Top 10 Strangest Darwin Awards Cases in 2018

The Top Ten Strangest Darwin Awards Cases in 2018

1 Love Gone Cold

Darwin Awards... one of my most favorite topics ever! And yes, "Love Gone Cold" screams "Darwin Award", including the ironic date he died. Well done! - Metal_Treasure

His name was fitting. - Ashes

2 An Unconstitutional Solution
3 Thisss Sssnake isss Not For Sssale
4 Double Whammy!
5 Professional Inspection
6 Love, It Gets to Your Head
7 Electric Avenue

That's very ironic (like most cases, by the way, but this guy was an ELECTRICIAN) - Metal_Treasure

8 When It Rains, It Goes Underground
9 Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
10 Smoking Kills...In Ways You Never Thought
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