Top 10 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes

On this list i will show you the top 10 of the most strongest mobile legends heroes

The Top Ten

1 Alucard

Alucard is my favourite hero with his big sword and awesome skills and cool look he is my strongest and best hero and he also a assasin and fighter He also has a many different skin - Haekalhakim

Mine too! I love his life steal skill, combine with inspire he can take down almost three enemies with low health!

The best is only alucard

His passive skill is good for chasing heroes and as well as his first spell, he can win a 1v2 fight with below 40% health just by using his ulty, all his skills have a very very short cooldown time and he don't even need retribution while farming as he can kill creeps real fast

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2 Argus

Argus is a mean hero in mobile legend but he is cool and strong I like him with his menacing look and his stat that really good - Haekalhakim

I like argus very much. Once he will reach at level 9 when he kill somebody his power became increasing rapidly. He is really a killing machine

Argus is my favourite hero and his moves are also very good

King of 1vs1

3 Lancelot

Lancelot can make enemy confuse by using his first skill and ultimate. Also, his triangle skill and ultimate can immune for a second, this can help to kill marksman more quickly and easily. His three skills can help to retreat quickly and reduce more damage. I try before escaping 5 enemy on down lane, and I get away! This is the best assassin I had ever used. ( At first I play him is a disaster, is too hard to use, but I train well.)

I like lancelot because I can get many mvp's...

Lancelot is an knight he is very agile and deadly altrough he is feminine tough but his skills and his stat is really good and I recommend you to buy him - Haekalhakim

I like him too and I always play with Lancelot

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4 Fanny

I don't know till now hope I ll learn soon n will acknowledge her full potential, n for now I / she just dive in n dies

Fanny is quiet hard to Master. But I ensure that you will always use her after playing very well

You can literally solo lord with the flying skill - MLPFan

Fanny is the most hardest hero to use she is a assasin with a double sword and sexy body but he is deadly and if you can control her you will always win using fanny - Haekalhakim

5 Lesley

She does a lot of damage and can shoot from afar

She is long range

Her damage after using her invisible lt.Is.odum and.deadly

6 Irithel

Irithel is a cheater she can shoot the enemy while running in her ride she is a marksman the strongest marksman and she also has a few cool skins in the game - Haekalhakim

I think she is steong too. Specially the epic one


7 Roger

Roger is a marksman and fighter he can turn into a werewolf and becoming more stronger and dangerous I like him because his stat is not bad and he is strong and has a cool skins - Haekalhakim

Roger is the king of life steal

Roger is a Savage hero cool

8 Zilong

Many player use him because his strong has a good stat cool and many different skins zilong is good in long range battle because with his long spear he can trow your enemy away - Haekalhakim

He is my best hero in mobile legends

It's easy to use n's the best hero...ever I have known.

9 Harley

Harley is an mage character that mean his power is magic he is the strongest mage hero in the game and he is very dangerous I recommend you to buy him too - Haekalhakim

10 Gusion

He has many skills

Can Burst enemies quickly, but not that useful in a teamfight

He is has many knive and can do insane damage on near attack

His ulti is pro but he dun have escape skill

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The Newcomers

? Grock

He is so strong and huge
Grock can protect your

? Angela

Because of her skills

The Contenders

11 Freya

Freya powerful hero she can stun enemies and dealing high damage to it.

Yes freya is strong if she use properly in team fight or 1 on 1 or 1 vs 2

12 Akai

Akai is an giant panda he is inspired by po in the kung fu panda I thing akai's stat is quite good and he is good to play with and he is not hard to control - Haekalhakim

13 Johnson

Johson alone can kill enemy with his ultimate, he can kill any enemy with ease except for tank, but if you put a combo with him, it would make it almost impossible to not die

14 Alpha

Alpha is number one for me. You make the best item builds and he is unstoppable.

15 Karina

Should be in the top 5. Extremely unstoppable in team fights and late games. ❤️

16 Bruno

He's good to as a mm


17 Cyclops

He is best because of his magic

Cyclops is the best

18 Kagura

I love using her! She's one of the bests although she gets a lot of nerfs recently - MLPFan

19 Ruby

Has the best lifesteal

20 Miya

The kill stealer. I once dived into a group of four people, used all three skills at once, survived and killed those four people. Miya is fragile in the early game, but she can do savage damage anywhere. She is one of the three heros who has a legend skin too. Miya is my favourite hero.

Best mm

21 Helcurt

Helcurt is my favorite because helcurt's ultimate move is a unique

one and the beginner move even let's you to flicker...

22 Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is an character from the indonesian legend and I from indonesia I like him and he is fiercing look and body he only has 2 skins but his stat is quite good and he is cool - Haekalhakim

I like him because he is an Indian.

23 Hilda Hilda
24 Hylos

No one is better than hylos

Just look at his damage in late game + too tanky

25 Vexana

This mage totaly has a deal big demage...

Untouchable Hero,
death is a weapon for her, the more deaths, the more demage is affected

26 Hayabusa


Hayabusa my best hero in Ml Because he a lot of damage when the Ss is cool I like it the new look and new skill! 2018 update

27 Kathreena
28 Martis

He is awesome and his physical atk makes him more attractive

29 Layla

Layla is pretty and strong I always win with her she has a lot of skins and good for killing and attacking turrets

30 Lapu-Lapu

He is the best and most awesome heroes for me

31 Sun

I like to play sun. It's ultimate power makes him more powerful to kill higher level heros then him. Easy to play more damage.

32 Claude

Claude is the best hero because his ult. Requip it with demon hunter sword and golden staff then you eat people’s health to half. Crit build is an option but honestly it is better. Top 2 items for it add deadly blade then his ult will be more powerful. Mana shoes or swift boots are good boots for him. Your on your own with the other 2 items. But Demon Sword+Golden Staff+Deadly Blade+Mana Shoes or Swift boots are the best items for claude.

33 Sabertooth Sabertooth

I know he's not strong, but he has a skill to kill your 1 block of your health. Better not face him when your health is critical.

34 Diggie


35 Saber


He is a good assist cause his ultimate move almost decreases half of the opponents health and his second move is good to escape from enemys when his health is low..and the first move is to kill the minions and enemys with low health...

36 Yi Sun-Sin Yi Sun-Sin
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