Top Ten Things That Should be Banned


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1 Cigarettes

Cigarettes should be banned worldwide and both indoor & outdoor places and in homes - sammo

That would be worse because then people would start smuggling them. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Global Warming Will SMOKE us ALL.

I even have a list of reasons why they should be banned - DrayTopTens

I do Hope you know that The REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS NO HEALTHCARE PLAN for the USA.NONE.Do You Want to Risk Your Life!...You and I Pay for TRUMPS Healthcare for LIFE!...HE WILL BE OK. Who knows about us and YOU?

2 Porn

Porn should NOT be banned.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not someone who is interested with the concept to begin with, let alone someone who watches it. However, the problem lies in popularity and income. The Porn industry is rather very large, thanks, in part, to sites like PornHub and Brazzers (Who surprisingly have some standards seeing as they don't display violent and disturbing variations). While banning Porn does seem like a good idea, long-term consequences tend to say otherwise. You can't really eliminate porn by banning it. The industry will just move on to the Dark Web for distribution and viewing. In addition, a lot of people become sexually driven during the latter stages of adolescence and much of adulthood. Furthermore, if Porn does get banned, there'll be a big uproar from people and the moment they'll find out about the Dark Web, they'll try to reach there, potentially exposing themselves to more darker types of Porn.

What I mean to say is that banning Porn ...more - CrimsonShark

Oh my god, that is a good reasoning to your comment. It sounds literally accurate. - yamionthetrap

Don't enjoy SEX, Abortions are illegal under TRUMP, Only he can get Jiggy.

Porn is actually good.

Only time will tell how bad this is messing us all up.

I would rather have legal prostitution than legal porn... Regulated and safe.

3 Racism

DEMOCRATS Want Open BORDERS and FREE Healthcare for illegals... THIS Means TRUMP Will WIN...EASY!... DEMOCRATS You Can WIN 2020...Close The BORDERS...Put Americans First...AND WIN 2020...ITS THIS SIMPLE!... Can't You See this?!...WE DON'T WANT Illegals...WE DO WANT Healthcare and Equality...A Clean Planet!

I betcha Trump is way ahead in the toothless white trash demographic polls...I hope Trump stops their disability checks and food stamps!

I liked it better when OBAMA was President... No Drama OBAMA...he was more about fixing problems NOT Being a Problem like Trump. Plus We Were on our way to Healthcare for us all. America is classier and cleaner under Democrats.

Illegals.Get in line Just like LEGALS.Wait.Others do What makes you so Special?...VIVA TRUMP 2020!

4 Bullying

Kids are committing suicide because bullying. Kids are shooting up their schools because of bullying. Why? Why must all these children die, because of OUR laziness, and OUR inability to stop bullying? It should be a crime. End of story.

As someone who has been personally affected by bullying, I am surprised this hasn't been banned already. This still affects me a year later.

If it does get labeled as a "crime" then all of the world would be in jail for saying each 1 mean comment. I agree with smoking and porn but bullying? It is horrible and people do die but maybe it's the fault of some people for taking the act of "bullying" and changing it into a whole new meaning and distorting it's meaning so that if one mean comment is said it can be turned into some excuse for people to go telling adults that someone is "bullying" them. So be mindful of what bullying is and if it happens repeatedly you should then do something.

It is bad - MarioMaster101

5 Drugs

Mexico is now decriminalizing all drugs and I feel that we need to do that in the USA... The money used to incarcerate people can be used for drug education and treatment.. Drug dealers will be out of business now. We can buy anything anywhere or not. Empty Jails.

Only pathetic dictators try to control what others do with their body it's better to legalize all drugs. Create a better safer environment to create such drugs more safely. Now with the profit it could be used to fix broken city structures rebuild better schools hospitals or even go to help the poor and homeless - Psyluv

It is bad - MarioMaster101

All Legal, Americans should have access to good Healthcare, without this, America means Nothing, at all! And keeping a clean, healthy planet to live on! All else is 2nd!

6 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

How did I know this was going to be here?

I'll say this here and be done with it. I don't hate him for his music or whatever. I couldn't care less for his well-being because he decided to drive drunk.

My mother was hit by a drunk driver and will have chronic pain for the rest of her life.

If you're careless or brainless enough to put others in danger like that you have sworn off your right to ever being trustworthy ever again.

That is why I dislike him. - BKAllmighty

How is Justin Bieber above war?

