Best Rainbow Road Songs

The final course in each Mario Kart game is a Rainbow Road, it's usually the hardest track in said game and also the most majestic and/or beautiful. So let's see which game had the best Rainbow Road song. With that being said here is the list.
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1 3DS Rainbow Road

If you want to know what the most refined Rainbow Road song is (and Mario Kart song for that matter too), look no further than 3DS Rainbow Road. The only section-themed Rainbow Road, making the entire thing a huge adventure. The music even is aware of that and really feels like an adventure. Like you're racing through vast but beautiful space. When you then drop to the moon, the music changes a little too, feeling more empty and quieter, but it adds up to the experience. And then comes the final lap..., even more epic and it becomes a conclusion. It really is one of the best Mario Kart songs.

2 GCN Rainbow Road

Without a doubt one of the best Mario Kart songs ever. While it's not particularly "beautiful" like you'd expect a Rainbow Road theme to be, it's..., incredibly majestic! Mario Kart Double Dash is one of the best Mario Kart games and what better way to end the game with a truly epic finale? It really fits well with the incredible difficulty and majestic scenery, as you race over a city (presumably Mushroom City). Even if it's not traditionally beautiful..., I must say it really is still. One of the best MK songs ever.

3 Wii Rainbow Road

Now this is more of the typical beautiful Rainbow Road theme and it really shows. It's not particularly majestic, but it's..., chilling nevertheless because of how good it is. I love all of the "stardusty" sound effects which helps you feel as if you're in space. It's just so beautiful!

This music leaves me feeling satisfied every time. MKW is an amazing game on its own, but this makes this Rainbow Road stand out from the others. It's just amazing in every way.

4 N64 Rainbow Road

Terrible course aside, the music really is shining! While it doesn't have the majestic feel as its remake, I think it is better off that way. Majestic songs are meant to be long, but this theme is short making any majestic remaster of it fall flat in the end. But this song actually is longer than its remix in MK8. In the end the original theme was better than its remaster and was more beautiful and concludive. It also has the famous part from 0:35 to 1:03 which has been poured into a lot of newer Rainbow Roads like the GCN and 3DS one. Amazing overall.

5 Wii U Rainbow Road

Even though Mario Kart 8's Rainbow Road was like, really bad and one of the worst tracks in the game, you can't deny the music is the biggest pro of the course. It's also a little more on the majestic side than beautiful, but man it is epic. The electric guitar really sets me in the mood of being ready to fight the last boss of whatever. Although it doesn't quite have that "Rainbow Road" feel bringing it a few spots lower.

The most upbeat Rainbow Road music, and I like that about it. It has just the right mix to make it amazing, and, like MKW's, leaves me feeling satisfied at my accomplishments.

6 N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U)

This is the finest and strongest example on the list of a Rainbow Road song, containing both majesticness and beauty. As the original on the N64 is many people's favourite Mario Kart track of all time due to the music, it was only inevitable for this remake to become objectively magical. This song really shows both of the two categories. However I feel it's way too short. So it stays a little low on the list but it still is amazing.

Better than the original in every way. 1, it's more upbeat. 2, I love it. This music is one of the best MK8 soundtracks out there.

7 Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Tour)
8 GBA Rainbow Road

Mario Kart Super Circuit is the most underappreciated of all Mario Kart games, both as a game, but also in terms of its Rainbow Road. In my opinion this game had one of the best Rainbow Roads, both in course design and music. It may sound bland to some due to the limitations of the GBA, but for what it is, it's legendary! It's majestic but also calm and a little mysterious, a bit of a combination of the three. So..., good!

The only Rainbow Road music I don't really like. It's good and all, but it's not very memorable. It's not horrible, though.

9 SNES Rainbow Road

The very first Rainbow Road on the SNES was meant to be simply a final challenge, and thus the music wasn't particularly beautiful or majestic. But as a hard challenge, it still felt concludive and satisfying. Since both the original and MK7's remake have essentally the same song they stay in the same spot. It doesn't have that majestic feel or beauty of the MK8 remake, but it sure does fulfill its purpose of being a satisfying reward to reaching the hardest and most unique course in the game (even though MK7's version really was the least unique among retro tracks), and honestly it fits that way the best. It was never a beautiful course, but rather a satisfying one.

10 DS Rainbow Road

And the only one out of the 3D Rainbow Roads wgise song I don't really like that muchis DS Rainbow Road. Ok that's a bit of an overstatement. It's not terrible, or bad. It's still a bit majestic. But all in all it feels like a watered down version of GCN Rainbow Road. It kinda falls flat and weird in the end. I like the beggining of the song, but it quickly loses much charm later on.

Similar to GCN Rainbow Road music, and almost tied, honestly. I like the DS music a lot, because it mixes the majestic feel with the beautiful and upbeat aspects that Rainbow Road songs should have. It's amazing.

The Contenders
11 SNES Rainbow Road (Wii U)

As I said on #8, the very first Rainbow Road on the SNES was meant to be simply a final challenge, and thus the music wasn't particularly beautiful or majestic. But as a hard challenge, it still felt concludive and satisfying. The newest remix though, Mario Kart 8's one was made to be more majestic and beautiful, but it was meant to be just satisfying, which put this remix at #10 on the list. Not bad by any means, it's pretty good too. But obviously are there a lot better songs for a Rainbow Road than this.

I honestly love this remake and how it still gives a majestic and mystical vibe

12 N64 Rainbow Road (3DS)
13 SNES Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7)
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