Top Ten Things People Ask Metalheads

There are certain questions you only get asked as metalfan. Some are ridiculous, funny or just ignorant.

This list is there to explain people that we are not psychopaths.

The Top Ten

1 Why do you like such music?

We have nothing else to listen too

"I like it because of the heavy riffs." - Metalhead1997

I like it because it is the MOST BADASS MUSIC GENRE OF ALL TIME.

You have to answer it to yourself.
I might have a different reason that you have BUT there is one thing we all aggree to:

"It sounds great! " - Fretto

2 Do you have hobbies?

Of course I do! I am an aspiring writer/novelist!

Sure. Everybody has hobbies.
It can have something to do with metal like playing an instrument or metal unrelated stuff like playing videogames or shopping. - Fretto

3 Why is your hair so long?

1. It looks epic
2. You can headbang to it better

If you have an afro, normal long hair etc.
you know the difference when you're headbanging...It's a huge positive difference. - Fretto

4 I love metal too. Do you like Nickelback?

There's nothing wrong to like Nickelback.
But just because they have guitars in their songs they don't have to be a metalband. - Fretto

5 Have you ever heard of Metallica?

I know it's meant to be nice but Metallica
is the most known Metalband ever. - Fretto

6 Can you stop wearing black clothes?

As I once mentioned in a previos list that
in western countries the color black has a bad meaning.

It's provocating but would you tell a buissness (wo)man (s)he has to stop wearing black suits?

And there are more reasons to wear black clothes. - Fretto

7 Are you an emo?

Emos have a different culture.
Just because we both like wearing black clothes we don't look the same. - Fretto

8 Are you depressed?

You don't have to impressed to like any kind of music.
You can be the happiest person ever while you 're singing to a DSBM song. - Fretto

9 Why is (s)he screaming?

Not all vocalists do guttural vocals.
Just listen to Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford. - Fretto

10 Do you pray to Satan?

This question is not asked a lot anymore but it might happen to you some time. - Fretto

I don't know HOW to. - Metalhead1997

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