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61 Bear Dragon

Just got him once at level 10 or higher he becomes really strong

Seriously mine died in first battle

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62 Gold Dragon

I can't even beat this powerful dragon... It's an amazing dragon...

Agree it's so annoying when it come my armadillo dragon deafened

This dragon is way better than the legendary dragon. I once beat a legendary dragon on level 10 with it

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63 Molluck Dragon

One of the rare dragons with Legendary and Ancient World elements.

64 Leviathan Dragon V 2 Comments
65 Pure Terra

Pure terra takes almost the longest breeding and hatching Hint Hint

IT IS AWESOME and so strong I love it

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66 Cloud Dragon V 1 Comment
67 Imp Dragon

The Imp dragon is incredibly strong,even stronger than the legendary and crystal dragons.The Imp dragon is a legendary dragon,and it is a category 9 dragon,like the Titan dragon.It's strongest attack,legend spell can deal more than 16000 damage! This dragon should compete for at least the 3rd,2nd or 1st place.

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68 Pterodactyl Dragon

My dragon is a level 15 and it has 3 gold stars! I have only trained it once and it is over 10,000 hp and it is only a rare! It can do up too 12,000 from a critical! I got it by from the Prehistoric Cup. It should be an epic, because it is so strong. - niutanya

69 Flaming Rock Dragon

The flaming rock dragon is a strong dragon on level 30


This dragon is awesome because he is strong aginst a lot of elements like Life,Snow,Water,Metal and Dark! P.S. He is strong aginst 5 ELEMENTS!

He is strong He is good He is BEST

70 Joseon Dragon

Rivals my elements dragon and has multiple strong attacks

It has a very good gold earning and has very powerful attacks...mine is at level 14 now and I can't beat the level 15 legendary dragons, rest all it can manage, can not beat war type though!

Best dragon. Only had for 3 days lv20 and 3 gold stars and it best a lv30 legendary dragon so that why I think it should be first

71 Kaiju Dragon

Super Dragon! Awesome Dragon He Is In Level 25 super Every Attack Is Very Strong I Like This Dragon His Health Is 25000 Awesome He Can Defeat Every Dragon

Its way too much stronger than legendary or elements dragon it can defeat an elements dragon in a second

Kaiju has to be the best. He deals a lot of dmg, and my double gold star kaiju can kill a level 20 legendary in 2 hits. It has a lot of hp to start with. And when it's a level 15 triple gold star, it's already at a wopping 10,000 hp.

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72 Black Swan Dragon
73 Blue Alien Dragon

No other dragon can critical hit it! And it can critical hit 4 other elements... Flame, Electric, War and Dark. It is a Category 5. This is the ONLY Dragon in the game with Two Pure Elements. No other dragon in the game has ALL of these advantages. Easily THE STRONGEST DRAGON IN THE GAME!

The blue alien dragon, at level 15 and 3 gold star, has over 12,000 hp and 7000 attack.

I have this dragon at level 19, it crits nearly everything for 15k damage, and normally deals 8500 damage. It also is not crit by any other dragon, and is much stronger than the dragon that I noticed had 3 gold star level 33. Mine is level 19 and could probably beat it.

74 Soldier Dragon

Soldier dragon is new but so far he looks to be one if the strong ones. I have been winning a lot with him.

Good dragon always in my team

75 Dark Lord Dragon

Level 8 dragon and equal highest hit power (same as Legendary or Crystal) - just awesome!

Great when level up and gains stars.

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76 Thor Dragon

Classic dragon in dragon city I don't know what to say about him

I got one right now. Although it's a bit hard to get but when there's a chance, obtain it and it won't make you disappointed. Mine currently is level 26, with around 17000 health and with 2 silver stars. One hit costs 8100 hp and when critical, it deals around 16000 hp. And that's what I call insane!

77 Double Flame Dragon

I have a double flame dragon at level 30 and It's THE BEST DRAGON EVER.I don't know if its just my luck or not but I use it every single time in battle and I never lose.I am at level 25 right now but all my opponents' dragons are not as strong as him (his name is Xili by the way).Imagine doing 10000 on a critical hit on a level 29 pure sea dragon!

I NEVER used mine for battle. It's so weak and I killed it millions of times (and I'm level 28)

I love my double flame dragon as I have 2 (one is Xili 23 yrs old and Rerios 30 yrs old). I always put them in my battles but just keep other dragons in hand as (for me) its week with pure sea dragons.So I always keep another fire-element dragon in hand.

78 Grinchy Dragon

It is a new legendary dragon with the elements legend, nature and dark. Along with the demigod dragon it is the powerfulest out there

He is amazing I like him wish they had the little a the rander from the Grinch

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79 Terra Dragon

Used mine a lot of the time to win battles before I got my plankton

My terra is level 4 and can take down a level 7

Terra dragon. like, REALLY. WEAK WEAK AND MORE WEAK! Once someone in level28 was weak and all dragons were level 10 except for a level 4 terra at the end of battle LOL WEAK

Lame, a level 30 terra dragon has a life of 11000
one strike of my metal dragon can kill it

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80 Shogun Dragon

Best! Very strong. Only dragon I've got to comfortably beat legendary dragons!

A Very good dragon, can get attacks over 15000 damage with just a level 18 dragon

Pure beast dragon


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