Top 10 Things Most People Want in Life but You May Not

The Top Ten

1 Marriage

I don't feel as though marriage is in my future but then again, I am not a fortune teller. - ParasN2000

2 Children

I don't believe I will change my mind on not wanting to have children in the future. I'm young and maybe destiny will change my thoughts on that. - ParasN2000

3 To be rich

This is a tough one. We all know that money buys happiness while also it doesn't. There are endless perks to being rich but there are also problems which come with it. - ParasN2000

4 To be sexually active
5 To live for long
6 To be physically fit
7 To move into your own place

If I could, I would leave this home to live somewhere else 😝 - Ananya

8 Trusting friends
9 To live in a mansion

As cool as living in a mansion sounds it does make sense to me why many people would not want it. There is nothing cosy or homely about living in a mansion. - ParasN2000

Nature is way better. - CedreticFomento

10 Grandchildren
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