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1 Fire Flower

You can shoot fireballs like a ranged weapon but most enemies (we're looking at you dry bones) are invincible. Great against Bowser but it can't get rid of his fireballs. In Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2 unfortunately you can't use it for long and it is hard to use; but if you master it all the goombas will be running away (just like Meta Knight in SSB)! Anyway out of interest I'm not the creator of this list (I swear).

Destroy anything, and everything, you can even kill some giant fat turtle dragon with this

Hitting an enemy with a fire ball is one of the most satisfying things in mario games.

Good item but should not be number 1, where is the cape feather?

2 Super Leaf

The best power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3 it gives you the ability to sly and can turn invisible, and by the the way its called the Tannoki Suit not the raccoon suit.

I call it the acorn suit

This is amazing

3 Mega Mushroom

May not be in many Mario Games but not having this as #1 is a sillier decision than placing a button that your enemy can touch and brake the floor open.

I love being big and crushing everything in my way. It makes me do powerful! Not even bowser is tough anymore compared to me!

If you get one of these, you can destroy literally everything except the terrain. Not so tough now are you, Bowser?

Whenever you need a power up and you don't care what it is the mushroom is there for you

4 Ice Flower

You can jump on waterfalls with this item and skate on water. Enough said.

Too bad this didn't return for SMG2.

Thank you for being top

5 Propeller Mushroom

May not looks strong as it offer no ability to get rid of the enemy, but hey, fight is not always the only option, right? Thanks for Koopa troops has extremely poor air force this suit will often send you to the sky(if there is no ceiling) with no resistance from Koopa Troops in the remaining level as long as there are safe point to land occasionally.

Flying, Jumping, Kicking Baddies to Oblivion + Destroying your friends records.
Whats not to love?

Aw, hell yeah! Huge air boost, can help you skip over huge pots and create some unusual shortcuts!

Do I even need to explain?

6 Penguin Suit

How is this not in the top 5
1. Ice balls (rip ice flower)
2. Can slide when dashing (rip NSMB ds shell)
3. Good swimming (rip frog suit)
4. You don't slide on ice

This should be higher than the ice flower because it throws ice balls, you can slide with it and you swim faster.

The power up that made the frog suit and ice flower obsolete

It's basically a combination of 3 power ups. What more vould you ask?

7 Super Star

It is cool because u can hit giants and anything in your way expect bullet bil

Not only the best to use, but also has the best music

If I made these top tens I would make this number 2

I love the super star plus it has great music

8 Cloud Flower

One of the reasons why Galaxy 2 is awesome.
Beautiful idea, Nintendo has invented some stages around this power-up that are simply the best

This powerup is so op and exploitive and I love it for that reason

One word: Broken

broken and op

9 Metal Cap

Why is the Metal Cap only No.8? It should be at least No.2 or No.3. Metal Mario is my 2nd favorite Mario franchise character (my favorite is Luigi) and the Metal Cap is my favorite Mario game Power-up. Metal Mario has become a popular Mario character too. He has appeared in the origional Super Smash bros., Super Smash bros. Melee, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8, and even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I'm pretty sure that the Metal Cap is the only Mario Power-up that has become a character.

Why is the Metal Cap No.8? It should be at least No.2 or No.3! It makes you almost completely invincible, though it's limited. Metal Mario is actually my 2nd favorite Mario character (Luigi is my number 1 favorite) and the Metal Cap is my favorite Mario game Power-up. Metal Mario has become a popular Mario franchise character too he's appeared in Super Smash bros. Melee, the origional Super Smash bros., Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8, and even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Metal Cap From Super Mario 64

If you have played mario for a very long time,youll know that the metal cap is also in super mario 64

10 Bee Mushroom
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11 Cape Feather

Super Mario World introduced a lot of concepts: Yoshi, spin jumps, cool bowser fights, and the cape feather. You can fly continuously, kill munchers and other enemies, and spin your cape to kill other enemies. This should be n.1

Too broken can beat half of the stages if you have at least kinda ok hand-eye coordination.

Easily the best flying power-up.


12 Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom is the most known and iconic Mario ability

13 Mini Mushroom

It's like a key, it can be used to access secrets. Jump higher, walk on water, smaller hitbox, and can be used on speedruns (don't forget the NSMBW hint in world 3 where Mario used bullet bills to reach the goal).

You die fast with this one but you can walk on water and he jumps like twice as high as normal!

Makes you walk on water make sure you bring it on water levels

Walking on water has never been so easy.

14 Super Bell

I think it's the most useful why is it so low

Super Bell From Super Mario 3D World. It Gives You Cat Power


15 Invincibility Leaf

Helps you in levels your struggling with. But it just makes it too easy then.

I actually see this one as cheating, for people who aren't good at the game

The most powerful item in the series+ the most fun power up to use = SASTYFACTION!


16 Rock Mushroom

Rock mushroom is a creative power-up. It feels out of place and stands out to me. I wish the next 3D Mario game after odyssey has this power-up in a creative level.

Transforms Mario into Rock Mario then allows him to destroy enemies and objects by rolling through them!

It's just awesome

17 Tanooki Suit

First appearance:Super Mario Bros. 3

18 Boomerang Flower

Boomerang Flower From Super Mario 3D Land

So underrated

19 Boo Mushroom

You turn into a ghost can fly forever in the dark as well getting the power to vanish through walls.
Oh, and did I mention that other ghosts fall in love with you?

This power up sucks

First appearance:Super Mario Galaxy

20 Red Star

Hasn't been used since Galaxy, and was barely used there, but it would be fun to see in an actual level.

I like this because you can fly plus Super Mario Galaxy is AWESOME!

21 Super Acorn

Number 43...

22 Gold Flower

Its sastifiying to use

This power up speaks for it self ITS GOLD

Gold Flower In New Super Mario Bros. 2

23 Wing Cap

The Iconic Wing Cap From None Other Then Super Mario 64

First appearance:Super Mario 64

24 Blue Shell

Why is this so low? This power up is SO FUN to toy around with in loads of levels especially speed running World 4-2.

Nothing sets more fear in my heart than this little bugger...

This is awesome it should be higher

Blue shell is awesome.

25 P-Acorn

First appearance:New Super Mario Bros. you

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