What's next, GoAnimate grounded videos about him? - TheAwesomeDude54

Hell No, He Should Not Be Banned. He May Be Annoying, But Banning Him Is Not The Right Thing. ISLAMIPHOBIA SHOULD BE NUMBER 6.

7 War

Yes please! - RoseWeasley

Is there a War on USA born people and legals? Why? are we paying for healthcare for all illegal aliens?... The Government claims its running out of money for Social Security...Maybe? If we didn't Reward for people to cross our Borders illegally?...that would help?...what next? Free collage and daycare for illegals? Do Democrats want to lose the election?... Put Americans First!...especially Veterans!

O Shut up...War is Just Stupid.FIN.

It was OBAMA who fixed the economy not Trump. OBAMA. After inepto Bush screwed it up and got us into Dumb Wars. It Was OBAMA who fixed the country. And the Democrats.

8 Internet pop-ups

It should not be banned - anvigaur

Internet pop ups are THE single most irritating thing I have ever come across! Just ban them now and be done with it!

There is No Justice in the World like Free Speech on the internet...For All the World to see...a few pop ups is not that bad. For this Immense Equality.

I've gotten rid of them now, but before, I couldn't do anything on the computer I use without two ads popping up every three minutes. It's hard to play Super Smash Flash 2 like that. One time, a pop-up ad even replaced the tab I was on.

9 Abuse on women

Should be banned - AwesomeJawson

True - Ilikerice

I feel sorry for our women if we elect Republicans,I truly do.

More Women should be in the NRA family. and conceal carry a gun. Legally. I'm sure many Women agree with me.

10 Censorship

I agree, partially. Forced censorship should be banned as it violates the first amendment, but self-censorship shouldn't, as it gives a choice if something should be said or not. - hippoking

FREEDOM means NO Censorship.FREE...Voice of All to All...Democracy...All Are Heard...USA...for example...

This is why you should use a VPN it let's you get onto sites that are restricted because an oversensitive SJW said so. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Self censorship is one thing but censorship that ruins entertainment is no good yes its one annoying problem now banning things just cause you don't agree with it is terrible you dictators are worse than hitler - Psyluv


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11 Sexism

This is sort of illegal. - AlphaQ

How though. I mean its wrong but how do u make an opinion of gender superiority a crime it will never stop - boltslegend

12 Republicans

I like to look at the political spectrum as a list form one to ten. 1 being right wing/conservative and 10 being left wing/liberal. I would say 60% of people my age (perhaps more) are in the liberal zone. The overwhelming majority in the 10 range are elderly people who do not understand the US or much about current events. These far fighters have, instead, a very outdated view of the world. Many rightist politicians are homophobic and act as though gay marriage is some sort of sin against god. For they're information, the bible does not say a thing about gay marriage. Only more recently have homophobic religious leaders have falsely interpreted it to be so. They are constantly urging Americans to get involved in costly international affairs. I'm not talking about Europe or Asia, I'm talking about hopeless war zones like Sudan and Libya. The United States has no diplomatic ties with Libya nor does the average American care what is going on over there. Same with Sudan. The only country ...more

I like this cat, he knows his stuff, cats this informed are a pleasure to listen too, if only we had this quality of person running things, we would all win. Some.

Get rid of them!... They silly!

All Republicans are just old people getting in the way of progress, science, technology, medicine, the sooner they are gone, the better!

I'm not going to get into what I believe in personally. But both being Republican or Democrat should be illegal. Just believe what you want to believe in, simple as that. - hippoking

THIS is the Party of the Rich White and Connected, NOT of the Common Working American, it's All About Profit$ for Corporations,no You nor Your Clean Air or Water, it's THIS Simple. They Run Things,NOT YOU!

13 Animal cruelty

I hate everyone who hurts animals the same thing should happen to them.

Please help Humane teach others to be kind to animals! ALL is Learned!... Teach!

Wait! Republicans are animals!

I absolutely hate people that decide to hurt animals for being innocent

14 Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol does more harm than good. Alcohol causes a person to lose their ability to think and act with intelligence. Some may argue that alcohol has some benefits but beware, the consequences outweigh the benefits. If you still don't agree then maybe we should look at the number of innocent people who die as a result of drunk drivers. We should also look at how much crime is related to alcohol. Take my word, alcoholic drinks are not proving to be as beneficial to society as one might think.

