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1 Cigarettes

Cigarettes should be banned worldwide and both indoor & outdoor places and in homes - sammo

People are getting cancer smoking cigarettes and bad things. It should be banned

No access to healthcare and not stopping global warming should be #1... This affects us all! Urgently!

Oh, thank you all for putting this in the No. 1 spot. I honestly don't understand why the legality of these things isn't being contested more these days! Ignorance to their negative effects couldn't be lower and their so expensive to keep buying, anyways! Also, you'd think that people would be smart enough to properly teach their children to stay away from them and yet the teenagers of today still smoke. - BKAllmighty

If Your Serious?...about Suicide Prevention,then Legalize the Right to Die.

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2 Porn

Only time will tell how bad this is messing us all up.

I would rather have legal prostitution than legal porn... Regulated and safe.

Porn relates to us a primates, as animals and as beings with no consciousness or self-control. It attacks morality and suggests sex is a primal need. As civilization progresses human beings must take control over sex and sexuality and become higher beings. Porn takes us back to a time when we were animals. Civilization is what we aim for and porn has no place in it.

Totally degrading to yourself. Not to mention it typically plagues relationships. Just STOP already, you don't need it. - gimi8609

Who are you to decide what I need. Sex is healthy&good for people. Plagues relationships, get real my women&i use porn to enhance or sex&it works great. All you people who voted to get rid of this must be frigid, impotent or are insecure. How is enjoying yourself.. Degrading, it boosts self esteem. Besides its good for those who can't find someone, at least they can enjoy time by&with themselves!

It's Way Past Time!... Prostitution should Be Legalized in the Whole USA!...Regulatef and Safe... Better all around for All!

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3 Bullying

Kids are committing suicide because bullying. Kids are shooting up their schools because of bullying. Why? Why must all these children die, because of OUR laziness, and OUR inability to stop bullying? It should be a crime. End of story.

If it does get labeled as a "crime" then all of the world would be in jail for saying each 1 mean comment. I agree with smoking and porn but bullying? It is horrible and people do die but maybe it's the fault of some people for taking the act of "bullying" and changing it into a whole new meaning and distorting it's meaning so that if one mean comment is said it can be turned into some excuse for people to go telling adults that someone is "bullying" them. So be mindful of what bullying is and if it happens repeatedly you should then do something.

Bullying should defiantly be banned because it has caused a lot of children to commit suicide.

Finally!?... We All Peace loveing Americans are going to have Concealed Carry Firearms,Thank You President Trump and Republicans! Guns Also Save Lives!

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4 Racism

There are things far worse and more obivious than this,NO ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE! In a rich country like the USA! This is a National Shame! Preventive care alone would save money,primary care costs much less than the emergency room,there is nothing the American people can have than good healthcare for all its citizens! We must strive and VOTE for this! 2016

I hate racism. it can even lead to war. I mean like you get 1 country saying that another country sucks and being racist. then the other country repels and they both call their alliances and soon WORLD WAR 3 is here

The USA is very raceist, but in a quiet way, mostly by police and at voteing polls, any minority with darker skin will tell you the same, especially in the southern states, and Arizona, Texas, I been there, seen all this! Mostly by older country white men, most often poor, uneducated, simple folks, I don't think they know or can know any better, educated white people mostly are very kind, decent, especially the younger people, this should not surprise you, they also vote liberal, mostly.

We' Are All Black People... See How Stupid Racism is? Do Your Research. I told you.

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5 Drugs

All Legal, Americans should have access to good Healthcare, without this, America means Nothing, at all! And keeping a clean, healthy planet to live on! All else is 2nd!

By criminalizing drugs, you make a BIGGER PROBLEM!.. And create other crimes.. Like people crossing drugs in their bodies, then they end up prostitutes, people in for profit jails, it's better to Legalize, simpler.

Drug use is often to cope or escape hard reality, be it pain, poverty, captivity, often without them.. Suicide... May occur.. Often drugs, is a bridge to better... Marijuana is a good copeing plant, I vote for easy access, stress is a major need of drugs, no access to healthcare is also a symptom... Compassion.. Heals drug use some.

Drug use is very rarely for any of those reasons, though it is a bridge to better. People use drugs because they like the way it makes them feel (good).. Period!

