Top 10 Terrible Movies that are Better Than the Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie may be considered the worst movie to ever come out of 2017 and here are some terrible movies that are were way better than the Emoji movie.

The Top Ten

1 Minions

True. This movie SUCKS! but it is better than the stupid film of yellow smiley faces.

2 Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

This movie is an abomination yet I got more laughs mostly due to its awfulness from this movie than I ever got from The Emoji Movie. - egnomac

3 The Angry Birds Movie
4 Hotel Transylvania 2

Wouldn't say it's terrible...

5 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
6 Shark Tale

Rather Watch This Buring Dumpster Pile Than the burning dumpster pile shaped like an emoji. - codydoestuff

7 Smurfs: The Lost Village

I don't even like The Smurfs cartoon and I would still prefer this overt The Emoji movie. - egnomac

8 The Legend of The Chupacabras
9 Shrek the Third

This movie isn't terrible. Whoever put this ain't the sharpest tool in the shed - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

The movie sucked but no where near as bad as the Emoji Movie. - egnomac

10 Sausage Party

The Newcomers

? Twilight

Twilight hater - Oh nooze how dare tehy a vampire movie, but w0srse its about romance. Weer r the fangs! 1111 Cullen how darse you stalk Bella and y r u s0 shiny in da sun.
Twilight fan - Oh god another hater on the bandwagon, listen it doesn't make you cool to hate something that's popular. The author just wanted to write a fantasy romance and it became a chick flick too.

The Contenders

11 Cool Cat Saves the Kids

yes it is - BoyGenius234

12 Freddy Got Fingered
13 Beyblade: Fierce Battle
14 Fred: The Movie
15 Smosh: The Movie
16 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

No this is worse - BoyGenius234

17 The Room
18 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
19 Ratatoing
20 Birdemic: Shock and Terror
21 Howard the Duck
22 Dinosaur Adventure Dinosaur Adventure
23 The Lion and the King
24 The Little Panda Fighter
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