Top 10 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes

On this list i will show you the top 10 of the most strongest mobile legends heroes

The Top Ten


Alucard is very strong if use a best items

Is really bad in ranked and normally feeds

Alucard have a strongest life steel in mobile legends early game mid game late game it docent matter Alucard is steel the best.

He's is an extraordinary hero that's all I can say because Alucard is very good.


He has immunity against all damage and crowd controls effect on his second skill which make him a powerful hero that can escape easily

Lancelot is A best hero if u use his skill in A perfect way... And having lots of fun while using Lancelot... Easy to escape from enemy even though if u sorrounded by 5 ... It's easy to escape... And also easy to kill... ... #Killer machine...

Lancelot is strong as when you try to Attack your opponent,even though they are in their turret,you can still use your power

Best assassin to jump multiple times and Chase efficiently.


With her cable, she can easily get into turret and kill the enemy. Scary for me since I'm not a fanny user.

If you can master it,this is the most powerful hero in this game

Actually I can't believe fanny is 2nd but I accept it it's true fanny is weak if a player didn't master fanny yet but if you mastered the combos and the cables that she use she can stop every enemy heroes in a second

Fanny against Lancelot?
Fanny: I am a joke to you
Lancelot: Run, I'm gonna save myself.

Lancelot is useless against Fanny. Fanny can dodge Lancelot's damage by being mobile and by the way Fanny can have 3-4 tanky items which will make her even alive. You can't kill a pro Fanny easily. Pro Lancelot vs Pro Fanny. Undoubtedly Fanny wins and Lancelot has no use.


She is the best hero for me!, she is a really stobg Marksman/Assassin in Mobile Legends and she is very unique since she is the only Marksman/Assassin in Mobile Legends

She is the best marksman and a easy to use hero, her attacks are lit

Lesley is truly a good assassin and marksman too. Highly recommended if looking for rank up. Just a little drawback it needs a good tank and fighter to create destruction in the game.

If you know how to play Lesley,she will be a VERY good teammate and she WILL be strong


If you can manage to use 15 dagger combo (not 10) then you could easily be a real Assassin

gusion is a powerful assassin in late and early games.He can escape well and burst well

gusion is very good as he defeted me a lot of times as now I'm using it

He is very op of build the conselation also very easy to kill heroes their speed to using skills and while I listening Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day to Music Wallpaper of Gusion's Original Skin Image


he is so op even in one lane and there are all opponent,you could easily savage with your ulti

My favorite hero argus because the best and too much powerful because nothing worthy without power

He is easy to use and for me he is really op because his ulti is super powerful and he is really easy to use

Yeah it is the best because I hit mythical glory with it and add name is RAPHDEN SHERPA


No doubt. The best Hero in Mobile Legends harith is very good once I saw my sister playing she still have full health so she go and attack harith (harith have low health) harith kill her

Harith is god tier when he has good team. He can farm fast and kill fast. Due to the second skill damage been high (getting nerf by 50 in all levels) He will still be one of the best mages.

Harith has amazing speed and attacks. He is great at Ranked and Classic.

Because harith can get Savage easily and if his life is low he can also simple to escape


My favorite hero! His damage is awesome. If you were teaming with atlas or anything that will make the enemy get into one place just use the ulti and you'll get the kill.

Best fighter in the game due to amazing sustainability and AOE

His third ability is really effective and causes great damage

X.Borg is the because. If your using a tank hero X,Borg can kill them really easy so. X.Borg is the BEST HERO IN MLBB...


I always win rank with Esmeralda! At first I thought buying Esmeralda is a waste of coins because I always lose but after watching tutorials and gameplays of her, WOW! She is my BEST hero! She helped me from Master to Epic!( I mean not all the time using her but MOST of the time?

just keep your shield on at all costs and you will be unstoppable

Esmeralda is my main, I thought she was a bad hero when I use to use Odette, I felt like I wasted my money on her but when I played her. I got a bronze and when I watched tutorials I felt like a God with her. She is very overpowered!

