Top 10 Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is (in my opinion) the top 10 CS:GO teams of Sweden.

The Top Ten

1 Fnatic

Krimz, olofmeister, JW, Pronax, Flusha

There's really nothing much to say here. - Turish

2 NiP

Friberg, Get_Right, f0rest, Xizt, Allu

This is of course the runner-ups to the, guaranteed, number one team in Sweden and maybe the world. - Turish

3 Team Orbit

SKYTTEN, Pyth, Jumpy, maxie, Roque

This is probably the hardest one, just because they have been inconsistent. But this is due to them not having a stable lineup. - Turish

4 Team Property

Twist, Schneider, berg, zende, pauf

As I mentioned before, this is a hard one, but still well deserved. - Turish


Xperience, quix, AwwE, downie, Zitte

These guys will for sure be a team to watch out for in the future. - Turish

6 Team oXzone

Smtc, Minio, FREDDy, Relaxa, REZ.

These guys came out of nowhere and rocked some really good teams in some of the latest qualifers and got the sixth spot because of their good performances of lately even though Rizegaming has more achievments than Team oXzone. - Turish

7 Rizegaming

SPRAAD, Bergman, Sonty, cl0sebox, ACKEE

These guys have been playing together for a long time, with some decent results, which gets them the seventh place in the list. - Turish


Griefmeister, tease, ozoo, atter, conza.

This lineup is as well a brand new one and have gotten this spot due to no real achievments. They actually lost in a qualifier to Team oXzone. - Turish

9 Item eSports

Jayzar, addi, Dejvin, Pyromarne, qoyote

They have a really nice looking squad lead by Jayzar, but they have choked in a lot of their qualifiers. - Turish

10 Team Refuse

Barsic, hydrox, cozman, zape, mrtn

These guys have recieved this spot due to their names, even though they have choked in a lot of qualifiers. - Turish

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