A lot of us can actually handle drinking even when drunk the few trouble makers don't know how to handle their alcohol are the idiots that end up in jail or worse yes its sad that people die from accidents but that's part of life - Psyluv

Most of all problems are caused by people that drink too much, and those problems affect NOT only those who are drinking, but everyone around!

Honestly guys there are people who drink responsibly, but then there are others who drink irresponsibly. This ends up in car accidents, domestic violence etc. If alcohol is banned it is better for society as a whole. Yeah sure you might not want to give up your beer, but it would be worth it if it benefits society. There would be a decrease in crimes and we won't have to worry about drunk drivers crashing into a car filled with little children.

15 Rape

I don't know I don't think it need to be banned but someone doesn't want to do it the better listen

It is already banned

Rapists,move to California,they love CRIMINALS there, More than Good People,and Illegals too.and Bums.

Rape is already illegal in MOST countries. - 1337

16 Anti abortion laws

Abortion should definitely be legalized. I'm glad I live in an enlightened country.

Most supporters of these laws are Southern redneck hypocrites.

They have no problem shooting people for no reason, but it's horrible if it's baby. - KalloFox34

Yes a women can do whatever she wants with her body, and I don't care about what you say. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

No One wants a Women with another mans kids,Stepfamilys Don't Work,want to be an Old Hag? Keep Abortions Legal,and Birth control.

17 Abortion

Killing by any nature should be illegal.

I hate abortion and I am a Democrat! Please don't murder a helpless baby! Women are saying, "Oh you guys are sexist and not allowing us to have reproductive rights! " You know what? I don't give a damn about your "reproductive rights" if they include the right to murder a fetus. All you pro-choice people take life for granted and don't care about a baby. But everyone only has one life, including a fetus. You people who have had an abortion as selfish. Selfish because you would rather have it easy for yourself and kill a child rather than let the child live. JUST GIVE BIRTH TO IT AND GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION! SOMEONE WILL ADOPT IT!

Dictators don't care about your view if its something they think is a good idea enjoy trying to control how others live besides getting re pregnant shouldn't be to hard when ready to start a family make a new child or 3 otherwise keep getting them abortions creating a bigger business in the market - Psyluv

Mind your own Damn Business Mike Pence stay the Hell out of my Personal life!... You Sicko. You too Republicans.

Could you dunderheads educate yourselves.
Within one week of conception, the fertilised egg, known as a blastocyst will make its way to the uterus. Within days the cells will arrange themselves into two masses: the outer coat will become the placenta, while the inner cell mass becomes the foetus. All being well, the developing embryo will settle into the folds of the womb lining.
Its not murder. How about you watch a 90s children's cartoon called How Your Body Works Life - The Body Sentinels on Youtube.
Get your brain working.

18 Lying

How can you ban speech? - Userguy44

President Trump and the FOX news channel are just Lies Exaggerations but his supporters are so Damn Stupid that they don't even know that they are Damn Stupid All I agree with Crooked Trump is that we need Real Borders. But we be need Healthcare and Equality too. I'm Staying A Democrat...Republicans are A Scam. Vote 2020!

Too bad - Luckys

You can't dictate speech if you are smart enough its easy to spot a lie from truth you can always ignore whats being said - Psyluv

19 School Uniforms

My school uniforms suck. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

And this is why schools are a waste of time a pet being told what to do memorizing 1+1 and raising your hand to use the bathroom its not for smart people enjoy the school daycare center while your at it or end up being expelled as if that's enough to keep you in line - Psyluv

Hey. It isn't that bad. It prevents people wearing minions shirts all the time.

Live Better...Move to A BLUE STATE

20 YouTube ads

It should not be banned as it is the only reason your favorite youtubers are staying at youtube cause that's how they are getting paid. - XxembermasterxX

Yeah I agree with you sometimes theirs dirty ads it's disgusting and the annoying ones are even worse

When I was watching a video in school a text advert popped up and it said 'How to grow your own marujjana; CLICK HERE.' It was a little funny but it's really bad that Google can approve an ad like that. - Harri666

One time I saw an ad that was dirty and it had swearing in it what if my 8 year old brother was watching it? - SammySpore

21 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

He is disgusting in so many ways he should NOT be President.

He is bankrupting this country, financially and morally.

You can't ban someone from earth. - HelloUniverse

Lies cheats steals is Rather DUMB!...Talks SILLY as Hell,But has some Great Ideas, like BORDER Walls,Cleaning up imigration laws,ending DUMB Wars,... but,Hell NO...I Don't Want Him Back!...I HELL NO!...He Will Destroy Planet...NO MAS TRUMP...