YESSS I'm no.12 local rank in her philippines she also has a great lifesteal


I love chou because when my team need durable and support I will use chou like a semi-tank and if enemy have better damage and farm then I'm used chou like a figter

I know I'm just a noob but even if I'm my Rank is Elite I I have Chou as my most favorite charater with 16 battles alredy

Ah yes chou my previous main I have 140+ games with him. He will start off hard to main so building full or semi tank is good for beginners. Fighter if you got the hang on him. He is a pretty all rounder for tank and fighter overall good hero to have. If u come across people that don't know how to use him you are gonna lose

He very strong and powerful. because he can become tank or fighter and he control also powerful

The Contenders


With enough farming and preparation, Aldous can be the most powerful hero in the game. If you can rank up is soul stacks and get them to at least 250, you can really kick ass. If you also combine him with good equipment, he can be unstoppable. Aldous can easily even act as a tank because of how durable he is. His passive as also really powerful as soul stack increase, because the more damage you inflict, the more shield you get. His chase fate ultimate is great for securing kills in bursts, escaping, or even just moving across the map quickly. It takes a lot of build up to get Aldous to become powerful, but he can gain so many soul stacks he can one hit kill enemies. With life steal, he can regenerate as fast a he deals damage, making him nearly impossible to kill.

If you could really manage to stack up till 500 then you could be the Thanos of the match vanishing opponents coming near you.

Absolute BEAST! He can be scary in any phase of the game, when he gets 100 stacks in early game, he can decimate any hero, and when the game hits 20 minutes long, he is literally capable of erasing WHOLE TEAMS and SOLOING THE LORD!

When you get like 100-150 soul steal stacks in early game, you can destroy almost every hero with a few hits of his first skill. Aldous is really unstoppable.


Hero that can shoot and dive in the game with fighter version

For me, Roger are unstopable when he was on full build and support by mage cause I got my first savage with this way using roger

If used right he is capable of 2-3 kills with no assist and his life steal is great rarely needs to go back to heal up and can give so serious damaged

To be honest he is good for killing opponents on their own or not he is great


Once she gets her build almost full she does lot of damage,
finish enemy in few seconds

I have using her in all the matches she is best if I use another hero expt her I don't get the fun and happiness when I get using her

A fat favorite. When you build her crit she is so powerful, especially when you use her ult.

Are you serious?


I love his dick

He is one of my favorite heroes in Mobile Legends because I've got Maniac and Savage at the Ranked Game and Classic Mode also I was able to do 25 kills at him!

Well well well didn't know zilong made it to this list at this number but oh well. He is so good at pushing due to the fact u can use inspire and his ult. However if anyone tried to cc him 70% of the time he is dead.

Many player use him because his strong has a good stat cool and many different skins zilong is good in long range battle because with his long spear he can trow your enemy away


well I'm not a certified miyanatics I told myself that this hero is canceric but I tried her in rank WOW HER LIFESTEAL IS THE BEST

I always use her and I love I lso ship her with alucard cause why not

The kill stealer. I once dived into a group of four people, used all three skills at once, survived and killed those four people. Miya is fragile in the early game, but she can do savage damage anywhere. She is one of the three heros who has a legend skin too. Miya is my favourite hero.

OMG! She’s good in her late game and is a killing stealer! Once, I have gotten 25 kills in just ten minutes! She’s always gonna be my fave and her rain of arrows is very useful.


The only thing she lacks is a blink skill, other than that she is an extremely scary marksman. When played correctly can get easily savage

She's weak in early game but really strong at late game if using the right build. She's unstoppable!

She shouldn't be considered MM anyway as she's at the top of the game during late game. one ultimate during a clash and then basic attacks with her first skill activated is basically one hit delete attacks. Just make sure to farm during early and mid game because she's useless without items

She was like irithel she also have lifesteal like irithel I'm using pharsa and I have an enemy she was using hanabi she has low I tried killing her but WOW she killed me and her life is full so good job hanabi


Oof this guy is the defination of lord killer however if people that plays with auto lock and lock on to the real one his useless but most people don't use auto lock so...

