Top Ten Best Things About Movies

Movies, movies, we watch them every day. Remember to vote, comment, make a remix on this list, and maybe even make this my most popular list, because everyone likes movies!

The Top Ten

1 They're Entertaining

Basically the main thing about it, it's great, fun, and scary. - TopTenJackson

Sadly, not true of all movies. But when they are, they are. - PositronWildhawk

2 They Keep You Busy

If you want to relax, maybe a good movie and popcorn would do the trick. - TopTenJackson

3 They're Addicting

They would make you want to re-watch it. - TopTenJackson

4 They Make Time Go Faster
5 They Make You Want to Write a Story About Them

It could be called, "The Lego Movie Book." - TopTenJackson

6 They Can Be Based On a Book

If you read a book about it, then you would want to watch the movie! - TopTenJackson

7 The Can Be Based On a True Story

Some of them are based on a real thing. - TopTenJackson

8 They Are Full of Adventures

Every movie has an adventure. - TopTenJackson

9 Some Are Based On a TV Show

Like "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" it's based on SpongeBob. - TopTenJackson

10 They Have Great Characters

The Contenders

11 They're Like a Gamble, They Can Be Really Good or Really Bad
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