Top 10 Worst Mario Kart Battle Stages of All Time

The worst battle stages in Mario Kart. Both nitro and retro tracks are allowed.
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1 GBA Battle Course 2
2 GBA Battle Course 3

Holy crap what were they thinking when making this stage? Might actually be the second worst battle stage of all time in Mario Kart. This stage is so empty all it has to offer is a sand pit in the middle and these hiding spots and..., that's it. It's so empty. The emptiness is still not as bad as the worst thing in the worst stage.

3 GCN Cookie Land

How can I describe it? It's Block City but instead of square, it's a circle..., and it's a cookie, not blocks, and smaller. It has the same type of design as there are there things that stick out of the ground that you can't even interact with. Same exact thing almost. Worst in my opinion.

4 GCN Cookie Land (Wii)

Well this battle stage is just atrocious! It's literally the same thing as it was in Double Dash, and even in that game, it was the worst one. Just an undersized circle with walls everywhere. It's slightly better because it's bigger but that's not saying much when the stage is still an abomination.

I do like the chaotic nature of it, but it's definitely not my favorite.

5 GCN Block City

Now we get to the bad stuff. Block City and Cookie Land are the only bad-very bad stages in this game. This in particular while the better of the two, is surely unoriginal, which is a shame as lots of stages in this game had nice ideas. Remember N64 Block Fort? Well this is that course but a LOT smaller and less interesting. No different levels, just four blocks on a grey platform you can't even access except for the yellow one but even then you just drive through it. It's basically juts GBA Battle Course 2 in a nutshell which is the worst mario kart stage ever.

6 GBA Battle Course 3 (Wii)

I feel like this stage is better than the original, but that's only because it's slightly bigger and more chaotic, thanks to Wii's item distribution. In the end it's still just a lame square with too much empty space.

7 N64 Big Donut

One of the worst battle stages in my opinion overall. Now, I loved the remake in Mario Kart 7. It was awesome. The new glider section added for lots of more gameplay and it was very wide which made it very fun. The original though? Well, the remake had everything that made it cool. The original didn't have the glider pad, which made this stage just a circle with a hole in it and random blocks on the stage. So boring. So yeah.

8 GBA Battle Course 1

Now we are geting to the below-averange to bad stuff. The GBA had a lot of terrible stages with the exception of GBA Battle Course 4. This track in particular is especially bland and uninteresting as it's really just a smaller version of SNES Battle Course 4. Or in a nutshell, it's SNES Battle Course 1 without the hiding spots. This is so generic and because it's smaller it's less interesting to play. Well it's more fun to play than two certain abominations but you know the drill.

9 SNES Battle Course 3

It's in my opinion the worst of the SNES stages. Not bad but it's a bit annoying. That's because of ice physics. The entire stage is basically just a bigger version of SNES and GBA Battle Course 1, but still smaller than SNES Battle Course 4, plus with the ice physics and aestethics from the Vanilla Lake tracks. On top of that, there are these snow cubes that block your way kinda like in Vanilla Lake 1 and 2 which ultimately puts this stage lower than the rest of the SNES stages. Oh well at least it's still somewhat fun to play on unlike the bottom three stages.

10 GCN Nintendo GameCube

Yes you can battle on the console itself in this game. That alone makes this stage very special in my opinion. However it also had a lot of wasted potential because you can only battle on the top side of it and there's nothing to it. Yeah it looks cool but the buttons don't do anything at all. So you just have a square. And no you can't fall off, there's walls. If maybe the buttons had a function, and if you could drive on all six sides of the cube, it would've certainly been better than Tilt-a-Kart.

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