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1 Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory

Of course Chapter 3 is the best. The fightning ring storyline is a nice breath of fresh air from the rest of the game, and just the overall concept of going up in rank is really interesting.

This chapter is one of the main reasons TTYD is my favorite game ever. The game overall is FANTASTIC, but the first two chapters were a little more lackluster than the rest (not bad at all, just less interesting in my opinion). I was enjoying the game decently until I got here and I was HOOKED for the entire thing! When it was done, I looked back at how awesome the mystery, fighting your way through the rankings, amazing characters, and fun bosses were, and I went on to get through the rest of the game, which was fantastic all the way through. Love it!

Chapter 6 was really fun and interesting it's a close second but this definitely tops it and the rest of them. Like Chapter six this was a break from the odinary and it was full of mysteries and drama and you have two very suspicious people managing you (I had my eye on miss jolene) and it has everything a climax needs: A plot twist. Grubba, you had me! And I'm usually good at figuring things out! Rawk Hawk's theme was epic and so was Macho grubba's. This is also the easiest Chapter: Not ebcause of the enemies ut because you can't get a game over until the finale. they should have at least made the rematch with the Iron clefts and the fight with Bowser a Game Over or win fight but that's my only complaint. This one and Chapter six are both full of mystery and who can forget the Great Gonzales Junior he's awesome best Paper Mario sidekick EVER!

It's basically a Mario version of the WWE, and the mystery that appears halfway through is really good and keeps you from getting tired of the battles. It's different, has great characters and story, and is overall just a ton of fun.

2 Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess

In my opinion it was honestly very meh. The main theme of this chapter is mystery, but Chapter 3 did it way better and more fun. The train parts were fine, but the dungeon in the wild west area was super tedious, and Poshley Heights was disappointing. It just feels pretty underwhelming overall, especially compared to Chapter 3 or 4.

Fun mystery chapter that serves as a breather between 5 and 7. It's only really good the first time through unfortunately, cause unlike Chapter 3, the mystery is the entirety of the chapter. The mini dungeon is a tad annoying, and the boss is random and easy. The setting, characters and mystery are what make the chapter good.

The first time playing through this chapter is awesome. I actually like the break of the norm and really enjoyed the mystery aspect to this chapter. After the first time plYing through it just loooses its touch because you already know what to do. But it's still the best chapter in my opinion with chapter 3 following very closely beehind.

This is a fun chapter where you explorer a train. Unlike chapter 3 where you do a lot of battling this chapter you solve mysterys on a train

3 Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls

This level is terrible. While Vivian is fantastic, Doopliss was a lame villain, the Creepy Steeple isn't all that interesting, and Twilight Town is pretty boring. But the worst thing is the insane amounts of backtracking! This level must have had content cut, cause there's no way anyone would have thought that much backtracking was a good idea.

Yeah I know everyone thinks this one's one of the worse but to be fair I really liked it. Much better than Chapter 5 and on par with the 3rd one to be honest. While the backtracking is bad I agree, the overall atmosphere and setting makes up for that. Let's not forget Vivian and Doopliss, who deserves a mention

This is probably my least favorite chapter. Every part of it has a ridiculous amount of backtracking, Creepy Steeple should have done more with the Boos(WAY more), and it has WAY too many Dayzees. While this chapter has Doopliss(awesome boss fight) and introduced Vivian(2nd fave partner), other than that nothing about it stood out to me.

This level is very cool and gloomy. It is confusing and repetitive and I dread going into the forest because I might die, however it is a very fun chapter that I enjoyed playing

4 Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door

The flawless finale delivers everywhere. Dark and mystical story good challenge, interesting design, 5 awesome bosses, and an air of intensity

The fantastic ending to a fantastic game.

My favorite stage, it is so mysterious

So epic and hard, it had a lot of powerful bosses like the Shadow Sirens, Gloomtail, Grodus, Bowser/Kammy Koopa, Possesed peach, and the Shadow Queen in order, my only complaint is the murderously long final battle cut scene

5 Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates

It's a very nice chapter although it has loads of flaws. The overall setting had potential but I found it to be a bit annoying, especially considering all the backtracking in the first half of it (yeah I know Chapter 4 had way more backtracking but at least it was more exciting there). I also found Flavio to be a tad annoying. However it has loads of good things as well. Cortez and Crump had some awesome appearences and it introduced the very best partner of the game: Admiral Bobbery.

This was my personal favorite. Cortez and Crump made awesome bosses, the pirate treasure hunting atmosphere is fun, and it introduces my favorite partner, Admiral Bobbery.

I love tropical levels, both the jungle and dungeon are fun and visually interesting, and the back to back boss fights are the best in the game.

I love Pirate Levels :3

6 Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon

It's a bit basic, but overall, this chapter is pretty fun. I appreciate the medivial theme and Koops is a great character. Let's not forget how impressive Hooktail looks, along with his fun castle that has great puzzles

This is the classic fun beginning of a Mario game.

7 Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

Very nice visually and a serene atmosphere. But that's all it has going for it. The Punies are decent, Flurrie is a lame character, the dungeon is annoying, repetitive and easy to get lost in, and the boss fight is super underwhelming. The worst thing is guiding the Punies around since they're easy to lose and make it annoying to navigate. And having to blow them across gaps/water is okay, until you have to do it for 101 of them, then it's the absolute worst.

I really liked this episode. The forest setting is pretty awesome and gorgeous and the puzzles are decent. Gotta love those fluffy bushes in the woods

It drove me INSANE at some points it was confusing. They should have have changed the theme and made it shorter beacause it was very repetitive.

Reminds me of Pikmin. This game rules.

8 Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon

I like this chapter because you get blasted to the Moon by a huge cannon and then explore the X-Naut Fortress. I also kinda liked the boss of the chapter being Magnus Von Grapple 2.0, an upgraded version of the first Magnus Von Grapple. Although the annoying part is traveling all around the world to find General White.

VERY repetitive and hard. I was a little dissapointed. They should havw made this a little more epic considering it was the last chapter before the thousand year door. When I beat lord crump I was like "WHAT"?! When I got the crystal star.

Nah, TTYD was more epic.

9 Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

Easy but satisfying. This prologue taught you the basics and got you ready for this long yet exciting game.

A pretty cool prologue, although I found it quite boring at many times

10 Epilogue
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11 Pit of 100 Trials

Not really a chapter...

12 Opening
13 Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice

That's from the original Paper Mario

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