Top 10 Things That Should Happen In Frozen 2

The Top Ten

1 The Duke of Weselton Getting More Screen Time

I love the duke of Weselton!

2 A Scene Where Anna Is Naked

Who made this idea?
a porn lover?

3 A Scene Where Elsa Is Naked
4 Elsa Getting a Girlfriend
5 Olaf Melting

He really does melt!
(Though he comes back to life).

Hans: Hey Olaf
Olaf: Ahh is Hans
Hans: I have a gift for you
Olaf: Thank you
Hans: Die Olaf Die you stupid snowman

6 Anna and Elsa's Parents Coming Back to Life
7 Hans Teaming With Up With the Duke of Weselton
8 Vanilla Ice Singing a Song About Ice
9 A Big Battle Scene
10 Lots of Silly Humor

The Contenders

11 Kristoff dies
12 Anna Dies for Good
13 Elsa Gets Her Powers Taken Away

Yeah Hans shold stole them

14 Elsa and Jack Frost become a love/hate relationship
15 Olaf and Sven Go On an Adventure of Their Own
16 Hans Redeems Himself and Becomes Good
17 A New Villain With Fire Power
18 Anna and Kristoff Marry
19 They Explain Why Elsa Was Born With Powers
20 Hans Apologizes and Becomes a Hero
21 More Character Development and Relationship Development
22 Anna Discovers Her Importance of Being a Normal Human With No Powers
23 Everyone Dies
24 Thanos Disintegrating Everyone
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