Best Super Mario Galaxy 2 World 5 Galaxies

Here are the best galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2's fifth world. Vote on the list to determine the order, and so with that being said here is the list.
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1 Space Storm Galaxy

Space Storm is a unique one in this game. Both missions are amazing but in different ways. The first one has this factory theme as you cross factory-themed galaxies and electricity, leading bob-ombs to blow up cages and stuff. I love it, but the second star takes the cake as we revisit an even more epic version of Buoy Base Galaxy, climbing a tower. Overall, I clearly adore this galaxy as well.

2 Shiverburn Galaxy

Shiverburn Galaxy is more or less a more gimmicky and "improved" version of Freezeflame Galaxy from the original, as it really does blend fire and ice a lot in its mission, from meteors falling on ice to create lava puddles or the vice versa, to transforming a fire planet to ice, and even to fighting King Kaliente's son, Prince Pikante. Unfortunately, that's the only real mission in this galaxy, so much potential got scrapped unfortunately. The other missions are just ice skating and ice skating. But for what it's worth, it's an AMAZING galaxy.

3 Slipsand Galaxy

Slipsand Galaxy is a galaxy not many like, due to the desert setting and to an extent I agree on that. I personally am I little more nice when it comes to desert levels, as I like a lot of desert tracks in Mario Kart, and Dusty Dune Galaxy was a pretty fun galaxy from the original game. With Slipsand Galaxy, there's one mission I don't like, and one I do. The first one is pretty annoying with the sand that slides too fast and makes it annoying to jump and traverse the planets, but the latter has some ruins and a much better version of the Sandbird from Super Mario Sunshine, so to be fair, I'm ok with this galaxy. One really fun mission, and one a little annoying mission. It's a decent galaxy.

4 Boo Moon Galaxy

If I'm completely honest with you guys I think Boo Moon Galaxy might be my favourite in the entirety of Super Mario Galaxy 2. A ghost level that's actually incredibly fun and has two main missions instead of one, both of which are super fun and different from each other. The only part of this galaxy which I guess is pretty annoying is the starting planet where you're walking inside of a dark labyrinth, which is easy the first mission and a nightmare the second mission. But everything besides that is just amazing. For the first mission we're on this swampy planet where we must traverse using snake blocks, and the ground then halfway through bends so that gravity alters, and it's just super fun. We then also collect star chips on this flat moon area and then silver stars on an area where you must ground pound a switch to lift half of the stage. It's super fun. The second mission has you traversing this mansion using the boo mushroom, and it's even more fun as the Boo Mushroom is my favourite power-up in Super Mario Galaxy overall, even more than the Red Star. Overall, I love Boo Moon Galaxy wholeheartedly!

5 Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

Hands down the most unique of all World Galaxies in any Super Mario Galaxy game, possibly any Mario game as well. I mean, the platforming is something you'd expect from a normal level, but this one really took the step and made an epic Bowser Jr. level. The starting planet has us visiting the broken bits of Megahammer, the last boss we fought two worlds prior, and then we use cannons and cloud flowers to traverse planets. The boss battle is also really unique, because even though it only takes two hits to defeat it, it has some real difficulty, especially in the latter phase when it grows TALL! Overall I'm a little skeptical if I like this over Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, but nevertheless, I love it!

6 Fleet Glide Galaxy

A successor galaxy to Wild Glide Galaxy from World 2 where you control Fluzzard as you race from start to finish using motion controls. It's pretty meh. The motion controls work, but not when trying to aim for that third gate, at all. And to be honest, I don't like the setting at all. At least Wild Glide had a beautiful jungle theme to it, whereas this one has a more artificial approach. It's pretty meh.

7 Upside Dizzy Galaxy

Rightside Down Galaxy five worlds before this was a fun galaxy that used the gravity gimmick quite decently. But Upside Dizzy in World 5 is in every way an improvement over it, because the gravity gimmick is used in much more unique ways, such as having elevators that holds gravity down but outside of it the gravity points down. It's a lot more fun, and to be honest, I also just prefer the overall atmosphere as it feel a bit darker, so clearly this is better. It's a pretty fun galaxy.

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