Top 10 Best Theatrical Movies of the 1990s

The best movies of the 1990s that were released in theaters!

The Top Ten Best Theatrical Movies of the 1990s

1 Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump, this movie may not be for everyone but I still love it. This is a very inspiring movie with a very famous character, Forrest Gump! This movie is supposed to be a happy movie but it makes you cry! - PeeledBanana

Awful! - MegaSoulhero

2 The Shawshank Redemption

Can we all just agree that 1994 was the best year for movies? This was one of the movies that made 1994 a fantastic year for film. The Shawshank Redemption brings Stephen King's novel to the big screen as a film, and it got no oscar? How? - PeeledBanana

This movie is a masterpiece! - MegaSoulhero

3 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Best action movie ever! Sorry Die Hard fans, this movie completely blows Die Hard away! (I still like Die Hard though)! Just like The Empire Strikes Back and The Dark Knight, this movie completely blew away the original movie which is rare! Terminator/T-800 is way more memorable in this movie than he was in The Terminator (1984, still a very good film). - PeeledBanana

4 The Lion King

This is the best animated movie of all time! It got 35 awards, wow! This arguably has the single greatest opening to a movie ever, when Circle of Life scene ends, you are already hooked on tight to the movie. The soundtrack in this film is phenomenal and Hans Zimmer's best work. The songs are catchy, this and The Hunchback of Notre Dame are very dark for Disney films. - PeeledBanana

5 Schindler's List

This is a very sad movie about the tragic event known as World War II. I consider this movie to be the one of the best by Steven Spielberg! - PeeledBanana

6 Pulp Fiction

Possibly the most quotable movie ever for one particular reason, Jules Winnfield, he is so quotable that I can use one of his quotes in every sentence! - PeeledBanana

7 Titanic

Please do not hate on me for adding this to the list because I know it gets a bad reputation on this but personally, I love it. It has an amazing soundtrack and is very sad. - PeeledBanana

8 Dumb and Dumber

Funniest movie ever! I was laughing so hard throughout the movie! I think it might be impossible to not at least chuckle in this movie at any scene. - PeeledBanana

9 Jurassic Park

Steven Spielburg is amazing, one of the best directors of all time and this was one of his best movies. It has a creative idea and story and has some of the most iconic music in movies. - PeeledBanana

Forget Forrest Gump & Titanic! This movie is fantastic!

10 Toy Story

The Contenders

11 Toy Story 2
12 Beauty and the Beast (1991)
13 Aladdin
14 The Green Mile
15 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
16 Wes Craven's New Nightmare
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