Top 10 Things That Are Better Than Video Game Consoles

Are you tired of everybody arguing over video game consoles instead of video games? Well maybe, it's time to end the console wars once & for all. To hope for the console wars will end one day, here are the top ten things better than video game consoles.

The Top Ten

1 Video Games

Yes! Games are better than consoles. Video games are what we play. Consoles are what we play on. We play video games on consoles. If only there was one console that can play all video games together.

2 TV
3 Movies

Yes! I like movies, you like movies, a lot of people like movies.

4 PC

I'm pretty sure this is short for personal computer & yes, people play video games on computers.

5 People That Play Video Games

Because they play the games & only they pick which console they think is better.

6 Lego
7 Puppies
8 Books

Yeah! Just grab a book & relax. Believe me, they're way better than consoles.

9 Kittens
10 Outdoors

(Breathes in & out) Isn't it wonderful to go outside? I'm outside taking a brake from video games. I'll go back to playing video games later. I'm just laying in the sun getting a sun tan.

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