Marijuana doesn't hurt your health that much, and is important for people in chronic pain. Like, no one has no from it. Now crystal meth and heroin and cocaine are different stories. - Lucretia

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6 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

How did I know this was going to be here?

I'll say this here and be done with it. I don't hate him for his music or whatever. I couldn't care less for his well-being because he decided to drive drunk.

My mother was hit by a drunk driver and will have chronic pain for the rest of her life.

If you're careless or brainless enough to put others in danger like that you have sworn off your right to ever being trustworthy ever again.

That is why I dislike him. - BKAllmighty

This site and its Justin Bieber know, it was funny back in 2010, but good God, isn't he kind of gone now? And how is a teenage pop star worse than things that can ACTUALLY be harmful and SHOULD get banned? Like drugs, alcohol, discrimination, etc. Do you realize how stupid this is now? - Co0lk1d25

Do you realize how stupid it is now that you're still ranting about the joke years ago?

This joke is getting old fast - kidlava111

I lyv beiber! get him off this list&*$(!

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7 Internet pop-ups

Internet pop ups are THE single most irritating thing I have ever come across! Just ban them now and be done with it!

I've gotten rid of them now, but before, I couldn't do anything on the computer I use without two ads popping up every three minutes. It's hard to play Super Smash Flash 2 like that. One time, a pop-up ad even replaced the tab I was on.

Finally after a long time of waiting I can look up the chain chomp from Mario bros... (a lot of ads start filling up the page) Oh come on!

The only internet pop up that should get banned are the virus popups. Did you know that most viruses are made by companies that also make virus removing services? It's a money tactic. They give you viruses, you pay them to remove it. It's awful, really. - RaccoonCartoon

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8 War

I not know if ET caused 9/11.. My guess, its Stupid Republicans sticking their noses in lands they got no business in! Next thing, BOOM! We pissed off people! But, you never learn, some of you still support MORONS!

STOP! Wars! OCCUPY 3!.. Use credit unions, NOT Banks! GROW Socialist Party! See movie Sicko, support the Progressives! STOP Global Warming! Take the profit out of healthcare! Stop all discrimination!

It's insulting when people from across the Globe come to America and they forgot why they came here and then belittle and insult the natives? America is GODS land and we all are his children. No One is less or more.

Not going to be banned. And some nutjob in Asia that names Kim Jong Un just may start it - Lucretia

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9 Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol does more harm than good. Alcohol causes a person to lose their ability to think and act with intelligence. Some may argue that alcohol has some benefits but beware, the consequences outweigh the benefits. If you still don't agree then maybe we should look at the number of innocent people who die as a result of drunk drivers. We should also look at how much crime is related to alcohol. Take my word, alcoholic drinks are not proving to be as beneficial to society as one might think.

Honestly guys there are people who drink responsibly, but then there are others who drink irresponsibly. This ends up in car accidents, domestic violence etc. If alcohol is banned it is better for society as a whole. Yeah sure you might not want to give up your beer, but it would be worth it if it benefits society. There would be a decrease in crimes and we won't have to worry about drunk drivers crashing into a car filled with little children.

Remember how Prohibition worked out? They repealed it for a good reason - the average American was breaking the law and organized crime was through the roof - much worse than people just getting drunk and making drunken decisions. - Songsta41

I think the prohibition was ill conceived, but rather than entirely abandoning it, I would have just made efforts to keep it legal but not so that it's encouraged either. - marmalade_skies

I like alcohol though, its good to drink when your stressed and if you don't drink so much its not that pick of a issue. - Lucretia

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10 Censorship

Censorship ought to be banned for many reasons 1 is that people have no right to burn books or ban movies just because they think it might have a big effect on us. every writer should have the right to express his thoughts and opinions just like everyone else and shall not be criticized about it. however it is your choice about weather to agree or disagree with the writer.

Now India has Universal healthcare... This is recent... Look it up in the net.. At universal healthcare we still not have it!?!

Remember what happened to Russia? That's communism for ya. Not good. - RiverClanRocks

Oh look, liberal fascists are trying to censor opinions that don't agree with their own. Book burning? Removing a statue of Jefferson Davis? You don't grow as a society by removing "offensive" stuff from history, you use them to learn a lesson about how dangerous it is to repeat the past.

Ban Banning!

