Top 10 Things Dogs Might Be Thinking


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1 Give me food

This is a Cat's mind. Not a Dog's. Bad list, sorry. - Blight

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2 I have to go bathroom
3 I need to go for a walk
4 I don't want to get up

This is my Cat. The one that ran away. - Blight

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5 Get away from me

Okay, no, just no. I don't know if you ever owned a Dog or not, but, sorry, in my opinion, this list is biased and inaccurate. My opinion, sorry. It's just... so rude. I know you don't like Dogs, but this is just downright rude. - Blight

6 I hate cats

My dogs love cats. They coexist in my home without tension between them at all. - PositronWildhawk

7 I'm bored
8 I want to play

Doesn't every living species want to play? - Turkeyasylum

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9 I feel sick
10 One day I will escape this prison and take over the world V 3 Comments

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11 Give me some water
12 Don't leave me V 1 Comment
13 I want to go in a Strip Club

This is the worst possible thing to add to the list. Are you dumb? Why on Earth would a Dog be thinking this? - Blight

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14 I'm sorry I peed on the new carpet
15 I want to go for a ride or a walk
16 Hey man, I'm hungry
17 My human is sooo stupid & sooo hard to train

This is an idiotic statement. No offense. It just is. - Blight

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18 Man that huskymudkipz video was good as god!!!
19 I like Puga.
20 Who are you?

Yeah right. Dogs know their owners like the back of their paw! - Blight

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