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1 She's Talented

Lets face it, God giving talent.

She's lucky to have been given such an incredibly beautiful voice. I enjoy everything she sings even if I don't like the song. That voice can make anything sound good

Even more talented than Ariana Grande

Well, duh. Jackie Evancho has the least talent ruined by fans. Who loves her anyway? - DynastiNoble

She is a gifted child, an angel sent from God and in heaven

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2 She Is Beautiful

Her beauty seems to radiate out from inside. she just seems like a really unaffected, pleasant person you would like to be friends with, modest even. Then when she gets on stage you think wow.

3 She will have several songs she wrote herself on her 2017 album titled "Two Hearts".

The new album has a total of 4 original songs she wrote herself.

4 She Has Natural Talent
5 She Is Still a Normal Kid When Off Stage

Likes to ride dirt bikes, is good at archery, goes to the beach, and lots more regular kid stuff.

Took a bad fall when playing with airsoft guns with her brother in 2012, and needed 100 stitches to close up a serious leg injury.

Jackie attends her local public high school and performs concerts on weekends and school breaks. She hangs with her friends just like any other teen. - BobG

There's is Jackie the sweet teenager, and Jacqueline the Voice.
Two spirits in one person.

6 She Gives Money to Charity

You Can't Judge Anyone If The Give Money To Charity. A Lot Of People Give Money To Charity Just For Attention So People Will Think They're Really Nice People So That They Can Get More People To Go See Their Movies Or Buy More Of Their Records.

So does some other famous people, who are adults. - 906389

7 She Is a Great Role Model
8 She Doesn't Use Autotune
9 She's Got the Voice of an Angel
10 She's Young V 2 Comments

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11 She's Kind to Others V 1 Comment
12 She Is the Youngest Solo Artist to Go Platinum V 1 Comment
13 She Is Saving the Music Industry
14 Appeared as a guest with Fernando Varela on his "Coming Home" TV special

Sang two duets with Fernando, "A Thousand Years" [in Spanish], and "The Prayer".

15 She Is Immensely Underrated

The way this site looks, it's virtually impossible for her to be underrated. She's positive? She has lots of personality? She's sweet and kind? What, do you all know her personally? I love James Taylor's music. I could care less if he's sweet and kind, or has a pleasant personality. I've never met him, nor am I likely to. How do any of you have a clue in the world what her personality is really like?

Professional singers across the globe know who she is and have performed with her, even though not many kids her own age know of her work.

Would love to hear her more often on the radio.

I have met Jackie Evancho, and she is extremely nice.

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16 She's Positive
17 She Is Pitch Perfect

It would be great to see her cast in a T.V. spinoff for the movie Pitch Perfect.

You can't deny that, haters.

Its almost like they created the phrase just for her.

Never needs auto-tune, or any other electronic enhancement. Not mamy artists today can make the claim that what you are hearing is the same thing the recording engineers heard.

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18 She Practices Before Performing
19 She's Very Underrated

We want to hear a lot more of her songs on the radio, and also to have her be on T.V. more often. If she can be in more movies too that would be great.

When number 17 and number 19 are that she's underrated, that tells you one thing...(she's not underrated).

I agree.

20 She Has Lots of Personality
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1. She's Talented
2. She Gives Money to Charity
3. She Is Beautiful
1. She's Talented
2. She's Young
3. She's Positive
1. She Has Natural Talent
2. She Is a Great Role Model
3. She Doesn't Use Autotune

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