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? Veganism

This MUST be number one. I can't stand vegans. - Piplup

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11 Republicans

I like to look at the political spectrum as a list form one to ten. 1 being right wing/conservative and 10 being left wing/liberal. I would say 60% of people my age (perhaps more) are in the liberal zone. The overwhelming majority in the 10 range are elderly people who do not understand the US or much about current events. These far fighters have, instead, a very outdated view of the world. Many rightist politicians are homophobic and act as though gay marriage is some sort of sin against god. For they're information, the bible does not say a thing about gay marriage. Only more recently have homophobic religious leaders have falsely interpreted it to be so. They are constantly urging Americans to get involved in costly international affairs. I'm not talking about Europe or Asia, I'm talking about hopeless war zones like Sudan and Libya. The United States has no diplomatic ties with Libya nor does the average American care what is going on over there. Same with Sudan. The only country ...more

I like this cat, he knows his stuff, cats this informed are a pleasure to listen too, if only we had this quality of person running things, we would all win. Some.

Get rid of them!... They silly!

All Republicans are just old people getting in the way of progress, science, technology, medicine, the sooner they are gone, the better!

This the reason so many HATE us.

Often going down the mountain is much harder than going up the mountain.. Think about this before you vote Republican... The ass you save.. May be your own!

Crazy liberals are still mad about Trump winning after its been more than a year since he has one. Get a life. - USGC

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12 Abuse on women

I feel sorry for our women if we elect Republicans,I truly do.

They all beautiful and important

I think that women should not be abused in the world woman have the right to do anything they wont

How about just abuse on anyone in general?

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13 Abortion

I hate abortion and I am a Democrat! Please don't murder a helpless baby! Women are saying, "Oh you guys are sexist and not allowing us to have reproductive rights! " You know what? I don't give a damn about your "reproductive rights" if they include the right to murder a fetus. All you pro-choice people take life for granted and don't care about a baby. But everyone only has one life, including a fetus. You people who have had an abortion as selfish. Selfish because you would rather have it easy for yourself and kill a child rather than let the child live. JUST GIVE BIRTH TO IT AND GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION! SOMEONE WILL ADOPT IT!

Abortion is the women's choice and none of your business. If a woman is raped or a victim of incest or the baby is risking the life of the mother then it should be eliminated. Also, if the baby is born into a really poor family or something like that it would not have a good life that it deserves and there are already way too many orphans in the world so we don't need any more. I personally believe that life starts at consciousness

If you ban it, they can purposely miscarry their babies which can cause their death. Plus, who wants to pay 8,000 to have a child they don't want anyways? I think if they give it up for adoption they don't need to pay 8,000 dollars... and giving birth is their choice. And for the billionth time, abortion is not murder. A fetus is not human. Plus if every stupid fetus survives, their would be way to many people - Lucretia

There is a chance that your child could grow up and become a star, but you won't even give them the chance at all if you abort! - RaccoonCartoon

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14 Anti abortion laws

There is NO scientific or medical proof supporting that we are even close to realizing when a fetus becomes a human. Absolutely NO PROOF. Scream at me all you want. It does not exist.

And as Ronald Reagan once said (and I'm paraphrasing), "... Since we don't know, let us air on the side of life".

He also said (and this one is a direct quote) that, "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born".

It puzzles me, constantly, that the liberal-minded side of the argument isn't the one fighting for pro-life. Every other liberal-minded argument is FOR life, not AGAINST it. I just don't understand the morality behind these beliefs. - BKAllmighty

Did you know? That if you use birth control! We would not have so many hungry. Lonely. Abandoned.. Children in the world.. BUT your damm religions get in the way of simplicity like this! And you Butthole republicans preach your crap! To uneducated people! And this sad! Cycle will continue! I hope you morons never win!

The only recent claim to fame Republicans have is a very mediocre Ronald Reagan... Did he get us healthcare, no, a clean planet, no, just amnesty to give Republicans lotta cheap labor.

If they stay, they will abort the FETUS not CHILD by themselves and that could kill could kill them too. Please, let it stay legal. - Lucretia

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15 Lying

The Republican party is the watered down version of the KKK and Nazi parties.. Look at Public Television and you learn about this. This true.

Lying can actually be good at times. For example, when your friend is guilty of something small (like stealing a cookie) and you take the blame because that friend saved your back when you were being bullied. That isn't bad. Right? - MontyPython

You, must be talking about the FOX news channel.. What a load of spin! And Bull! You must not have a GED to enjoy this crud!

