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81 Double Flame Dragon

I have a double flame dragon at level 30 and It's THE BEST DRAGON EVER.I don't know if its just my luck or not but I use it every single time in battle and I never lose.I am at level 25 right now but all my opponents' dragons are not as strong as him (his name is Xili by the way).Imagine doing 10000 on a critical hit on a level 29 pure sea dragon!

I NEVER used mine for battle. It's so weak and I killed it millions of times (and I'm level 28)

I love my double flame dragon as I have 2 (one is Xili 23 yrs old and Rerios 30 yrs old). I always put them in my battles but just keep other dragons in hand as (for me) its week with pure sea dragons.So I always keep another fire-element dragon in hand.

82 Grinchy Dragon

It is a new legendary dragon with the elements legend, nature and dark. Along with the demigod dragon it is the powerfulest out there

He is amazing I like him wish they had the little a the rander from the Grinch

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83 Terra Dragon

Used mine a lot of the time to win battles before I got my plankton

My terra is level 4 and can take down a level 7

Terra dragon. like, REALLY. WEAK WEAK AND MORE WEAK! Once someone in level28 was weak and all dragons were level 10 except for a level 4 terra at the end of battle LOL WEAK

Lame, a level 30 terra dragon has a life of 11000
one strike of my metal dragon can kill it

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84 Shogun Dragon

Best! Very strong. Only dragon I've got to comfortably beat legendary dragons!

A Very good dragon, can get attacks over 15000 damage with just a level 18 dragon

Pure beast dragon


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85 Chainmail Dragon

Very superb dragon, use him in every battle, at first use karate brick break, then you'll want to train new skills at level 15, also at level 15 he has over 10,000 health. Just keep him away from electric dragons.

An armadillo is there one minute. BOOM! The next it's not. Fabulous for armadillos

86 Electric Dragon

Wa haha* 1 million

87 Zodiac Dragon

They have 4 elements these days

It is best I love it

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88 Waterfall Dragon

I am so dam awssoem

89 Rudolph Dragon V 1 Comment
90 Shaolin Dragon V 2 Comments
91 Sad Dragon

It's the best 2 types dragon in the game its stronger than Deus pet dragon. It has 6000 health at level 10 without any stars. Mine is 25 with one gold star, has 23000 health.

He's sad that I'm stronger than him

92 Crossfire Dragon

Best dragon it was my strongest dragon but now my strongest dragon is colossal dragon...

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93 Speed Dragon

Yah it is pretty awesome, but ithink coolfires better

94 Symbiotic Dragon

I have a level 15 symbiotic dragon,and I've trained it legend spell. At two gold stars,legend spell does 7000-8000-8500 damage without doing a critical. It also does a critical to legend, dark, light, flame, electric, and war. I believe it should have 10-2 in top ten, and, I believe it is more powerful than forest lord. My level 15 also has 10000 hp. Since it can criticall so much, I have it 1st on battle. It works together with my explosive dragon.

95 Supreme Fusion Dragon

There is no such thing as the supreme fusion dragon. You made that up

If it is strong at level 4 so it should be strong at higher level

Strongest dragon in dragon city because in level four he has 12,000

It was one day dragon I like it

96 Flame Dragon

Flame Dragon is the weakest dragon of all

I think the flame dragon is a cool and strong dragon and it should be the 2 best dragon.


97 Wizard Dragon V 1 Comment
98 Laser Dragon V 3 Comments
99 Coral Dragon

Almost immune to any attack, this dragon has a great life 3 stars, his most powerful attack is very weak, but the attack is the strongest water.

I have a three gold star coral dragon. Best dragon ever!

I am laughing until my belly hurt and tears are rolling down my face

Coral Dragon is my favorite.It can do critical attack against fire type dragons

100 Xmas Elf Dragon
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