Top 10 Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes

On this list i will show you the top 10 of the most strongest mobile legends heroes

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1 Lancelot

Best hero ever

People say fanny is better, I say in a duel, if fanny dies for a lot fo times, she ultimately has a defeat... plus... it's always "right hands" and "good players". What I saw was she is just good at kill steal in first 10 minutes...

My best hero Unlimited First skill.

She quite good l got MVP a lot of time in classic or rank

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2 Fanny

Id agree with that fanny is 2nd or 3rd if it was an average player, but if were are dealing with a skilled fanny player the enemy team is doomed a pro fanny is an unstoppable force

Hey. Fanny got this.

Lol fanny is still the strongest. Lancelot has no defense against fanny lol

She is very agile and good in push

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3 Alucard

Alucard is very strong if use a best items

When You REach Alucard's max level his power is amazing

He is the best

Alucard is the best hero I have ever used

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4 Lesley

She is the best mm ever because she deals big damages and also because she's my favorite

Lesley is unstoppable hero in late game as long as you know how to handle it.

One shot one kill))

She is the best marksman! High damage and unstoppable hero in late game.

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5 Aldous

With enough farming and preparation, Aldous can be the most powerful hero in the game. If you can rank up is soul stacks and get them to at least 250, you can really kick ass. If you also combine him with good equipment, he can be unstoppable. Aldous can easily even act as a tank because of how durable he is. His passive as also really powerful as soul stack increase, because the more damage you inflict, the more shield you get. His chase fate ultimate is great for securing kills in bursts, escaping, or even just moving across the map quickly. It takes a lot of build up to get Aldous to become powerful, but he can gain so many soul stacks he can one hit kill enemies. With life steal, he can regenerate as fast a he deals damage, making him nearly impossible to kill.

Aldous is good at late game because of his passive that can 2 hit with turrets... However you may need to stack before doing it

Dude, every game whether we lose or win I still got the most kill or I got the MVP when I use Aldous

The longer the game the more likely Aldo us is gonna win I reached 400 stacks and I one shot fanny and lesly and 4 shot any tank the best build is a tank build for also us because you don't really need attack builds because of Aldo's stack

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6 Gusion

Gusion is my best hero in mobile legends I'm pro on it because of the builds I experimented also my emblem..learning gusion is quite hard because of his combos I think only epic, legend, mythic and mythical glory can learn it easy.

Gusion is powerful from the start and he is amazing

He is very fast and he is legend all the mythical favorite are gusion

He should be number one over trash like fanny or lancelot

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7 Argus

He got the best 3rd skill..


He is the best

Argus is my favourite hero and his moves are also very good

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8 Leomord

The best fighter hero I think. But when u use it properly

PROS: The King Of Critical Hits. Leomord's Passive Makes Him One Of The Most Difficult Heroes To Deal With, Along With His Ultimate, Phantom Steed. Once You Reach Level 4, You're Ready To Gank Other Lanes. He May Not Charge In Team Fights Like Lancelot Or Jawhead, But When You Use His Ultimate At The Perfect Place And Time, You May Get Some Kills Or An Assists, Resulting A "Wipe Out" In The Enemy Team.

CONS: He Is The Only Fighter Who Has The Same Movement Speed As Other Mages, Making Him The Slowest Fighter, And His Second Skill, Decimation Assault, Has A Very Long Cooldown, Like Lancelot's First Skill, Puncture. He Can't Charge In Team Fights, Which Is Why Leomord's And His Team Needs Another Hero Who Is A Charger When It Comes To Team Fights. He's Weak Against Crowd Control When He's On His Mounted State.

I'm a Leomord main in Epic 5, I play him every game and find him to be strong against practically all enemy team compositions. CC definitely slows him down but with the right mechanics he can impact the game in a huge way and turn team fights the other way. I got to epic using only him in about 100 games.

My main

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9 Zilong

Easy to use and perfect to kill.

Best fighter

He is not hard to master

Because he can pull the enemy

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10 Roger

Come on Roger is the most powerful

Roger the best among the rest

My Roger in the mobile legend is the expert and 26 local rank for Roger

I have reached an expert level at Roger. I can beat any player when I am playing Roger. Roger has a maximum power when he uses inspire with wolve's second skill. He can escape from any situation and beat anyone. He doesn't need sprint or flicker to run fast. Best player of mobile legends.

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? Rafaela

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11 Irithel

Very dangerous mm

Focus on her Critical and She will be very powerful

Crit is the most important for her, it be damn powerful.

Are you serious?

