Top 10 Things 12 Year Olds Commonly Lose

Sorry, I was out of ideas and extremely bored. This is not an attack on anyone, but a general overview of what 12 year olds lose.

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1 Their motivation to do stuff

Sometimes this is me - DarkBoi-X

Lol me at 12

I used to run around outside. Now, I sit and play video games all day. - mistyglow

You’re right! I now have the skill of being the laziest person ever.

2 Their teeth Their teeth

They usually lose their teeth around 5-9 years of age. - MrCoolC

I lost my teeth way before - darthvadern

This photo. I passed out. - TriggerTrashKid

I’m 12 and I only lost 5 teeth.

3 Their faith in humanity

I lost it at only ten. That's when depression hit. - Cyri

I know I lost mine at 12. - styLIShT

4 Their innocence

I don’t do anything. Ever. - mistyglow

I never do anything bad because I’m a scaredy cat.

5 Their virginity

Virginity at 12? Real men have more girlfriends at the same point. Having only one just proves you don't dare to break moral norms and you'd rather have a boring life. - CrashThyDiamond

I know it's too much, but sometimes I feel like torturing and brutally murdering "kids" who lose it at 12. Or just gentially mutiliating them, either male or female.

I wish I did

That’s way to early. - MrCoolC

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6 Their homework Their homework

Or just pretend to lose it so they have an excuse not to turn it in.

Yeah... I definitely “lost” it. - mistyglow

7 The mentality that 'Ew, sex is extremely gross'

I still think it is. Don't judge me. - Cyri

That's because you mature. - DarkBoi-X

I have that even more now, it’s gross!

8 Their ability to regulate their emotions
9 Their childhood
10 Their ability to be happy for no reason

I wouldn’t call it no reason, so I agree.
I’m always happy because good music exists...wait...I’m always upset at school though.

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11 Their immaturity

Have you ever SEEN a middle school? - Cyri

Really, because personally, I was pretty immature back when I was 12.

No, I still have my beautiful immaturity.

I’m still immature. - mistyglow

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