Top 10 Suits Episodes

Suits is an excellent legal drama that takes place in New York City. It follows the protagonist, Mike Ross, who becomes a lawyer at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. He works as the right-hand man to Harvey Specter, one of the best closers in the business.

The show features several obstacles that these two characters, and the firm itself, must overcome. The character arcs, relationships, and legal battles make it a captivating show to watch. Here are some of the best episodes from the show.

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The Top Ten
1 25th Hour (Season 5, Episode 16)

The finale for Season 5 is undeniably one of the best episodes of Suits. This is the episode where Mike finally has to own up to his actions and faces legal consequences for his fraudulent actions by practicing law without a license. As a result, he must go to jail. Up to this point, Harvey and Mike had been seemingly unstoppable, always being able to overcome any obstacle thrown at them.

This is the episode where Harvey loses his cool composure as he desperately tries his hardest to keep Mike from having to go to prison, but he is roadblocked at every turn. Mike also shows his true colors as he takes one for the team by accepting the deal from Anita Gibbs, which keeps Harvey and the firm itself in the clear.

2 Faith (Season 5, Episode 10)

This episode brings everything to a head for Mike. We see Mike and Harvey deal with the demons of their past lives. Meanwhile, Daniel Hardman plots another attempt to take over the firm.

Harvey and Mike contemplate resigning. It's at this point where Mike finally comes to terms with his fraudulent past and vows to change. Rachel pushes him to hold himself to a higher standard, and Mike vows to live a legitimate life and marry Rachel with a clean slate.

Everything appears to set up nicely, yet this is what ultimately kicks off the climax for the entire show. Right as Mike is about to do the right thing, the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Mike gets arrested by federal agents for committing fraud, and he is held accountable for his actions. Suits excels at subverting expectations, and this example is a masterclass that really sets up the rest of the season, which would be dominated by the legal battles Mike would endure.

3 P.S.L. (Season 6, Episode 10)

The mid-season finale for Season 6 is one of the most surprising episodes in the show itself. In this episode, we see Harvey offer Mike a way to return to the firm as a consultant after Mike finally gets released from prison. This reignites the dynamic between Mike and Harvey again. Mike would also aid Jessica and Rachel on a case.

The biggest surprise here is Jessica herself, as this would be the last episode she appears in the show as a regular mainstay. She rediscovers her passion for becoming a lawyer in the first place, which prompts her to leave the firm and relocate to Chicago. This sets up the new era of her career and marks the end for a fan-favorite character. It would also kick off the new era for the firm where Harvey and Louis are left in charge.

4 High Noon (Season 2, Episode 10)

The first half of Season 2 is spent building up to a critical vote for the firm's leadership. This episode reveals Louis, who was a pivotal vote in the decision, voted against Harvey and Jessica. As a result of the vote, Daniel Hardman becomes a managing partner for the firm. This plot twist causes Mike and Harvey to think fast and stay on their feet to rectify the situation, which seemed hopeless at that point in time, as Daniel would make their work lives a living hell. This episode sort of feeds off this chaotic momentum.

It's also a big episode for Mike, who speaks at his grandmother's funeral and is still reeling from the loss of his grandmother, who had acted as his parental figure in his life. He also hits a bit of a setback in his relationship with Rachel Zane.

5 Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

The episode that started it all. A lot of shows take a few episodes to really get the ball rolling in terms of establishing the tone, ideas, and major themes that define the show itself. This is not the case for Suits.

The opening episode for Suits really hits the ground running with this vibrant and fast-paced episode that really sets the stage. Harvey and Mike's introductions were perfectly done, as well as the working situation where we see the risks these two characters are willing to take. The opening episode does a fantastic job of introducing the two most significant characters on the show and hooking the audience into this wild roller coaster ride these two characters endure.

6 One Last Con (Season 9, Episode 10)

The series finale of Suits really ends the 9-season run for the show on a high note. In it, we follow the futures of the characters as the firm's existence is on the ropes, as it's on the verge of dissolving. Mike makes his return to help Harvey and Louis ensure the firm continues to survive by pulling off one last miracle.

On top of that, we also get several satisfying conclusions to long-standing storylines throughout the series involving Harvey and Louis in particular. Overall, this is a very fitting and satisfying send-off for the show as a whole.

7 Tick Tock (Season 5, Episode 15)

This episode really sets the stage for the game-changing season finale. Here, we see Mike's case finally going to the jury as he becomes distracted by another case. Louis Litt considers the offer from Anita Gibbs that basically grants him immunity if he turns against his coworkers at the firm.

We eventually see Mike Ross himself take a deal proposal from Anita in which Harvey races to try and prevent Mike from taking the deal, yet is unsuccessful in doing so. The amount of twists and turns in this episode keeps you on your seat as suspense builds up regarding Mike's fate in his case.

8 Character and Fitness (Season 6, Episode 16)

The finale of Season 6 is a masterclass in intertwining so many different narratives together. It's a very intense episode with a lot going on. Mike and Harvey try to legitimize Mike as a lawyer. They must overcome one obstacle in the form of a familiar yet unexpected foe, Anita Gibbs. Meanwhile, Donna's business venture suffers a setback in the form of a lawsuit.

Additionally, Louis and Tara reach a breaking point over his anger issues. Jessica returns for the season finale and makes the ultimate sacrifice for Mike.

9 This is Rome (Season 4, Episode 10)

Season 4 wasn't all that memorable in my opinion, but this episode is a hidden gem. The episode "This is Rome" is a very Louis-centric episode. On a side note, Rick Hoffman does an excellent job playing Louis throughout the show.

Anyway, we see Louis getting his affairs in order after resigning from the firm while Jessica and Harvey fend off an outsider attempting to poach clients. What's most significant about this episode is that it's the moment Louis finally finds out about Mike's fraudulent past. It's at this point where he uses this information to leverage his way not only to return to the firm but also to take personal advantage of it, becoming a name partner at the firm that became Pearson Specter Litt.

10 Self Defense (Season 5, Episode 14)

One of the best things about this episode is that it's one of the few Patrick J. Adams (the actor who plays Mike Ross) directed. We get to see the chemistry between Mike and Harvey as they go head-to-head in a mock trial, which becomes very intense. We get to see just how much Harvey cares about Mike.

Throughout season 5, Mike Ross is forced to come to terms with his secret of being a lawyer without going to law school. He must prepare himself for his impending trial and wants to defend himself. However, this concerns Harvey and Jessica, who both disagree. So, Harvey sets up this mock trial to determine whether Mike can defend himself against Harvey, who acts as the opposition. The way the mock trial plays out is intense and sets up the anticipation for the real trial to come.

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