Top Ten TV Series About Inner Worlds

Several works have been addressing the human subconscious for a long time, and cinema stands out in this task. Therefore, below are listed the main series and miniseries with this objective.

Each must contain at least one scene where the characters interact in their inner projections or in the dream world. Scenarios must be vivid, a clearly delimited space, and not just flashbacks.
The Top Ten
1 Open Your Eyes
2 Alice In Borderland
3 Nightflyers
4 Another Life
5 The OA
6 Extraordinary Attorney Woo
7 Yellowjackets
8 The Expanse
9 Altered Carbon
10 Maniac
The Contenders
11 Quicksand
12 Hanna
13 Herman's Head
14 Keep Breathing
15 The Peripheral
16 Travelers
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