22 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Get this off the list - Luckys

My sisters like this show. - PhoenixAura81

And I refuse to keep on paying double what I can afford in healthcare costs, just so some people who can not afford it get to have health care. I'm sorry they can't afford it, but I can't afford to pay for them. Obamacare is killing me. My healthcare premiums have doubled. Most doctors can't afford to accept Medicaid anyhow, because the government doesn't give them enough money to properly take care of their patients. And now I can't even see a decent doctor, like going to Mayo Clinic, which Obama care will not let you go to, unless you pay a few thousand every month at least. So, I have to go see some quack downtown. I hope it gets repealed. People could always be treated at a city hospital with no insurance. No one was being turned away. Now EVERYONE is unhappy.

I refuse to stand for colors at my navy base employment until america has universal healthcare for all its citizens! We may? End up in court! But I no longer remain quiet on this! Healthcare should be equal to everyone!

23 Anti guns laws

I do think more background checks are needed before someone can purchase a gun. - Smash64

You cannot make law abiding citizens safer by taking away their guns. That's been proven over and over again. Everywhere in the world where they have strict gun control the violent crime rate has risen. Everywhere, without exception. And yet people still think they can make the world safer by outlawing guns. The lack of logical thought regarding guns by the left, which usually has intellectual superiority as its hallmark, boggles the mind.

No, Lemon. We need less people relying on police for protection. Cops aren't always right by you, a.44 magnum can be. A gun can't shoot you like a cop with the wrong idea can too. How bout that? - EliHbk

Trigger happy Yanks, don't complain when school children are killed.

People who think there should be no guns aren't thinking at all. Criminals will get their hands on guns one way or another, just like how they get their hands on drugs. All it will do is disarm the law abiding citizen and make them vulnerable. Let's face it, id feel much much safer with a gun in my house - ryanrimmel

Why should we make it easier for them to get one? I think the only thing that should be changed are the amount of checks to be sure that you can legally own a gun. What if someone with anger issues got to carry around a concealed weapon? I don't care how many dislikes I get, guns are made for the pure purpose of killing. If you feel safer by keeping a gun in your house, okay I respect that. But carrying around one in public is dangerous and frightening. (not for me but my 8 year old brother was scared we were in a parking lot and he saw someone with a handgun and was really scared that isn't right.) - Katekat123

24 Voltron

That show ended horribly ngl, Lance deserved way better than allura! I'd say he should've dated slav

25 A police state

You mean white power... White supremacy?... The Gop controlling us all?... Corpirate... Corporate america relly in charge $$$... I pity us if republicans relly take over... We will all be pak mules.

26 Corporate greed

Corporations are the real enemy. Especially food companies, they're trying to poison us with their cancer s***. - Smash64

What about people who only want to eat artificial fake poison food we need both fake and natural made food as natural is disgusting a lot of people would end up dead if forced to eat food they don't want - Psyluv

If you republicans leave us with no access to affordable healthcare... Expect many many many lawsuits! And protests!... Access to help has changed our lives! For the better! Thank you MrObama and democrats of 2008!..2012!

WOW! You should see the Fraud at Pride Industries... Many disabled there.. That makes it easy!.. We in court fighting them! Now... If you know workers there.. To be were!.. It's a scam!

Healthcare for profit is SICK!... Wrong!

27 Power Rangers

This is completely valid. They have no place in our society.

28 Inequality

Why does the USA being in people from other countries, give them Free healthcare, all kinds of help and money, foodstamps, cheap rent, BUT, you don't do the same for our own citizens? Doesn't charity start at home? The USA treats Mexicans like dirt, yet, they are our neighbors! And contribute so much, not to mention the farm and field workers, yet, no one throws them a bone, I know working poor in america who can't hardly eat well, no healthcare, the USA not care of them, and they born here! Yet, you help people from Iraq, Somalia, etc.. So much!?.. I think our own, should be first, and Mexicans treated better, they help us so much to do well, nation build our own people, first, our country!

Get a better paying job stop being lazy rich poor learn to not want more if you want more. Try getting an assistant gov programs or stop complaining an go work to pay for all that crap pay attention to the job industry if you go trying to work for a failing company or chose a low paying one that's your fault no one else's - Psyluv

Another instance of inequality: how news is reported. Hillary Clinton has as much blood on her hands as Trump, yet he gets four times as much media attention because the liberal-biased CBS, NBC, and ABC all hate his guts and want to see him trashed as much as possible while trying to make Hillary appear squeaky clean. There needs to be more balance on how news is reported through the media, starting by getting rid of triplet liberal programs CBS News, NBC News, and ABC News.

