Top 10 Best Superhero Movies 2002-2015

Basically Super Hero movies from 2002 to 2015. Why 2002? Simple answer:It was when I was born and when movies were actually worth seeing.

The Top Ten

1 The Dark Knight

Eh overrated but not really best.

Best superhero movie between 2002-2015 =the dark knight
best superhero movie of 21st century = the dark knight
best superhero movie on this list = the dark knight
most underrated superhero movie on this list =the dark knight
and finally
best superhero movie ever = the dark knight

how come this is not on top ten? - zxm

Too much appraisal and a real mediocre story I prefer Thor over this...

2 The Dark Knight Rises

A bit of a disappointment.

3 Batman Begins

Overrated, dull, I'm just not a Batman fan.

4 Marvel's The Avengers

Thank God,you didn't listed best movies between 2002-2016.otherwise people would added deadpool on this list and would say 'oh look,how awesome is ryan reynolds and his deadpool' sick of hearing this.

anyway great list. - zxm

5 Spider-Man 2

I would rather watch this more than the overrated boring Knight of 2008. It prooves that Superhero movies don't need to be dark and they can be really fun. It might be a bit goofy but it's the perfect mix of goofy and serious when needed. Something the Dark Knight lacks plus do I need to mention how awesome the music is? The fight scenes fantastic! And the story is relatable! Of course this was going to be number one!

I Agree On What You Said about Spider-Man 2, But I Respect Your Opinion On The Dark Knight - VideoGamefan5

As I know spiderman is the one of the least favourite movies of this time - zxm

It's actually praised for it being the best Spider-Man movie of all time. And is highly received by movie goers and critics.

6 Thor
7 Iron Man
8 Thor: The Dark World
9 The Wolverine (2013)
10 Spider-Man (2002)

Doesn’t deserve to be here. Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone? /

The Contenders

11 X-Men: Days of Future Past
12 Guardians of the Galaxy

How are the guardians below the Incredible Hulk? what? - Triceratops

13 Captain America: The First Avenger
14 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Way better than the original spiderman...Heck, even the first AMAZING Spiderman ( you know, the one with andrew garfield) was better than the original. Winter soldier is my 2nd favorite MCU movie, and my 4th favorite marvel movie. Better than all that spiderman crud, although I do like Tom holland

Spider-Man wasn't that bad and not all Superhero movies need to be gritty and dark.

15 The Amazing Spider Man 2

Sucks remove it! Worst Spider-Man movie ever and just garbage! The first movie was dull but this sequel is just terrible!

16 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Are you serious? This movie sucks!

17 Son of the Mask

Not a superhero movie.

Yes it is Google Son of the Mask genres.

18 Ant-Man


19 Blade II

Terrible movie - Triceratops

Never seen it

20 The Incredible Hulk
21 Hellboy II: The Golden Army
22 X2: X-Men United (2003)

Just really great to watch!

23 Hancock

Not really a Superhero movie.

24 X-Men First Class
25 Ghost Rider
26 The Amazing Spider-Man

Cringy but not a good super hero movie from the years 2002-2015.

27 Spider-Man 3

Really overhated.

28 Catwoman
29 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Terrible but not best.

30 The Punisher (2004)

I Love This Movie This Was A Great Movie Thomas Jane As The Punisher Was A Great Preformance Also John Travolta Does One Of His Best Preformances In This Movie - christangrant

31 Hellboy
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