Best Comic Book Superhero Weapons

A list of incredible fictional weapons that superheros have used in comic books, T.V. , and movies.
The Top Ten
1 Mjolnir from Thor (2011)

Every Avengers movie built up to Cap lifting Mjolnir. More than his shield, more than a suit of armor, Mjolnir is the ultimate character defining moment. Also, it can rain lighting down on foes so you know, it's the best.

A magical hammer that controls lightning and thunder is awesome. Plus, it gives Thor the ability to fly and no one else can pick it up except Odin, thor's father. It can fling right back to him and it is basically indestructible.

An unbreable shield and suit of armor are all fake. At least Mjolnir gives you all the powers of Thor. Magic is just a precursor to science fact.

Imagine a hammer that controls lightning, clouds & thunderstorms!
And thor a new and better weapon in infinity war!

2 Captain America's Vibranium Shield from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Trust me once cap defeated thor with his shield and it was mind blowing so it deserves to be no. one

If his sheild is made of vibranium which is indetructable then it should be #1

Indestructible shield... enough said.

When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield
All Must Yeild

3 Wolverine's Adamantium Claws from X-Men (2000)

Claws that can cut through anything, Round of applause!

I bet his claws could cut through both Mjolnir and Capsicle's shield

It's one of the best weapon forever

They are almost indesrtible plus deadly

4 Spider-Man's Web Shooters from The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Shoot webs that are capable of allowing the user to swing across New York with ease, sounds pretty "amazing"... I'm ashamed.

Spider-mans web shooters should come FIRST!

5 Iron Man Suit from Iron Man (2008)

Everybody has always wanted to say "I am Iron Man" and actually have an Iron Man suit! I mean, seriously, It flies, It shoots super-powerful blasts from the hands, it has uncountable gadgets on it, and looks really, really badass.

Nothing close to this

I love tony and pepper

He can block nukes

6 Hawkeye's Bow from The Avengers (2012)
7 Iron Man's Lasers from Iron Man (2008)
8 Loki's Staff from The Avengers (2012)
9 Power Ring from Green Lantern (2011)

Literally the most pwerful weapon in the universe. Anyone with this ring can create anything they can think of. Grant them flight invisibility and enhanced strength. Nothing can stop the power of Green lanterns power ring

10 Batarangs from Batman Begins (2005)

With a nice use of angles and aiming can do serious damage.I'm jealous

The Contenders
11 Starlord's Element Gun
12 Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
13 Samaritan from Hellboy (2004)

It is so big it could blow of your whole head in one SHOT!

That big ol' gun.

14 Yondu's Arrow

Flies through your enemies with just your whistle, unbeatable

15 Green Arrow's Bow form Arrow (2012-)
16 Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange (2014)
17 Silver Surfer's Board

No arguement with this can absorb any power without pain easily,can travel with the speed of light

18 Vibe's Goggles
19 Hawkeye's Arrows
20 Sword of the Daywalker from Blade (1998)
21 Catwoman's Whip from Batman Returns (1992)
22 Deadpool's Katanas

From Deadpool (2016)

23 Hit-Girl's Double Katana Blades from Kick-Ass (2010)

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24 Hellfire Chain from Ghost Rider (2007)
25 Penguin's Umbrellas from Batman Returns (1992)
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