Top Ten Strongest Real Steel Robots

The Top Ten

1 Atom

The robot dancer and the peoples champion ATOM

2 Zeus

If it wouldn't have been atom then I'll have surely ranked him the best - pranay

He defeated atom. Remember Farra Lemcova said Zeus won

3 Twin Cities
4 Midas
5 Noisy Boy

Once a king always a king.

All the way from Japan the manga manler make some noisy for noisy boy!

The steel samurai 2nd best in the WRB and 2nd best Tak Madishu creation. Could smash Zeus if used right. Could kill the gold blood killer if trained right. Could BLOW of Atoms head with his Gravaty slam uptown. Make lots of noise because it's...


6 Ambush

The comic book crushers is here so give it up for ambush!

7 Albino
8 Axelrod
9 Black Jack
10 Gridlock

Grind lock is the best

Gridlock is totally kickass

The Contenders

11 Mega Metagross Mega Metagross

Amazing tank. I witnessed him murder Arceus. Not kidding

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