters.

4 Jenny Kiddo
5 Luke Katcher
6 Natalie

Natalie potrayed by Sharnie Vinson. She first joins the pirates so she could manipulates Luke but later falls inlove with him.

7 Anala

Anala is potrayed by Kendra Andrews. She is the red headed gal in step up. She is best known for her very smooth moves

8 Julien

Julien is potrayed by Joe Slaughter. He forces his sister to use Luke. He is a very bad guy but he dances really great

9 Jacob

Jacob is potrayed by Keith Stallworth. He is from Kenya and he moved to New York he is Luke's Best Friend

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