People who victimize themselves. - USGC

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16 YouTube ads

When I was watching a video in school a text advert popped up and it said 'How to grow your own marujjana; CLICK HERE.' It was a little funny but it's really bad that Google can approve an ad like that. - Harri666

Yeah I agree with you sometimes theirs dirty ads it's disgusting and the annoying ones are even worse

One time I saw an ad that was dirty and it had swearing in it what if my 8 year old brother was watching it? - SammySpore

They make companies make money. You really can't sit through a 30 second ad or get adblocker? - LemonComputer

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17 School Uniforms

Live Better...Move to A BLUE STATE

Another thing Trump Voters never heard of

There are lots of reasons why they exist.. Very important reasons too. - LemonComputer

Okay, that's stupid. You have actually the choise. If you don't want to be in a school where school uniforms are required don't go and choose another school. School uniforms are supposed to be a trademark of the school ( are you also willing to ban police uniforms, army uniforms, sports uniforms etc...? ). Nobody is putting a gun to your head for your choise of school.

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18 Rape

Rape is already illegal in MOST countries. - 1337

How is this not higher? Its very serious! - GentleTrouter

Umm, I think this is probably already banned in every country. Just because you ban it doesn't mean it won't happen unfortunately. - giga

Already illegal - USGC

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19 Anti guns laws

You cannot make law abiding citizens safer by taking away their guns. That's been proven over and over again. Everywhere in the world where they have strict gun control the violent crime rate has risen. Everywhere, without exception. And yet people still think they can make the world safer by outlawing guns. The lack of logical thought regarding guns by the left, which usually has intellectual superiority as its hallmark, boggles the mind.

No, Lemon. We need less people relying on police for protection. Cops aren't always right by you, a.44 magnum can be. A gun can't shoot you like a cop with the wrong idea can too. How bout that? - EliHbk

People who think there should be no guns aren't thinking at all. Criminals will get their hands on guns one way or another, just like how they get their hands on drugs. All it will do is disarm the law abiding citizen and make them vulnerable. Let's face it, id feel much much safer with a gun in my house - ryanrimmel

Why should we make it easier for them to get one? I think the only thing that should be changed are the amount of checks to be sure that you can legally own a gun. What if someone with anger issues got to carry around a concealed weapon? I don't care how many dislikes I get, guns are made for the pure purpose of killing. If you feel safer by keeping a gun in your house, okay I respect that. But carrying around one in public is dangerous and frightening. (not for me but my 8 year old brother was scared we were in a parking lot and he saw someone with a handgun and was really scared that isn't right.) - Katekat123

This is quite literally contradicting an amendment. The second amendment, to be precise. And I don't know which idiot is REALLY going to openly oppose an amendment. And if you will, then expect an uproar. - FineDough

Guns are evil. If no one had guns, we wouln't need them. But if someone breaks into your house with a gun and they are 5 miles away, a gun can protect you better - Lucretia

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20 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

And I refuse to keep on paying double what I can afford in healthcare costs, just so some people who can not afford it get to have health care. I'm sorry they can't afford it, but I can't afford to pay for them. Obamacare is killing me. My healthcare premiums have doubled. Most doctors can't afford to accept Medicaid anyhow, because the government doesn't give them enough money to properly take care of their patients. And now I can't even see a decent doctor, like going to Mayo Clinic, which Obama care will not let you go to, unless you pay a few thousand every month at least. So, I have to go see some quack downtown. I hope it gets repealed. People could always be treated at a city hospital with no insurance. No one was being turned away. Now EVERYONE is unhappy.

I refuse to stand for colors at my navy base employment until america has universal healthcare for all its citizens! We may? End up in court! But I no longer remain quiet on this! Healthcare should be equal to everyone!

Well,its just a start
The USA is not France! But,us Democrats,in California,starting July 15,2015 we will have at least 3 sick days a year we can use and be paid! If you don't use any,at end of the year you get 24 hours of pay! So,if you,say,go to dentist,you don't have to go to work with a swollen face,you can rest! At least in a blue Democrats state,they at least try to help workers a bit,I pity you in Red Republican states! The well to do there,Vote Republican and the hell with you poor working stiffs! Go work sick! You peaon!

its bad

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