Top Ten Best Things About the Short Film, in a Heartbeat


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1 It tells young LGBT people that their love is not dirty

Only giving a damn when it comes to LGBT people is stupid. I respect them but making lists like these is only exemplifying you as a Tumblr edgelord.

2 It is a young love factor never seen before
3 The scene where it shows all the other kids

People don't understand, and people will judge - AnonymousChick

4 Made by gays for gays

And yes, straight people did come and show their support for their LGBT family, or friends - AnonymousChick

5 The end when it fades to black

You can see no race, no gender, no person. All you can see are two hearts beating in unison and then joining together - AnonymousChick

"No race, no gender, no person."
To be honest, that sounds like sugarcoating.

6 The comments on the video

(the homophobes are so hilarious)

Seeing all the LGBT people sharing their stories without fear of being ridiculed by the others is beautiful, becuase many times we don't get safe spaces like that - AnonymousChick

7 The broken heart

A broken heart turned literal, and the literal definition of someone having your heart, the heart coming back together was moving - AnonymousChick

8 The rating is 4.9/5
9 It doesn't make a big deal about the fact that it has a gay couple
10 The animation

Ok but can we talk about it? So beautiful - AnonymousChick

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11 It is cute
12 Gravity defying apples

Even if I were a guy, I’d fall for someone who can make apples float. - RoseWeasley

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