Top 10 Things that Make Superhero Movies Suck

Superhero movies suffer from a lot of problems many times, from little plot development to extreme overuse of CGI, and much more.I know that these reasons do not apply to all superhero movies. But I feel it does apply to around 90% of the superhero movies being made right now at the very least.

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1 Little to No Plot Development

Surprised the Marvel elitists didn't find this list yet. - B1ueNew

There are many things wrong with this list. The fact you don't bring any examples or explanation makes your argument sound invalid. And one could easily counter all of these so-called 'points' which shows you did not understand what you were doing when you made this list.

It seems that the people who make these movies sacrifice a lot of plot just to have more action scenes, which is a very bad idea in my mind.

2 They Try Too Hard to Be Gritty

From the look of these films to the vibe the filmmakers try to give off in them, all of that makes it feel like they are trying to hard to make them seem gritty.

3 Overblown and Cheesy Action Scenes

It seems that 90% of these movies action take place incites, and involve buildings being smashed, and involve a portal coming from the sky, with the villains coming out of the portal to destroy the city. And the bland looking CGI can make the scenes look cheesy sometimes.

4 Forced Crossovers

This is not just a problem with Superhero movies, but it seems especially prevalent in that genre of film. I feel the filmmakers of these movies are only making crossovers just to make money honestly. I could not have been the only one to cringe when I saw the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange in the trailer for Avengers Infinity War. It seems that nothing can just stand alone anymore in the film world, it just has to be in a crossover.

5 Mediocre Acting

It seems that the actors in these movies try so hard to sound serious that it sounds so forced, and unnatural often times.

6 Boring, and Forced Dialogue

Often trying to sound like it's serious, but often sounds forced, and sounds like the actors are trying to hard to sound serious.

Yeah! Especially superman - Sugarcubecorner

7 Extreme Overuse of Cgi

Often times the CGI looks mediocre at best in these movies often times in my opinion. Plus the overuse it so much that it does not even look real, and looks like a video game.

8 Cheap, and Unfunny Humor

If the superhero movies do choose to have humor 95.5% the time it's very cheap and unfunny. Usually a very unfunny pop culture reference.

9 Boring Plots

Other than the action scenes most of these movies are pretty boring to me. And even the action scenes can be boring, or Cheesy depending on the movie.

10 Zack Snyder Zachary Edward "Zack" Snyder is an American filmmaker, best known for his action and science fiction films.

The Contenders

11 Plot Holes

Cough suicide squad cough - B1ueNew

Since these filmmakers are to focused on cheesy action scenes. They just let the plot holes fly by.

12 Oversaturation
13 Fandoms
14 Ruined by Memes

*cough* Avengers *cough*

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