This is Republican REPRESSION at its Best!.. this is why we need to Vote Democrats 2014!

29 Gradelink

Fear the next four years...Fear.

God,I hate those Silly Evangelicals.

In the END,Comsumption,killed our Planet,Global Warming WON...

30 Religious extremists

I mean, not all members of my religion will agree on everything, but it is always bad to shove your beliefs down people's throats. I don't care what you believe, but be polite to others who disagree with you.

Dude, you can worship whatever.. But don't shove it up others!... Respect our differances! Don't be a Wacko! This relly SUCKS!... Its ignorant!

All expressions of Religion should be banned!

(At least Christians) don't just shove it in your face like you may think, yes we want to share the Gospel, but if you refuse to listen we will just pray for you. Okay...we're not trying to offend anyone!

31 All 50 states not having affordable healthcare exchanges

Morph Obamacare into universal healthcare for the U.S.A.

Stupid pathetic worthless greedy country. CANADA #1! BITCHES!

32 Underage Sex

As long as there's no pedophilia involved, I most likely will mind my business.

Before people had underage sex and nobody bats an eye now we have things to protect them like condom, and yet this is the time everyone decided to lost their mind. Again people's sex lives are none of your business if they get pregnant then they were the foolish ones. - XxembermasterxX

Consent, Condoms, it ok - Joshuaisdotdotdot

It's terrible and should be banned. People who do it freely are idiots. - PhoenixAura81

33 Battle of the Planets
34 Homophobia

Freedom of speech and its fun to make fun of people including yourself and hate is apart of nature just as much as love is forcing people to accept others is not a good answer - Psyluv

Freedom of speech - Smash64

Pfft, maybe when all of the 60-year-olds die this'll happen, narrow-minded fools - EliHbk

I don't support LGBT at all, because attraction to the same gender takes away the purpose from the opposite. But I don't care if you're gay or not, do whatever you want. I won't stop you from being gay. But I still don't support LGBT - Ohno

35 Xenophobia

I am way more scared of angry white American men with guns than I am of terrorists here,I fully want universal background checks on all gun sales! these FOX channel viewers scare me!

How are animals sad without Democrats and how are trees sad at all? Plants don't have emotions! This list might actually be secretly worse than the list "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of Spongebob SquarePants," which is at least hillariously bad, while this list is purely cringeworthy since half the posts here are incoherent rambling and stereotyping involving generalizations about anything not Democrat/liberal.

Well, if Obama is a Socialist, seems like Socialism works well, Lets do more Socialism, VOTE Democrats 2016! And lets have Socialized Healthcare, its ALL working well!

It's a good thing Trump doesn't approach Latin women like that.

36 Child abuse

Isn't it already banned? - MarioMaster101

This is already illegal. Idiot.

37 Counter-Terrorism
38 American idiots

Is this a Green Day reference? - Userguy44

Are you sure this is a song reference? - PhoenixAura81

The reason I am not a republican, is that I feel america works best when we are all for one and one for all.. In other words, people need people!.. I'm a democrat.. If you wish, a socialist.. We should all win.. At least a little bit.

Republicans are mostly old white miserable, angry, lonely sorry people, the vote with fear, selfishness and anger, they never see the beauty, and positivity of diversity, of living for the joy of life!

Even a moron,well,not a republican,they beyond hope,but even a moron,can see that global warming is real as hell! And it may kill us,or change our lives drastically! Very soon,HELP stop it!

39 Fascism

Feminists are very annoying so are sjws for ruining a lot of good things but no you can't tell others what to do as then you end up being just as bad or worse than they are - Psyluv

Ugh - XxembermasterxX

In many ways I like European ways much better.. Healthcare.. Early retirement.. Good labor laws.. Daycare... The doctor visits you! Free! Mandatory vacation and sick days at work!

This is what U.S.A. is... In many ways! Old white men run us! I don't support right wing politics!

40 School


Most of the things you learn is pointless and the education system sucks.