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12 Kagura

It was very hard to me to master her; I used to think I'm gonna give up and buy another hero. But as fast as I learned how to use her I promised myself I'll never leave her. Now I get very often MVP thanks to her. She is good in damage but she can also escape from danger easily. She can hurt enemies even when she is running away from them by throwing her umbrella into them without stopping running. I think the biggest enemy of her is Karina.

Yes, her difficulty is high but when you mastered hitting enemies with your umbrella, you will win almost every team fights. Kagura needs a right positioning in every team fights...

If your looking for a hero you can use to rank up! KAGURA is definitely one of the best!

Kagura may be hard to master, but once you get the hang of her kit, you can carry a whole team to victory. Just know and predict the enemies dashes and movements and get a full combo and there you go. A free victory.

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13 Hanabi

If use certain cards, Hanabi can become a nightmare for the opposing team in group fights.

Hanabi lifesteal and first skill is very overpowered

She is awesome. I can attack multiple heroes at once when I turn on the first skill. And I can immobilize enemy heroes who chase me. She can do a lot of damage when I my build. She is the coolest hero for me.

Gg best mm ever. M pro in hanabi n I never miss miniac or savage

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14 Cyclops

Because. Of his skill 2

I'm using this all the time for rank

Cyclops is OP if he farms. Can destroy tanks even if they have absorb shield if Cyclops has full build

Cyclops should be #1

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15 Sun

It can double up

I like sun because he can make illusions and his illusions were very strong

I agree I use sun and I've played 2600 game and my win rate while using him is 88 percent

Best fighter type in my opinion, always hard to go against and ezy to use

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16 Kimmy

You guys should play kimmy with 2berserker fury 2blade of despair and wind of nature and boot you guys will see how overpower is kimmy

Surprised to see her ranked that low. Even with the recent nerfs, she is still an incredibly broken hero.

Kimmy short


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17 Miya

Miya's skills are easy to manage. Love her!

She is super fast attack at higher levels

Miya is super kick-ass in late game

Love her

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18 Claude

His second and ulti is the best

He is a good mm because he can escape or chase down heros with his second skill and ulti

He is my marksman main along side with lesley and moskov

I love mm and. Claude is the best for me

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19 Lunox

Combo 2-3-4-2-4-2keep= A powerful combo.

Lunox has always been my main and if you use her correctly with the right equipment that deal cd reduction then she can reck any hero even Fanny and Lancelot. Cd reduction help bring up her magic damage so she can also just reck a tank but using her dark ultimate. Plus she can heal and use her order ultimate to escape tricky situation plus deal damage!

She is the best

Using her require tactics. perfect for dealing damage and escaping difficult situations once you have the tactics in order

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20 Harley


Its normal..

He can easily appear, deal high damage and leave you to die

Harley is an mage character that mean his power is magic he is the strongest mage hero in the game and he is very dangerous I recommend you to buy him too - Haekalhakim

21 Gord

Gord is the reason why I came so far to epic from warrior in 2 days

The best hero in Mobile Legends. Very easy to learn and very effective!

Spam 1st skill then 2nd skill

That's true

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22 Karina

At max level I killed a nearly full health tank in less than a second

When she kills somebody with her Ult It comes back right away, that's why she has a good chance of savage

Karina is definitely my favorite hero because of her great percentage to have savage! Her damage is insane and her cooldown is op "0"

Yes ks is so easy

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23 Harith

Harith's skills are very usefull because all of his skills are Crowd Controll. his skills has low cool down so, she can escape most of the time. In Epic rank to Mythic rank, harith is always being banned. for me, In this season, harith is the most powerful hero.

Harith is good to use and easy to learn, Harith can almost harass any heroes, his combo's are poweful when you give him the best builds especially, if you know how to handle harith.
He can as well dive into the turrent and kill the enemy as if he dives he gains a shield when he is close to the opponent.
But yet he's the best and as well being banned on ranked 😂

24 Alpha

I didn't use this hero yet but I think it is the best hero in this game

Alpha is number one for me. You make the best item builds and he is unstoppable.

he is op

Guranteed an OP hero mixed with Argus as the Dynamic Duo

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25 Ruby

I've used Ruby a lot and I lOvE hEr!
I hooked someone from the other side of the fence-thing lol

I like ruby because I got savage in rank

She is a better version off Franco because hooking is far easier. She is also a better version of kaja as her ult cooldown is a lot shorter, has better range and can be used on multiple heroes at once. in my opinion she should be a support/tank rather than a fighter.

Has the best lifesteal

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26 Alice

She can steal all your life

One of the greatest mage created
I just love Alice..

My queen of apocalypse

Her first skill is strong as well her ss

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27 Freya

She is so op

Yes freya is strong if she use properly in team fight or 1 on 1 or 1 vs 2

Freya powerful hero she can stun enemies and dealing high damage to it.

