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1 He Lifts Mjolnir

Related but respectable. - RW700

The moment in the battle against Thanos, seeing Captain America using both the shield and Mjolnir was iconic. Even Thor was clearly jealous by it. - MickeyMouse

This was the point that I was getting a little distracted (I don’t know how, my attention span must just be that short! ) but then Thanos almost killed Thor and I was so scared that I was going watch another founding member die in front of my eyes and I still hadn’t recovered from Black Widow’s death. Then I seen Mjonir flying, I assumed that Thor had called it. But when I seen Captain America lifting it and I was the first one cheering! Everyone loved it! He was worthy! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

2 Giving Sam Wilson the Captain America's Role

I would've liked Bucky to be Captain America, but I also think Falcon has been on the back burner too long in terms of development in this series, so it's cool that he has a chance at taking center stage. - Mcgillacuddy

Sam Wilson has taken up the shield and Captain America mantle in the comics, too, and seeing him get to have this honor in the MCU was definitely cool. He has always been a loyal ally and a hero in his own right, and it will be exciting to see how he carries on the legacy in the upcoming T.V. show. - MickeyMouse

I’m going to be honest, I think Bucky should’ve been the new Captain America, but a flying Captain America could be cool to - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

3 He Cries When He See Iron Man Die

When Iron Man dies after using the Infinity Gauntlet and saving the world, it’s an sad moment all around. While Steve doesn’t get to have much of a one on one scene with Tony, it’s clear that he is deeply affected by what he’s seeing, and his tears reflect this. It’s clear that Tony and Steve always respected and cared for one another, even if they sometimes were at rivals. - MickeyMouse

4 He is the Only One Standing Against Thanos and His Army

He looks and sees Thanos and his army, but he stays standing anyway, willing to fight to the death. This moment exemplifies the core of Captain America and what kind of hero he is, and it was truly a strong member of the team. - MickeyMouse

5 Battling Thanos with Iron Man and Thor

This moment was one that a lot of fans had been looking forward to after getting a scene of it in the trailers. Seeing Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America all working together once again was a shot-out to the past since the first time they all interacted they were fighting each other in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. - MickeyMouse

6 He Fights with Himself

Steve Rogers run into the 2012 version of himself. The two Captain America’s get to fight each other, with 2012 Steve doing a better job overall. This whole exchange was awesome, and it’s interesting to see how different and more hardened by the world Steve Rogers has become.
Luckily, future Captain America knows all his own tricks and was able to distract 2012 Steve with a mention of Bucky Barnes. It’s clear that Bucky Barnes will always be one of Steve’s devastating weaknesses - MickeyMouse

7 Going Back to the 1970s with Iron Man

When Iron Man and Ant-Man aren’t able to secure the tesseract, Iron man and Captain America have to improvise, This leads to them going back to the Camp Lehigh army base in the 1970s.
This scene also gives Steve a chance to reconnect with his past and get a scene of Peggy Carter in the past, even if he doesn't get to interact with her now. - MickeyMouse

8 He Got His Shield Back

Captain America dropped his shield at the final sequence of Captain America: Civil War after the fight with Iron Man. While Black Panther and Wakanda supplied him with shields to use in Avengers: Infinity War, he hasn’t had the iconic shield for years.

Seeing Iron Man give him back the shield was an awesome moment. This was definitely a symbolic deed that signaled that Iron Man and Captain America had forgiven each other for what happened in Captain America: Civil War and trusted each other once again. - MickeyMouse

9 When He Says, Avengers Assemble!!!

This moment is one of the more powerful moments in this movie.

I cried! I actually cried! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

10 He is Not Afraid of Thanos

At the start of Avengers: Endgame, it’s clear that Captain America is wants to going after Thanos and reversing the snap. He is instrumental, accompanied by Captain Marvel, in gathering the team and going after Thanos. When he says, “let’s go get this son of a b****,” it’s clear that Cap isn’t here to play. - MickeyMouse

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11 Steve Rogers Struggles with Mental Health and Trauma

While it might have been good to see Steve Rogers own issues focused on little more in Avengers: Endgame, it makes sense that he would be trying to help other people around him deal with their mental trauma. Steve Rogers might not always be good at facing his own internal problems, but he does always care about others - MickeyMouse

12 He Shaved His Beard
13 He is Respected by Thanos
14 He Fooled HYDRA Members Into Giving Him the Tesseract
15 His Chemistry with Captain Marvel
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