If they ban the pointless stuff like how to find the diameter of a circle seriously when will we need that in our lives. - XxembermasterxX

Most of the stuff we learn is pointless. - Smash64

41 Stretching Ears

Yes it should be banned, it's the same as shooting someone and stabbing someone, it should stop right now, it is on my list of things that bother me

Yes this should stop right now

42 Transphobia

It’s pretty much hating someone for having a mental illness. - RoseWeasley

43 No access to health care

Lets focus on healthcare, education, enviroment... Not wars and military waste!... No more war!

If you now have access to healthcare,Thank the Democrats.

This is shameful! In U.S.A... Potethic even.

America neefs single payer healthcare,now! Vote for DEMOCRATS!..ALWAYS!

1 Comment
44 Religion

If we weren't fighting over religion we'd be fighting over something else. Religion is a scapegoat for bad human behavior, but it is not the cause. Besides nations that have banned religion all have much bigger problems after they manage to stamp it out. Just a few examples: North Korea, Cuba, USSR circa 1980s...any of those sound like places you want to live?

Besides, by strictest definition atheism is also a religion and no more supported by scientific evidence than any other. If you are going to argue with that then you need to learn more about science. Science by its very nature cannot comment - positively or negatively - on religion since no evidence at all exists on the subject. Instead it must limit itself to what we can observe. Since we can neither prove a negative nor observe any higher power the only valid scientific comment on religion is "who cares? "

That's one of the reasons why I like Communism: They're very philosophical and are deep thinkers. - Kevinsidis

I deeply respect my religion, and I am really sorry to say, but people ARE fighting over religion. But, religion is not the problem. It would have been perfectly fine if people would worship in their own house in whatever way they want to, if festivals were not divided among religions, if there were no terrorists, I could go on all day...Some people themselves are responsible for this! They complicate everything and blame religions for that. If we could just stop judging people by their religion, 90% of the enemies would now be friends

Religion does not cause wars. Jealousy causes wars, greed causes wars, stupidity causes wars.

You guys can hate if you want to.

45 Fox Broadcasting Company

Of course! Republicans,don't like affordable healthcare,now people can simply,work for themselves,they don't have to be chained to a company for 30 years to get health insurance! I can pay my own! And good bye you abusive slave driver,I can sell my services to anyone as I wish,and I have no middleman! I set my own work hours,more free time!

I would support Trump before the other Crazies on the republican ticket

NO, America is not the best at everything, we are not always #1, DO NOT believe this swill! Just travel to Germany, France, Spain, Italy.. Being poor there is NOT like being poor here!

Do any of you cats on FOX have like a ged or a H.S. diploma?.. A passport?... You all rather seem rather bumkin?.. Its ok to leave the farm sometimes ok.. Visit a good bookstore?..

Miserable old white people watch this carp! And vote accordingly, Republican.

46 Anti assisted suicide laws

People have the right to die you have no right to say otherwise your a dictator if anything suicide booths are a good thing as we could use the dead as a alternative energy source - Psyluv

I want DEATH WITH DIGNITY Laws passed in USA...I don't want sick people committing SUICIDE to leave a painful death due to illness! VOTE for this NOW!

We now have death with dignity legalized in true blue California.

Where is the Compassion!?...

47 Anti Obama people

Yeah, how dare anyone not love our lord and saviour Obama! *Sarcasm* - 3DG20

GASP! Oh no! People having their own opinions about the previous president! The horror! /s - Atham

People may criticize and hate anyone or anything they want. Banning the capability to do so is a violation of the 1st Amendment. - MKBeast

If you are a mental,I do hope Obama takes away your guns.

48 Pollution

Vote Republicans! - MarioMaster101

This counts for all type of pollution: Noise, air, water, and waste pollution. It causes bad things to happen on Earth, and if it doesn't stop the ozone layer would be gone and the sun will burn everything up, there will be no clean drinking water, and people would die from inhaling carbon monoxide in the air, etc. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

Then support Democrats! VOTE!

Kill us all,Vote Republican,stay ignorant,stay in Denial.

49 Belief in Satan

I'm Satan. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

There’s a big difference between believing in and worshipping Satan. Please learn it. - 3DG20

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" - RecklessGreed

Satan would make a Cool President.

50 Violence

Killing people isn't good at all unless it's Grand Theft Auto V. - AlphaQ

What kind of Grown Man puts his hands on Women and Brags about this? Grow the Hell Up! Donald TRUMP! You are Sorry.

Do you mean Wacko middle age white American republican men with AK47s?

Donald TRUMP and his Supporters are Ugly inside and OUT...mean spirited.

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