28 Layla

God of all marksmen

Best mm and easy to use

Got solo savage

Love her my win rate with her is 83%

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29 Helcurt

He is strong because he could help the whole team because of his SS and it will be easier if their enemies are blinded

Helcurt kicks butt because he can finish off assasin easily spell vamp is great with this dude

Best assainsin ever

Helcurt is the best hehe

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30 Kathreena

Who is this?

sino to

She is the coolestt sexiest and the most powerful


31 Martis

He is the best in the business
His 2nd skill is op
You can still kills with his ultimate.
He is a good team player
He could kill the whole enemy team in nearly,mid game.
He can 1v5

He is awesome and his physical atk makes him more attractive

I think he is the best.. he can push enemies in the tower area from behind.. best crowd controller by high damage... ult is simply amazing, by assisstance he can kill 5.

32 Thamuz

Thamuz is my favorite hero and I never miss Savage with him. he's the legend of life steal

He thrashes the entire team he can be a tank y is he so low he can beat almost anyone

He killed all my allies three times

The lava lord...

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33 Hayabusa

Best hero ever


Hayabusa my best hero in Ml Because he a lot of damage when the Ss is cool I like it the new look and new skill! 2018 update

34 Pharsa

Her 3rd skill is very amazing.

Pharsa is best in KS bitches haha

35 Yi Sun-Sin Yi Sun-Sin

My favorite, you can kill anyone from a mile away if SS is triggered at the right time. Please give him back his bleed passive

Yss the best hero I’ve ever used people say life steal of alu cards and all is great but you don’t know yss when you buy wings of acoplse and fight in gang bang sure SAVAGE

36 Johnson

A durable tank, and with his ulti can let the team to wipe out the enemies.

Johson alone can kill enemy with his ultimate, he can kill any enemy with ease except for tank, but if you put a combo with him, it would make it almost impossible to not die

Jonson is the the most fun hero to play in ml if u practice it enough. U can help your teammates any time they are in trouble with your ultimate and ganking ability of Jonson is the most deadly if coupled with the right partner hero(odette).

37 Vexana

Best mage for me


This mage totaly has a deal big demage...

Untouchable Hero,
death is a weapon for her, the more deaths, the more demage is affected

38 Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu is clearly the best. I faced 3 opponents with just my health at it's half and they die in just a few seconds. Also, he can beat marksman with his 1st skill. And with his 2nd skill, he can run to escape or catch those who are escaping. And the last but not the least is his Ultimate. His Ultimate is the best among the best. With this, you can seriously damage the opponent on it's 1st burst. And with the combination of 1st and 2nd skill which is much more itchy, the opponent's death is 100% guarantee.

Yeah its our hero

HIGHEST BURST DAMAGE FIGHTER IN THE GAME.. if you know how to use its skill properly, He is a Beast

I Am a FILIPINO and LAPU-LAPU is our Hero...

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39 Bruno


If his physical attack is strong,no body can stop him

He's good to as a mm


40 Gatotkaca

I like him because he is an Indian.

Gatotkaca is an character from the indonesian legend and I from indonesia I like him and he is fiercing look and body he only has 2 skins but his stat is quite good and he is cool - Haekalhakim

41 Angela

She is the best support. If she is inside a hero, that one will be invincible.

too op

Because of her skills

42 Akai

Akai is an giant panda he is inspired by po in the kung fu panda I thing akai's stat is quite good and he is good to play with and he is not hard to control - Haekalhakim

43 Diggie


44 Karrie

She is so fast

Her attack speed and damage is insane. She is so fast.

Has a powerful attacks can be assasin

She is my main and only main poreber :3

45 Aurora

Silent but deadly

Always be sure you have full of energy charges before you enter battles and not to miss a single spell on enemy.

That's how Rora rolls...

46 Natalia

You alone you die..If u alone without your team mates be sure Enemy team doesn't have Natalia..
I like to play she is my favorite hero..Its hard to master her at least 200 matches needed to master her...& she is very dangerous..if she has full build ready.

47 Hilda Hilda

Best Hero ever. She regenerates when in bushes and she got a move that deals damage dependant on the number of kills & assists you have.

Most Durable Hero

48 Hylos

Amazing tank if played with right teammates

No one is better than hylos

Just look at his damage in late game + too tanky

49 Saber


He is a good assist cause his ultimate move almost decreases half of the opponents health and his second move is good to escape from enemys when his health is low..and the first move is to kill the minions and enemys with low health...

50 Grock

He is so strong and huge
Grock can protect your

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