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As a Mario fan, one of my favourite installments of the Super Mario franchise would be Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, and yes, specifically the Bowser's Fury campaign. Despite only being out for a few months, I can safely say that this is one of the most well-made entries in the series. It's the perfect mix of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey, all in one game. So I thought, let's rank all the levels in the game! In my opinion, there's actually not a single bad island, so it will go from the least good, to best. So with that being said, let's get started!
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1 Lucky Isle

Lucky Isle is the only island in Bowser's Fury only playable merely during the post-game. Honestly, to call this island an "island" like the rest of the levels in this game, might be a bit of a stretch. It's the smallest of all isles, floating randomly above certain locations in the game, and can only be accessed during Fury Bowser phase, in which you must get to wherever it's floating above now, and then get a single shine. In total there are five shines, so you need to go back and forth to different locations multiple times to get all five. It's a really interesting concept and it works. It gives you a reason to go back to islands you might've otherwise already completed. However, it really doesn't stand a chance agianst the other levels in the game, obviously. I mean it really just is an island in the sky, and half of the time it's not even accessible. Is it good? Yes. Is it better than any other legitimate level though? No. For this reason, Lucky Isle is last on this list.

It's kind of annoying trying to figure out where the Lucky Isle will show up. Also, it's only accessible when Fury Bowser is in ragemode.

2 Fur Step Island

Fur Step Island, being an obvious pun on "first step" is the tutorial level of the game. However, unlike most tutorials, it is only accessible during the post-game. Yeah..., let me explain. When you first start the game, you're just running to the end of this island to get a shine and get rid of Bowser quickly. And then you jump down, and there's no way up, even though there are multiple shines to be found on this isle. The only way back is when you beat Mega Bowser and gain the ability to teleport. And I mean when you actually play the level for real, it's pretty nice. The atmosphere is just really laid-back, with the Lake Lapcat theme playing in the background, the yellowish autumn grass, and the pirate ship. The only problem is the linearity. It's really just a thick line, there's not much exploration to be found, which is kind of disappointing for such a cozy island. In the end, it's definitely the weakest of the real islands in the game.

3 Clawswipe Colosseum

When you first play Bowser's Fury for the first hour or so, you might be stumped at the lack of any boss battles. Aside from Fury Bowser, there really doesn't seem to be any other big buy to fight. Well that's only until you get to Clawswipe Colosseum, where fight not just Boom Boom but Pom Pom as well. When I first got to this island, I was quite stumped. The idea of a battling colosseum for some reason really caught my attention. And what caught my attention even more is that for every visit to this arena, it rose, so it became harder and harder to enter it. And even though Boom Boom and Pom Pom are still easy as ever, it was cool to battle them in 3D platformer which didn't have a fixed camera. In addition to this, Boom Boom has a second fight as well, when the floor is made of spikes. And so much is going on in this fight, you have to avoid Boom Boom as he spins towards you, and make sure you don't stand on vulnerable ground. They actually made Boom Boom a difficult boss. Horay! ...more

4 Fort Flaptrap

Fort Flaptrap is the third island you visit on your journey. And for being such a small island, it's surprisingly fun! Even though it's just cuboid on a beach, they sure made it interesting. One of my favourite gimmicks from Super Mario 3D World, but more importantly Super Mario Galaxy 2, are the flipping panels, which flip every time you jump, and they are used creatively on this level, especially the first mission, where there's a bunch of bullies around who you need to, obviously, boil in the lava below the platforms. And the game is quite creative with how you do it. You can either just knock them down, or you can trick them to walk on a flipping platform, and then jump when they're standing on it. It's one of my favourite missions in the game. The others are just kinda there. And while this island is fun, it is similarly to Pounce Bounce Isle, not very interesting aestethically. It's better because of the Bully mission, but otherwise there are definitely a few better levels in ...more

5 Slipskate Slope

Slipskate Slope at #7th place on the worst list might upset a few people. Similarly to Risky Whisker Island, this appears to be a fan favourite among people. I think it's good, but there are definitely a few things holding back from the top five. This is by far the longest level by size, looking at the map. It's also a strictly linear level, similarly to Fur Step Island, which might fuzzle your mind, as I put that island near the bottom because of its linearity. What makes Slipskate Slope any different? Well everything. In this level, you use an ice skate to traverse down across a giant slope with spikes, rotating tunnels, etc. This makes it stand out greatly in contrast to Fur Step Island, as the linearity is a necessety for this level. However, it's still one of the slightly weaker islands in my opinion because, I honestly hate controlling the ice skate. It feels like you're driving on ice in Mario Kart and you don't have much control over it. So as you can see, the ice skate makes ...more

That damn Blue Coin shine.

