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61 Steampunk Dragon

Why? He's badass and is Easier to get than armadillo, and it's better because he's NOT weak to metal. I use him to get rid of the metal then use elements dragon to OBLITERATE the rest. Steampunk dragon. enough said

62 Forge Dragon

Is my highest level dragon priests are gold decimate everything it goes again and only seems weak to dark so I win a lot

63 Mistletoe Dragon

It is damn weak

Awesome fighter defeated pedriadactal dragon in 2 hits I could never do that with my dragon plus he's cool looking

64 Golem Dragon

My golem dragon is level 16 and has three stars. If you work with it well it will work well with you to. I am surprised so many people like the Element dragon which I think does not make any sense. My golem is my 2nd best dragon (I think high spirits dragon is the best but no one thinks it is the best). And it has more than 13 000 health, super OP.

Level 15 has around 9900+ health with hypnosis attack doing 5000+ damage only weakness is war attacks

Golem dragons are amazing, I think they should be higher. I win almost every battle with my level fifteen Dragon named "Bonzo"

so weak

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65 Space Dragon

Lol.. I started playing Dragonfly recently with my son's and Space dragon came up on a special offer, so not having many dragons and not knowing much about the game I bought him because he looked cool.. Since then he's beaten my son's pure and legendary dragons and anything else they or friends can chuck at him.. My son's were so furious I had to buy them one each as well

Space and Quartz are the best. I added Quartz and now I vote for space. Both worth it.

Space is awesome because it is as good as the pure electric dragon

Because I have one beaten up many dragon you guys other said My Space Dragon A.K. A Armstrong is the best dragon guys so don't sell or put this dragon in your storage because this dragon is really strong!

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66 Eclipse Dragon

The eclipse dragon is a such good dragon he once deafited the legendary dragon in my dragon city

67 Cat Dragon

Meow. I'm a Nyan cat

Its moves r good I don't know

Ok I have no clue what this is but it sounds AMAZINGLY AWESMMME OMGg

68 Bear Dragon

Just got him once at level 10 or higher he becomes really strong

Seriously mine died in first battle

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69 Flaming Rock Dragon

The flaming rock dragon is a strong dragon on level 30


This dragon is awesome because he is strong aginst a lot of elements like Life,Snow,Water,Metal and Dark! P.S. He is strong aginst 5 ELEMENTS!

He is strong He is good He is BEST

70 Leviathan Dragon

I use it in battles and it led to more than 500 victories

Cool dragon


71 Gold Dragon

I can't even beat this powerful dragon... It's an amazing dragon...

Agree it's so annoying when it come my armadillo dragon deafened

This dragon is way better than the legendary dragon. I once beat a legendary dragon on level 10 with it

The gold can be criticaled only with one it is so should not be common it should be epic.electric shock is real good!

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72 Odin Dragon

Come mess with him lv 35 and 3 gold, fully trained up. Who wants to play? Also got an abyss as back up.

73 Black Swan Dragon
74 Soldier Dragon

Soldier dragon is new but so far he looks to be one if the strong ones. I have been winning a lot with him.

Good dragon always in my team

75 Pure Terra

Pure terra takes almost the longest breeding and hatching Hint Hint

IT IS AWESOME and so strong I love it

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76 Cloud Dragon


77 Imp Dragon

The Imp dragon is incredibly strong,even stronger than the legendary and crystal dragons.The Imp dragon is a legendary dragon,and it is a category 9 dragon,like the Titan dragon.It's strongest attack,legend spell can deal more than 16000 damage! This dragon should compete for at least the 3rd,2nd or 1st place.

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78 Pterodactyl Dragon

My dragon is a level 15 and it has 3 gold stars! I have only trained it once and it is over 10,000 hp and it is only a rare! It can do up too 12,000 from a critical! I got it by from the Prehistoric Cup. It should be an epic, because it is so strong. - niutanya

79 Chainmail Dragon

Very superb dragon, use him in every battle, at first use karate brick break, then you'll want to train new skills at level 15, also at level 15 he has over 10,000 health. Just keep him away from electric dragons.

An armadillo is there one minute. BOOM! The next it's not. Fabulous for armadillos

80 Gargoyle Dragon
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