Underrated hero... if u master him with best builds mostly attackin builds he can be deadly

He is cool he can duplicate him self in 2 million + in the movie watch the

I agree I use sun and I've played 2600 game and my win rate while using him is 88 percent


Can play aggressively from early till late, amazing burst and sustainability, is weak to ambush since she needs preparation before fighting

When she use her ulti, she's immune from anything. She can escape and damaging the enemy too

She can kill the enemies within a minute and escape from enemies.

Lunox can wipe your team out easily wit a pro lunox you can easily dominate the game

When having a tank enemy you need to have divine glaive

Always build clock od destiny and lt

Always get buff in early because her skills consume a lot


Kimmy is an automatic killing machine! Just use a Marksman Emblem that is well-built.

Extremely powerful marksman, I don’t know anything bad to say about her

Kimmy is one of the simpelest characters but very overpowered on late-game.

Auto killer due to speed haisss with some build she dominates both close and far


From Grandmaster, Kagura made me reach Legend with ease. It took me almost a week to learn her though but it's so so worth it! I can even carry my whole team and have almost 10 winstreaks in ranked game. It's been 7 months now and she's the only hero I use in ranked games. Now I'm the Top 2 Kagura in Local Rank. Kagura is not just a hero, she's an art for me... She's the best-est hero created by moonton!

It was very hard to me to master her; I used to think I'm gonna give up and buy another hero. But as fast as I learned how to use her I promised myself I'll never leave her. Now I get very often MVP thanks to her. She is good in damage but she can also escape from danger easily. She can hurt enemies even when she is running away from them by throwing her umbrella into them without stopping running. I think the biggest enemy of her is Karina.

Chang'e is more powerful in my opinion, but depends on the user

Yes, her difficulty is high but when you mastered hitting enemies with your umbrella, you will win almost every team fights. Kagura needs a right positioning in every team fights...


If you equip demon hunter sword, then its over for the enemy to fight claude

I liked Claude because he is fastest attack in the MobileLegends

I love mm and. Claude is the best for me

Great mobility and damage


Amazing in every aspect, a bit hard to use and a bit squishy when focused by enemy

PROS: The King Of Critical Hits. Leomord's Passive Makes Him One Of The Most Difficult Heroes To Deal With, Along With His Ultimate, Phantom Steed. Once You Reach Level 4, You're Ready To Gank Other Lanes. He May Not Charge In Team Fights Like Lancelot Or Jawhead, But When You Use His Ultimate At The Perfect Place And Time, You May Get Some Kills Or An Assists, Resulting A "Wipe Out" In The Enemy Team.

CONS: He Is The Only Fighter Who Has The Same Movement Speed As Other Mages, Making Him The Slowest Fighter, And His Second Skill, Decimation Assault, Has A Very Long Cooldown, Like Lancelot's First Skill, Puncture. He Can't Charge In Team Fights, Which Is Why Leomord's And His Team Needs Another Hero Who Is A Charger When It Comes To Team Fights. He's Weak Against Crowd Control When He's On His Mounted State.

I'm a Leomord main in Epic 5, I play him every game and find him to be strong against practically all enemy team compositions. CC definitely slows him down but with the right mechanics he can impact the game in a huge way and turn team fights the other way. I got to epic using only him in about 100 games.

His is the king of damage with the correct build he is unstoppable


Strong character even I'm only new in this game and I got mvp also if only I don't have problem sometimes in wifi we always win

A monster in the late game as she deals massive damage without using skills

I rarely need to use my ulti or skills in late game. Basic attack is enough to kill anyone. Insane late game damage.

Layla is pretty and strong I always win with her she has a lot of skins and good for killing and attacking turrets


His burst is one of the most scary things in the game, can easily win 1 v 2 but when there are multiple enemies he is weak.

Cyclops is OP if he farms. Can destroy tanks even if they have absorb shield if Cyclops has full build

I'm using this all the time for rank

Because. Of his skill 2


Because I like his ability effect and the can kill many people

Gord is the reason why I came so far to epic from warrior in 2 days

The best hero in Mobile Legends. Very easy to learn and very effective!

With Gordon I went from warrior to master in one day

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