6 Risky Whisker Island

This is a unique one. I'm surprised Nintendo managed to create a level entirely out of donut platforms, and not only that, but it actually worked! Welcome to Risky Whisker Island, one of the smaller islands in Bowser's Fury. From what I've seen, this is usually one of the fan favourites among people, surprisingly, which I have a bit of a hard time understanding why. This level is creative, and a bit difficult. Even though you won't die if you fall off the stage, you will still need to take the clear pipe back up to the start. You really need to be on your toes for this island, however, it's also the level that feels the most artificial. Like, get this. The entire level is just a bunch of donut blocks. No more, no less. I mean it's fun to play it's just..., feels fake. Compare it to something like Cawswipe Colosseum which was a huge battle arena, or Fur Step Isle which is has a pirate ship. Risky Whisker Island is just donut blocks, and it feels kind of dead as a result. Is it fun to ...more

7 Pounce Bounce Isle

Pounce Bounce Isle is just what the name implies. You bounce, you pounce, on an island. And it's great. This is one of the first levels you play in the game, and it is mainly centered around the jump panels, which will send you high up in the air when you jump while standing on them. And as such, this is also a vertical level where you travel upwards a lot. Well not as much as some other vertical levels, but yeah. Being the second island you visit, it's pretty straight-forward. It offers for some exploration, but overall, there just isn't that much to it. It's definitely more interesting to explore than the three levels we just talked about, but overall, it just kinda lacks that interesting enviroment. Pounce Bounce Isle feels a bit artificial, and it's no stranger why, as the level is made up of processed stones. I've always been more of a nature guy, so it's understandable. It's nowhere near as artificial as Risky Whisker Island, I still think it's super fun, and the missions are ...more

8 Roiling Roller Isle
9 Trickitty Tower

If you told me that Trickitty Tower was just two circles, I would have no faith in you. Trickitty Tower is by far the most interesting level to play on. When you first look at it, it doesn't seem very fascinating. Just a shine in the middle of nowhere. So you walk up to it and..., hey what's this invisible wall? In order to get it, you have to actually walk on an invisible pathway, and the only part of it you can see is what's directly under you. The main game of Super Mario 3D World had these invisible paths as well, but they weren't utilised very creatively. But here you have pathways going all over the place, and it's actually difficult, trying not to fall off. It really puts your mental skills to the test, and I love it! Now the reason it's not higher on the list is because..., well, there isn't much to look at. How a level looks is important to me. Not as much as how it plays, but still, it gives the area an atmosphere. But since you can't actually see this level..., yeah. ...more

10 Pipe Path Tower

Unlike most people, I've never been the biggest fan of clear pipes. They're basically just pipes which serve as a way to quickly speed through levels, and as a result, they make levels feel kind of artificial, and empty. However, Pipe Path Tower in my opinion, manages to make a good level out of clear pipes. The clear pipes in this level are organized in a way that you need to think a little. This pipe might look like it goes there, but it actually goes there. So you kind of need to break the code, and all in all it makes for a pretty good level! It's not the most interesting level of all time, as it does feel a bit artificial, and the missions are some of the less interesting ones for me, but it's really fun, and it deserves the #8 spot on my list.

It is impossible to get the blue coin shine because they dissapear too quickly.

The Contenders
11 Crisp Climb Castle
12 Scamper Shores

Scamper Shores is the first island you visit in Bowser's Fury, and boy is it good! Sure you start on Fur Step Island, but you can't really do anything on it until the post game. Scamper Shores is more of a starting island, and it does a really freakin' good job at it! I'd say it's one of the greatest first levels in any Mario game, up there with Cascade Kingdom and Bob-Omb Battlefield. The main thing about Scamper Shores that really gets me is the atmosphere. I kind of complained about the industrial feel of Fort Flaptrap and Pounce Bounce Isle, and that's because I much prefer the more nature-based Scamper Shores. It's a nice blend of autumn, cliffs, etc, and it makes the entire island just feel very comfortable. The missions themselves are also fun. Exploring the island is satisfying, the collectables are hidden in good spots, and the music is just great. It's one of those tunes you know will be nostalgic in 10 years, kind of like Mario Kart Wii's title theme or Cap Kingdom. ...more

13 Mount Magmeow
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